Will I make it biz?

Will I make it biz?
Be real with me

the fuck is ACT
XLM alone will carry you to 50k

You don't have a single VEN, and all shitcoins. Obviously you're a retard

Worth checking out. Some Asian coin based on 'fork theory'. Hold it and you'll get tons a free coins this year


>buying biz shill coin

No u wont

Well that explains a lot

need more TRON, amazon announcement coming out Monday.

Got any better recommendations?

>no mincoin


no FUN

Is this real

I want An-chan to smother my face with her anus!

Sell you UFR on the next pump and buy more ACT whilst its cheap.

I've about $250 fun on next page

Looks good ey

Fantastic idea

You will get raped so hard if BTC or ETH pumps.

You're spread too thin for the amount of money invested.

Also they're all shit lol

Can't get a lambo with Btc or eth

all you have is gambling, even xlm really
if I were you I'd just put like 30% of my portfolio in ETH for guaranteed x2 (and possibly much more)

check out enigma and zclassic. theres a fork happening later this month, or next idk. also rlc oyster pearl and sia. cheers

SUMO, PFR, ADD and XLM all might make you some serious money. To be real I'd pull out some XLM and put it into PFR that shits gonna explode way harder and you're gonna regret not putting more in

Yeah but you also can't lambo throwinf 500 at some mildly hyped shitcoin

OP is better off looking for 1 or 2 projects he really likes and going 50/50 or all in. With the blockfolio in OP pic he's likely to get bored, sell off positions and shift to some other crap, missing out on the off-chance that one of those shitcoins actually moon.

Not trying to shill or anything too hard but . This is easily a $1 coin soon, you're gonna see a lot more rapid growth versus mr. rocket ship meme coin

UFR wall gone, will also go up pretty soon.

Fork for which one

This is scary accurate.
I usually pull out at 2x or 3x though

That pussy bullshit is how you miss the real moon missions

take lumens away and replace with xby dyor

get some capp

Yes, retard. Sell your lumens. Tank the price so I can double down.

Why capp

Stellar is the only sure thing I own

Any solutions to my problems?

get urself ICX and ull make it

Go all in on a coin with a low mcap, optimally 10 to 100 million. Look for news of the token being introduced other exchanges, rebranding, coin burnings, etc. Shameless plug for PFR, 27 cents and rising, 20M market cap, plans to be added on a normie exchange. This will make you rich if you can figure out etherdelta

Help me! Am I gonna make it?

>buying Audiocoin when it's being pajeet'd 24/7 on Veeky Forums

literally how retarded are you? holy shit