Are we entering the bear market?

Are we entering the bear market?




mincoin will overtake bitcoin

can you repeat the question?



I don't know

Can you repeat that question

All signs point to try again later

This has been the most productive thread I've seen all day.

It's not even a question.

We NEED to enter a bear market.

this has been the best thread ive seen all day u sluts

when the fuck can i start to buy some fucking bears

it happens from time to time however this time is not the time

ur not the boss of me now and ur not so big (for me)


no, its clearly a sideways market you brainlets
when it breaks downward you have problems, because then it replicates the nasdaq bubble exactly

I'm up 80% since January 1st. Not looking very bearish at the moment.

This is a useless shittoken shilled hard by a discord group. they get points for every post and comment they make here, if they don't post every day they get banned. That's why there are bear market posts here 24/7.

it's not because so many ppl like bear markets; it's jsut because 50 retards have to shill for it. ...most of the comments being positive about bear markets are all from the same group.

It's obviously nothing than a scam.


Yeah more and more people every day are getting involved in crypto. So many people are getting involved that exchanges are having to close their doors temporarily to ease the flow. And you think we're entering a bear market? You're not very smart are you?