Anyone else annoyed with their CAN bags

Anyone else annoyed with their CAN bags
Bought in at 4.50
Think it won't go any lower
>it goes lower

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Yeah fuck this shit

Bought at 3k sats

I sold at a loss a while ago thinking I was
>buying high selling low
amazingly it just. keeps. dropping. Like holy fuck where's the damn floor.

same. like wtf I didnt think it would go so low...

You're all fucking stupid

You're all fucking retarded, dumbass chinks wanna dump their bags from the contest when you start to see a descending channel sell and try to buy at bottom or average buy. Your own fault for not handling investments responsibly. For anyone following can don't buy in over 17k, it's going to consolidate in the 15k-17k region for a while make that your buy-in region.

stupid piece of shit coin

I knew it would do shit, look at the name? CANYA? ffs

I gave it hope though because Veeky Forums shilled it and it's a new release... should of went with my gut

I'll hold another week or 2 before I cut losses

so it's going to go up?

Except it has more fundamentals then 3/4 of the coins out there, despite being in its infancy.

apparently people have high hopes it'll mooon after its shit phase

But you never know...
you never know

Best you can do is hold for a little longer

No shit. You all see the price depreciating then think the coins suddenly going to implode? Use your brain or go watch CNBC you fucking normalfags.


it couldn't even sell out its ICO in this market
literally a shit coin you goddamn pajeet

it has fundamentals.. and a working product

But at this point i'd rather invest in a promising White paper dude.

I'm about my paper, i could care fuck all about the project 95% of the time.

>muh fundementals
nobody buys coins because of their fundementals you larping retard especially not shitcoins

I don’t even care about a moon at this point, please just go back to my buy price so I can get the fuck off this trainwreck

out of sight, out of mind user
take the loss and learn your lesson for next time

>has established userbase of 43k people already with minimal advertising
>3/4 coins in market have no practical use yet


I didn't deserve this

Don't listen to the fags, hold and it'll at least break even

Look at bounty, it went on a shit streak for 9 days or so
Then mooned like crazy, anything can happen besides this thing going to 0.

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

keep hodling until it's $1 then after everybody has accumulated enough of this shitcoin it'll get pumped to all the way up to $100 for real

>defending a project called CanYa

who cares. they can always rebrand later

very nice of you to carry the bags for them while they do that

ED- Erectial dysfunction of exchanges. No thanks. I'll pass.

fags, the lot of you - FTL launch during the contest vs CAN launch during the contest. Guess which one didn't drop as much as the other. Guess which one is going to have the bigger upside. Now if you're holding any can, sell to me please daddy.

Canya go lower tho?

Exactly, the name just reminds me of a bunch of bogans outside a pub in rural Australia.

its a learning experience

I’m sorry, I... I bought at ICO hoping for a modest 3x or so at best and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it go 10x and sold there. I shilled this to you, Veeky Forums. I knew you silly guys and gals would lap this up despite it being a total shitcoin. You bought my bags... I feel so dirty, but the money was too good.
You’ll still make it bros, keep hanging in there.

This will cost me 1btc from my 1.8 total
Lesson learnt, never try to go all in without looking at rediculous names first. fucking "canya" Canya go any lower huh huh? 2nd top AU company to POWR, fuck off. Garden work for a canya coin... Take my BTC and fuck right off im leaving it in there to die.

Still think it will go up. Its still in its first week.

this coin is brand fucking new you rabid autists. calm the fuck down and strengthen your hands

Their whitepaper says the vesting schedule from private sale was 3 months.

3 months is Jan. Private sale whales are dumping hard now

bought at 4.80 and got a bad feeling and dropped the bags at 4.00
no ragrats

Me neither user

What was ico price?

It was supposed to be 1000can/eth but they ended up giving everyone a lot more coins due to the surge in eth price, so it was like 50-60 cents a coin

This is a buy signal. Also hold on

It th a month for prl to explode

I can't wait that long holy shit

Damn so even the current price is like 5x ico price

Can it go back down to ico price?

Who knows
I never expected it to go up this much myself. The coin doesn’t do anything yet so any price is pure speculation. Kucoin fags usually move on to the next fotw coin quickly though so if you’re holding you might be fucked short-mid term

REQ went to 50% of ICO price I believe.

I may consider buying CANYA if it goes to 25-30 cents.

How the fuck is this shit possible?

Are all alts in a general downtrend right now?


Let's see how long they last

How is what possible? REQ was kind of a special case cause btc was rallying like crazy at the time and the newest alts were hit the hardest. I don’t think CAN will go below ico but it could easily fall to 2-3x ico price.

Ico price was 74c wasn't it? About $1aud. Also not a shitcoin guys, you faggots just have a short attention span, please sell your can to those who can see this will be a $100 coin for fuck sakes

Why do you think it will go up?

Could you enlighten me as to why this coin may reach $100?

Fake buy walls by whale manipulation m8
New fags will see it go up, get excited and buy in
Then whale will dump a little bit and make some shekels

We will have to wait out this faggotry for possibly a week or 2. But this will go up, mark my words.

For this to go to 100 bucks it would need a 4 billion dollar market cap
Not happening

I know. I just wanted to see what he could come up with.

Many reason, these kind of apps are used here in Australia and the UK and are fucking very popular, once the rich tradesmen realise he can make better money getting paid with his skills in CAN they will use this, and the rich tradesmen does not want to be paid like a pejeet with CAN only being cents, they want 10CAN for a $1000 dollar job not fucking 10 000. Also this makes it alot easier for the tradesmen who wants to work for himself or who already does but is not able to set up some kind of bullshit efpos on the go bullshit. Also Bountysource will be announced soon, their are many reasons but wanted to keep it simple for your small brain

There are no whales
Nobody cares about this coin

I thought I bought the dip. Well I guess I will hold this to 0$

This market is already in the billions you dip shit, think long term you homos. I never said can will be $100 in two weeks, but unlike most shitcoins can will be still around on the market in years to come so fuck off. I am buying in if it gets any lower and it will be a long term hodl

You retarded gay fish. The eth price was .00085 when factoring in the various bonuses. So it's at 2x the ico price in the only term that matters. You can't judge it by dollar value because almost every coin heavily inflated over the past few months.

What happens on the 15th

You stupid fucking niggers better start buying

And if you two digit IQ niggas can't see the price is being dumped so it can be driven back up even further gains for greedy whales then miss out. You fucking newfags are play right into the hands of those fat whales. Fuck if it goes low I'm may throw a 10 ether at this

>at least 10ether at this

What? No why would I be annoyed by my CAN bags, I wish they were heavier, I wish I could lose another 40%

What do you say to people that say it's not whales, it's just people not buying the coin because it sucks?

Stupid fucking shitcoin

It's a shitty payment token tied to a shitty app that only a few bogan Australians will use. Never gonna make it big time

Dumped my bags at 50% loss fuck me, invested the rest into FUN since that project actually has a future

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

Canya suck my dick

Nigger if you're thinking of throwing 10eth at this coin you are a whale

I can smell the Aussie on you m8, bugger off and take ya shitcoin with ya

>throw a 10 ether at this
>throw a 10 ether at this
>throw a 10 ether at this

You are never going to make it user, why the fuck would you sell at a 50% loss, surely this will go up a bit from here and you could have at least settled with like a 20% loss. Why fucking dump a coin that is no more then a week old to the market? Fuck user how much bit you lose?

Went all in on the SNOV dip and recovered 20% almost instantly.

I just went from absolutely fucking JUST'd to only JUST'd

Now I can sleep, boy this was one of the heaviest shitcoin bags I've carried

They are stupid, this coin got dumped so bad because ED faggots brought them all the night before and wanted quick gains, also faggot whales being greedy. I will be buying in, just don't know when the time is right, I feel like now is but not sure

>Thinks having 10ether makes him a whale
OK buddy

this app is going global soon

I hold CAN and I wasn't nervous until I read this fantasy novel written in pure engrish.

I'm a contractor/tradesman/builder depending on your dialect and I had a good laugh at the thought of someone that works with their hands all day using a smartphone and crypto app to get paid at the end of a job. What a total fucking fantasy. Only a desk monkey coder faggot that's never worked a real day in his life would think this could get adopted. Sell your bags ASAP cuz we are fucked lol

OP you are literally me right now, I did the exact same thing. I feel you bro

When are whales going to pump?

It's worth holding. They have a app on play store. Its already going back up some.

ICO buyers are taking their 10x profit

we gonna make it, just keep holding
We will at least break even at some point, but if you sell now you are a massive fag that just fed the whales

all you retards who bought it on kucoin right as it got listed deserve to be burned.

Make up your damn mind

Insult to how low the trading volume is you mong

I can tell you right now their business model is going to fail. Would require widespread adoption of the app by millions of small business owners across multiple countries. Jack and Jill Normie don't want fake internet money for their services, they want cold hard cash.

Never gonna be adopted and never gonna moon again

It's starting to moon!! YES!!!!!!!


What the fuck faggot, I know about 10 tradesmen that trade crypto, that's just the ones I know, many of these fuckers are on it, they make great weekly pay to throw at this, not even fudding. This most definitely can work. Also you think some tradesmen are not nerds aswell.

Faggot it is!!! Have a fucking looking

Look at the charts!!

It went up like 10 cents then came back down again




We're almost at 3.

wtf i love CAN now

mmmmmm CAN

Glad I held. Its about time this goes up!

At this rate next time it goes up 10 cents that will mean it's doubled.


Glad I held.

This could be the start of the real moon.