Well, Veeky Forums. Now that I’m verified with my local coin seller, have tried a few transactions...

Well, Veeky Forums. Now that I’m verified with my local coin seller, have tried a few transactions, I am about to invest $5000 into one coin.

Shill me. I will research it and buy within the next few hours.

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XBY and Chainlink.

Both just launched testnets and are ran by absolute autists.


Bounty0x. Highest potential for a huge fucking moon. Don't take my word for it though...

Oh and no pajeets.

HPB - coinmarketcap.com/currencies/high-performance-blockchain/

Check out the lack of western exchanges and that market cap. One of their advisors worked with the Nobel winning group on CERN. You are welcome and good luck getting into Bibox. They are having issues with volume.

Bolivar coin.

Lack of cap. Newly exchanged. My bad.

Just read this


MATE YOU ARE AN AUSSIE I CAN TELL SO LISTEN UP - do not exchange AUD for ETH or BTC I’m order to get into crypto. Wait for price to come down to 1400AUD by Feb. all alts will drop as a result and you shouldn’t buy anything before then.
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I got in this at $0.10, but then got out at $0.30 thankfully. Not sure why, but for some reason almost no exchanges want to touch this token. When that became obvious, I got out.

It's a shame too since they have a good concept, although the team behind it is pretty meh.

All low cap, with high potential.
You’re welcome.

buy link then, faggot.

fuck, i just bought in for the first time last night, went with ethereum, still waiting for verification from btcmarkets so I can't sell anything yet

is it recoverable or is my 50 dead?

t. bogan

What price you get? Please tell me it was below 1800AUD. Not being rude but you need to understand the sequence of events. BTC moons attracts money from investment circles in Dec. some of this money goes into altcoins but mostly it goes into ETH due to faster tx times. Media massively covers BTC rise. Tech savvy people start flirting with altcoins. Come January normies are trying to buy alts. Primary exchanges (trading fiat for ETH/BYC/LTC... like GDAX coinbase and in Australia INDRES BTCMarkets...) can’t process amount of new applications and some alt exchanges stop taking new accounts like Binance. Kucoin can’t handle volume either. This is what we call DUMB MONEY. It doesn’t mean these people aren’t making profits or are stupid - it just means they’re sheep. So a correction is inevitable.

Meant eth/btc sorry fat fingers.


I don't give a shit if you buy it or not but research AION, and then look at how early you are and how low it is on Binance, and then you will probably buy it if you're smart

bought at 1509, cheers for the help that you so dearly departed with


Too late to get in on those last two for a while, yeah?

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