Bros how do I into cryptocurrency?

Bros how do I into cryptocurrency?

I put 50 bucks (aud) into ethereum last night and split it between Request and Achain. People said Achain was going to fork a few hours after I bought it but I've yet to receive the coins through Kucoin, and I think Request is a long term thing, but all I see is red and my 50 is slowly escaping me

Did I fall for the crypto meme?

Can you talk in Australian please


ur supposed to buy TRX u fucking retard xD

Yes, you fucked up.

mate, all I wanna know is if I've fucked it or if she'll be right

how long do forks normally take for the coins to arrive?

hello newfriend read this guide

>he didn't buy FUN

is binance a better site than kucoin? or is just an example for the guide?

It's just an example. But Binance has stricter policies on shitcoins. They don't really allow shitcoins at all on their exchange. And it has the best UI i've seen of all exchanges. They ahve their shit together. I recommend it.

idk, i've heard exchanges can take their sweet time

Bro it’s going to cost you more than $50 to withdrawal $50, what are you doing down there?

Should have gone 60/40 UFR(Upfiring)/CAN(CanYa) both are in a dip right now and incredibly profitable for short term gains, then you can start putting some money aside for slow, safe gains in something like Ethereum, NEO, or Monero, that is once you get in on more moon missions from your initial gains

Those are both undergoing pump and dump scams right now.

You should lurk more

Hodl canya at this point

if you are putting $50 into crypto, you might as well burn it

Is it a scam if you make money?

Why do we start at coinbase if they have fees to move out.

Kucoin let's you buy in USD the main ones. Then use that to buy alt coins

OP you should just hold ETH you're gonna lose it all to Veeky Forums memes

>Request and Achain

These coins are too far along for $50. You need to put it in a low-cap shitcoin. Here's your rule of thumb: if it isn't still on a sketchy exchange, you're not going to lamboland.

>has stricter policies on shitcoins
>has a LINK pair
pick one and only one

hahahaha fuck you faggot can't wait to laugh at you with all of my LINK gains.

Btc fork took 6 mths on some exchanges to get your bch

50 dollars is not even enough to cover fees.

You can grow it slowly. Just use limit orders, never market buys

Wtf tell me more about this

Although alot exchanges want a min btc amount (binance) and $50 must be close to min tradeable amount

>$50 dollarydoos
>literally the price of 10 coffees

mate i don't think it matters at all if you got meme'd

but no. especially when you buy in, expect to see some red. if trends continue, even your shittiest of shitcoins will be well into the green in a month.

i bought about 1k of ICX at an ATH. i was in the red for like 2 weeks, now i'm up 70%.

Keep it on one coin. (U already fucked it) use Limit orders to sell on peaks. Buy on dip. Repeat till you have $1000. Keep on one coin untill then. Ps. Its glorified gambling. Good luck