Question for collegefags

how frequently is crypto brought up on campus

Way too frequently
In my dept, I am the biggest crypto tycoon with $8k in it, but I try to not bring it up. I talk about crypto only when someone stats asking me questions.

Not at all here in Commiefornia. At UCSC there are too many people waiting to get offended by something instead of thinking of anything beyond the next few minutes in front of them.

Ugh sounds like a shit school. Was one of my options for electrical engineering for fall 2018.

in our 2nd held class this kid brought up crypto and talked to the class about how his dads girlfriends brother works for a chinese RFID cryptocurrency and that some of them are scams but alot of them will be actually used. i just looked at my friend and cringed

I go to California Baptist University and it’s been been mentioned in our investing club, but not taken too seriously because of the lack of information they have. My professor in my international business class said we’d talk about later in the semester, and I think he is redpilled because of his views on Syria but I’m not sure

UCI fag here. Always good to see someone else suffering through this shit. I visited a friend in Chapman and that school has to be the worst.

Not at all, but that may be the result of not talking with anyone

University of Warsaw here

it is brought up, but only bitcoin, it's like they don't know anything about alts, poor dumbasses

there are a lot, A LOT of people (like my analysis teacher) that tells me all the time that crypto is a bubble, a lot of classmates telling me

>nah, too much risk

well, i'm insecure piece of shit so im happy they will stay poor so i can be better than them

almost never. and when it is its just some casual bro talking about an articles on the rocket

University of Alabama fag here. The few people I associate with rarely talk about it. All of the normies talk about bitcoin, but thats it.

Nonexistent at Villanova

I feared that it was common small talk. surely that would mean bubble time

Well I work in a factory...(nigga I know)...the most normiest of normies know about bitcoin and other trash coins on coinbase, but they know nothing about memecoinz. I'm a little normie but i've been on this site since least i have cryptos =(

There's a "Cryptocurrency" Facebook group for my school with 300 members. I want to join it to see what's on there but don't want to make that shit public. They're probably all talking about tron and ripple.

A friend of mine bought into XRP the day before it doubled and decided to hold despite my warning
Then I sold my XRP at 18800 sats the day before it broke 20k and he laughed at me. He is still holding

not very often here at brown

show us some photographs from that group

This show is what they are talking about

Anyone here carleton? I have crypto connections
Discord : xam#5495

I can't see anything without joining it


The next 1000 - 10000 % Gain

My tutor kept telling people to buy Iota and Ripple when they were still sub 1$ and Tron before it mooned.

I was too comfy holding my ETH and didn't take his advice.

University of Kansas isn't a bad choice.
>best school in kansas
>international recognition
>cheap compared to other nationwide known schools
>99% Job placement rate
>EE gets first dibs for jobs in Kansas
>Garmin always looks at KU first, specifically EE

>Source, me I'm an Electrical Engineering major at KU