Getting rid of illegal settlers

How the fuck do i get rid of illegal settlers in my family's land? The government completely ignores them and they usually become really violent when you try to force them out by demolishing their homes.

The thing is, the land which is in hectares would sell for a lot of money if it werent for the illegal settlers. What do i do biz? Do i start a fire or some shit?

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should've walled it off

Guns and man power.

>should've walled it off
Thats the thing, we walled some of the lands and we were able to sell them for a good price but its too late for the majority of them. The illegal settlers have already camped in.

I hate these rats desu. No one wants to buy the land with illegal settlers or if they make an offer its really low.

Fire and gasoline

>Guns and man power.
They might take revenge, i was thinking of a method that is more silent/hidden. Like something that could be considered a natural incident.

>Fire and gasoline
Thats what i was thinking too. Since i notice a lot of fires start in areas where illegal settlers live. It cant be a coincidence and is probably other land owners starting the fire.

Can you start a fire with a drone you can buy in a store or some shit? This is only a hypothetical scenario of course. Purely for curiosity's sake.

A diesel barrel. Fire.

It makes more sense to hire security to force them off the land.

Leave no survivors.

>It makes more sense to hire security to force them off the land.
Kek do you know how many of them there are? We are talking about hectars full of violent illegal settlers trying to stop their homes from being demolished. Security is going to cost a lot of money.

How do you start it without being seen? Is this possible with a drone? Again, this is only for curiosity's sake.

>invest in crypto
>hire mercenaries
>bribe govt officials to allow mercs to do their thing

hire some ex-military and threaten them to kill them with those mercs.

Can't you just shoot them and say they they are trespassing?

>Can't you just shoot them and say they they are trespassing?
Apparently not. Illegal settlers are rampant here and no one is doing anything about them. Probably because MOST OF THE HITMEN ARE ILLEGAL SETTLERS kek.

Just fucking blow everything up and kill everything that moves.

Nice try, Chief. But this is the white man's land now. Get back to the reservation.

attack dogs. acquire them. do not get emotionally attached since they may be killed

I too am trying to leave california

What country? Can't you call LAW ENFORCEMENT/homeland security/immigration/etc?

>Nice try, Chief. But this is the white man's land now. Get back to the reservation.

>Attack dogs
There are hordes of illegal settlers in each land I'm not kidding. See pic for a similar number of illegal settlers.

Make a small IUD and package it in arsenic. You know the rest user....

I fucking hate these kind of situations. It's your goddamn property but you can't do jack shit because the Gov doesn't have the balls to remove those illegal fucks from YOUR OWN land. As other anons have said before, your best bet is starting a fire and remove those leeches. Good luck.

I feel you OP, I fucking hate squatters so damn much, and that comes from a guy who’s family lost absolutely everything in ‘97, and we were pisspoor. YET we didn’t fucking squat like these entitled subhumans

Since this sounds like it's in some third world shithole: Can't you just bribe the poolice to either take care of it or at least look the other way?

If you can at least achieve the latter, then fire probably is your best option. How you should go about that also depends on how seriously the cops are going to investigate arson. If they give no fucks whatsoever then you won't have to be so clandestine about it. Just get some accelerant and start a fire someplace. If that isn't enough wait a little and try again.

Fire it is. Thanks anons. Will think of a way to start a fire if ever I'm going to do it.


He says this goes on for hectares. A hectare is about four acres. There may be thousands of people living there.

He'll need a few miniguns, rocket launchers, and maybe some mustard gas to get them all to vacate.

Call the FBI. Tell them they have the marijuana.

pay to host a huge event like huge enough for all of these pieces of shit offer music and tons of free food and other shit that these rats have never experienced before. offer some free money giveaways and shit to make the bait irrisitable.
Once these sheep have all flocked to your trap you set up your armed security detail to wall off the area and prohibit anyone from coming back onto your land.
Then tear down all that shit and sell it to china for scrap metal and laugh at how stupid they are.

Poison the water supplies.

Just make the surrounding environment enticing to mosquito populations, dengue fever, malaria and Sika virus will take care of the rest, without any evidence of wrongdoing

For things like these the old ways have never changed. It is your land OP.

You don't own the land. God never came down from heaven and said "this is yours". If you don't live on it, or if you don't work the land, how can you say it's yours?

Learn to share the earth with your fellow man.

>t. german

>Poison the water supplies.
Hmmm interdesting. Much harder than a fire though and might make the land unsellable.

>You don't own the land. God never came down from heaven and said "this is yours".
Uhh the paper says we fucking own it. How would YOU feel if someone went to your house and said "hey, god never gave you this land".

free helicopter ride for you m8

Fucking hippies. You will not survive when the times get tough again. Societies literally fall because of weak minded nu male faggots like you

stay calm, you have enough usable land already, you can share at least a little bit of it

Drone is a good way to deliver the payload (nighttime). Those niggers never look up.

OP I can put you in contact with my old pal Stephen Paddock - great at crowd control.

>stay calm, you have enough usable land already, you can share at least a little bit of it
Nigger you would not feel calm if you knew how much several hectares of several lands are worth. Crypto gains would not earn you that much money unless you went all-in BTC back when it was less than $100.

This isnt just one land full of illegal settlers, almost all of them are. The ones without illegal settlers we were able to sell already. These are the remaining unsellable ones.

Push their homes into someone else's land


>Push their homes into someone else's land
How? I dont think thats possible. Governments can provide them homes but there are too many illegal settlers and not enough government provided homes.

I think there is a queue of land owners requesting the government to provide homes for illegal settlers. Not so sure.

Where the hell do you live?

This is in Manilla Phillipines
You and your nazi assmunchers have been trying to convince everyone that this is LA

And if you're actually from manilla go fuck yourself you fucking mutt

dont be such a nigger

>This is in Manilla Phillipines
>You and your nazi assmunchers have been trying to convince everyone that this is LA

There are no illegal settlers that are comparable to orc hordes in LA so how did you faggots assume this is LA? This is obviously in a third world country.

Get reconquered by Spain you shithole country

What country? Get a balloon and fill it with petrol, attach slow burn fuse to it. Fly drone over the middle of a densely packed squat in the dead of night, drop bomb. Profit. Hypothetical of course I do not recommended doing this.

Invest on one of these.

>Get reconquered by Spain you shithole country
I think we got these lands thanks to the colonists so i guess i should thank you faggots. I'm not so sure how we got these.

How would I feel? I only desire enough land for me to have a comfortable life. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. So if I had land I wasn't using at all and I lost access to it, I'd hardly care. Sounds like a childish argument.

You haven't even seen the hard times user. You're no judge of who will thrive and who will be pruned. If it was just you and me in the wild right now, I'd be chewing on your tasty human thigh meat right now. The hippies out there have done fine for themselves through the good and the bad, with far less to live on than you, as they are now. For all your bluster, you're not fooling anyone.

This is a contract I would be happy to take on for you. 100% serious, I will rid all settlers within 30 days.



Build them a mall
Make your own city with little peoples, just like in computer game

Just go full gorilla warefare

>destroy their supplys
>kidnap their children and cut off their hands
>burn their shithouses down
>bomb them with drones
>detonate roadside bombs
>drive a remote controlled VBIED right into the center
>drop lots of stinky bombs with drones
>place punji traps at night
>get a bunch of friends, arm them and then start hunting them
>beat them to a pulp whenever you see them
>drop dead animals with drones over their place to cultivate deadly diseases

im fucking laughing uncontrollably

if they're on your land you now own those people OP. You can use them as slaves

The pot calling the kettle black

Play really loud awful music (rock concert loud) at night, every night. Lots of bass.

Where u from op

Well user, you gotta pick the right conditions if you want a fire to do the job, a hot windy day you wont need too much gasoline, start the fire in an area inaccessible to emergency crews and let the wind do the rest.

I'm out faggots, the crypto conference stream im watching is done. Whales JUST'd me again by selling the news.

I'm going to sleep now. I'm going to burn these plebs down as soon as we really need to sell the land.

molotov a couple of houses, if they dont get the message burn it all down

Filipino judging by the pic

Stink bombs, there's an idea. Harmless but potent. Stinkbombs and drones. Time to learn some entry level robotics, OP.

These places already stink like a fucking toilet

Can you just make them pay a rent?
Free consumers is much better than some farm and trees.

Tang ina tol kanila nayang lupa mo, pag pina alis mo sila, sila pag galit, ma chr kpa, good luck bro

Go to /pol and cry there, cuck.

>Thinks these animals are capable of this XD


>hectares full of violent settlers
>land is valuable
pick one

Say they’re dealing drugs, which they likely are doing either way
>pic related

I like the dead animal one

I legit thought you were Palestinian talking about jews

give them chain Link each family now. then when it moons build a village named after Sergey

Why do you have to start it without being seen, its your land

Which exchanges are these on ?
I want to buy 100K

How come plebs are so violent against each other but willingly suck illuminati dick?

If you're in such a shit country surely there are some local mafia-esque structures that take care of such things for top dollar?
Like here in the US when there were strikes in the 30s.

smoke em out

police, duh

Guns and fire, two tried and true methods.

I tell u how u have to to it. Buy 2L of tert-butyl thiole (Read the wikipedia page about it) spray this stuff on every house by night. People will run away because of the smell. Do it every night because its volatile and will fade away quickly.

That's why you make sure they don't even dare to take revenge

Don't kill anyone or whatever, just show force

Forget about selling an empty piece of land. Go up to individual families, and discuss affordable rent on the piece they're using. Have some people with you and something to threaten with. They don't have to know you can't really get them off. Make deals with the majority and remove those who don't comply to set an example. You might even get to sell or develop your land eventually. Yes, develop. Never underestimate having people indebted to you. Manpower is also an asset.

TL;DR: If you can't take them on all at once, divide them.

South Africa?

Start selling them flammable materials and cigarets and booze cheap in loss .

Then wait till they start a fire, will take time, or then just set it up on fire. It depends which you want to pay more, legal fees, or setting up an accident waiting to happen.