PFR: Do you hate money biz?

We are about to take right the fuck off again boys look at the mothafuckin chart so beautiful ;-;

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Fucking now

Got my space suit on

Seen like five threads about this just today, time to sell


We're going to the fucking moon boys

nice fud, user

wtf is this real?

Yes it's real get the fuck in now dude

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sheeeeit. Glad I got 10k of these bad boys

DYOR, check the Telegram. Confirmed by Admin.

10,000 PFR seems bit too cheap?

It won't be cheap when this thing hits anything outside ED

It's literally in the telegram

If it ever does :(

Too true
Bought 100k

Yeah get in the telegram, the devs are really upfront and communicative. Definitely a solid team

New exchanges will come in time, user. Time to accumulate

I'd rather hold this promising product. Instead of chasing pumps. Biz' pajeet shilling has increasing going out of control for that.


ok I'm going to accumulate some more

Good shit man this thing is the real deal. Look at the whitepaper

How high do we realistically see this going? I've already got a somewhat decent stack at 10c. I've missed too many opportunities on past legit coins that I've gotten into really early (xrb,coss,req,ven) where I just hodl'ed my initial measly investment rather than increasing my stack. Don't wanna repeat the same thing.

I wish I had enough liquidity for 10k PFR. Good luck to all the Chad's who are about to make it.

Look at the circulation. This could explode.

1 USD by the time it hits KuCoin. 10 USD by mainnet. Minimum 25 by EOY

Honestly could see this going to 100m market cap at least, in the short term

>How high do we realistically see this going?
It's going to be a decentralized fiat onramp/offramp...


Is it confirmed going on KuCoin yet?

Fuck it i'm buying more

They're in talks with kucoin. Should be soon.

That's how you get the coins pre-moon user. Don't complain about missing moons if you're not willing to crawl through the AIDS of Etherdelta

I love coins that have nodes to lock up the circulating supply, they always rise in price, and with a solid project it just makes it all the better.

Usually ED coins i always sell for just 3-4x gains but this might be the first one I hold for the year and see how it develops. 10x gains almost seems too easy, this could be a 50-100x coin, at least worth the risk to grab 10,000 of them at this price to find out.

I'm trying my best. This better make enough money to cure AIDS

Okay I'm convinced. Time to accumulate more.

I was the 8.1k buy. 1.9k more.

Good man. I only managed to accumulate 850 bc poor af, but this is def one of my longer term holds

just topped up so i can get in on a trust node

when is this going to be on a new exchange?

I wish I could buy more. Closest thing to a sure thing you can get in Crypto

As soon as the devs get contact with one.

If you believe, it may be worth starting to shill to your fave exchanges.

Get the fuck in on this one before it's too late

Comfiest hold I have, can't wait for $1

Nigga I can't wait for $100

In the long term, 100$ at least man. To the moon!

you need to pay 2.5 btc to get on coinexchange, you can't just message them and hope


gonna sell my gf for more pfr

I just want to buy before that news hits, I'm waiting on other moon missions that may x2 in a week, I just don't know if I should wait or just jump in now

Nice man, you got in way earlier than me. Congratz

Jealous af senpai

Congrats. Enjoy the rocket ship

The ride is just getting started man. Gains for everyone

can someone tell a retard how to buy on etherdelta?

every time i try to buy, the transaction just stays pending until someone else buys it and my gas gets eaten

im using 9 gwei, do i need to be using more?

I use this site to find out how much gas to use

yeah way more

Also look up a youtube vid to make sure you're doing everything right

I hope I get a few 2x shit coins before we really take off. Like my 850, but I want so much more

Yeah, this is the coin I have that feels most likely to moon. I really need a moon in my life man

The balance on my nano is incorrect on ED, anyone else have this problem?

I just checked. I got in @ $0.057 and thought I got in late. I could have got in at half that...

APIs struggle with ED

I use metamask for ED. It's worked well for me so far

trust node ~ masternode?

Is it possible to withdraw PFR from ED?

Of course.

Yeah just connect your metamask wallet and click withdraw

>tfw only 1k of these babies
I'm never gonna make it :(

ED slow for anyone else?

ughhh eth and ed so sloww... 25 gwei and still 0 confirmations after 10mins.

I got 1,750. Wish I had so much more :'(

30-40 is best

is ED jsut a total sack of shit? order book almost never loads, it seems to never be accurate. i saw an order get filled and pop up in the finished trades section, then when i reloaded it appeared back in the order book.

How do I buy this thing?

I think I'm gonna make it

of course. ED relies on the Ethereum network which right now is clogged like a handicapped toilet in a down syndrome's school.
Thats why if you wanna get the gems, you have to go through the pain. 99% of crypto investors don't go near ED because it is slow or "too complicated"

Use this site:

The etherium network is extremely overloaded lately. You probably need more gas

How the fuck did all the shitcoins on that site afford 2.5 btc

Literally buy the coin above a small bit above current price (maybe like just the very bottom sell order or the next one up). Whatever you do don't click the order in the order book and buy it people have had trouble with that. Copy/paste it into the little boxed and submit it manually

Screencap this so you can look back on the moment that made you rich

Jesus fucking Christ you're gonna be looking at easily over 200gs

damn homie

We got our first whale lmao. Assuming he's not LARPing

Daily reminder that the whales hold millions of PFR each. Only 1600 people holding this token.

I don't know what larping is, but it's real if that's what you're wondering lol...just got lucky

I've gotten so many gems from ED. ED coins about to hit normie exchanges is fucking guaranteed gains

Lol yeah, larping is live action role playing. Basically pretending online. Glad to hear it's real though. Good on you :)

>Only 1600 people holding this token.
If that's true then I feel honored.

It is going up gradually. Sadly I'll have to go all in to buy 10k so I can't

You don't gotta buy 10k. I only have like 1,750.

Goddamn ED is slow af. I just want some more PFR =(.

just hit 10.1k >feelsgood.jpg

1 person owns 15% of the entire market


Alot of people are spending over 50 gwei right now to get to the front of the line for some reason.

Litterally every single ED coins.

Could be the devs.

Ok, so I just Tried to deposit some ETH to ED but it still gives me an error even though my gas is set to 66 about insufficient ether but I KNOW I have enough

The fucking book won't load, I'm not done accumulating until I have 10k

Wait is the gas in your metamask? I think I know the mistake you're making. I've done it before.

You have to leave extra ETH in your metamask, and NOT deposit all of it to ED. For some dumbass reason, it can't use your ED wallet as gas, ONLY your metamask wallet

The first night on etherdelta I bought PFR and struggled with that same exact bullshit for hours on end waiting for it to work. Idk what i do now but it's been working flawlessly ever since. Maybe try sending less ETH and only do like 40 GWEI?

>Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash
First time this is happened to me. Did a test transaction and it went through even though MEW said it failed.

etherdelta is such an awful site holy shit