Any logical reason as to why its dipping so hard?

Any logical reason as to why its dipping so hard?

maybe because its literal vaporware?

just a thought

this is normal, next boost will take us to $1

They have a working product, shoo shoo deepbrainlet

Because everything is dripping now. We have entered the bear market.

Only on Kucoin apparently

Another useless ERC20 token that's not needed

Pay bounties in ETH

because once you actually use the site you realize how pointless it is

You don't pay bounties in BNTY though. Read the whitepaper.

Alpha in 30 days.

Then I promise you, you will post wojaks.

i dont want to hold anymore :(

How much do you hold? Its too late now honestly, this is correction from the moon we had & its going back up there even if it takes 3 days or a week.

Because that's how the market works?

Or you tought that whenever you buy the value only goes up?

That's not how it works. BNTY are staked to ensure the payout happens. If it doesn't, the offending party gets penalized in BNTY.

I think you might even be able to pay in any crypto (?), but the BNTY have a specific role to play.

Read to read pajeet.

Thanks for the clarification

bought 4k bnty at 20c
the sad thing is, my brother told me to sell at 85c and i called him dumb
how much are you holding amigo?

I hold 350 now, I sold some most of mine yesterday to get in on a moon mission and I'm wondering at what point to buy back in. What did your brother base that on? Just the price going up so high?

yeah his analysis was basically just because of the moon and a small downward trend in the moving average but I fell for Veeky Forums memes and held, I held through the drop a couple days ago to 60c and hopefully I will hold through this one!

Why is that?

For me personally, all my Kucoin holdings are down, all my Binance ones are up, & there seems to be reduced trading volume on Kucoin cause I'm getting less commision from my shares too

IRON HANDS HERE, We're all gonna make it cowboys.
I've been in the red with my portfolio for 6 days, but I can feel my gains prepping for interstellar space.

I wonder why that is

Probably some bizarre whale conspiracy that will only come out in 3 years.

I was hoping we'd find a support level around the price on the 7th. If not we might be a bit fucked and it could just keep dropping even lower.