You put $1000 dollars into one coin right now and am not allowed to touch it until this time NEXT YEAR...

You put $1000 dollars into one coin right now and am not allowed to touch it until this time NEXT YEAR. What do I buy for maximum gainz?

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unironically FUN. Online casino will draw the crowd. Read the whitepaper/listen to the announcements, I'd expect $1/FUN by next year.




You need the pump without the dump then, has to be eth



Agoras tokens.
Set your order on $3 a pop , buy 333.
Next year around this time these should be around $1500, that's $500,000 i just made your goofy ass

Screenshot this thread and post it again in a year.
You're most welcome, i love you






if they deliver you'll have 1000 of next ethereum on your hands


Upfiring (UFR)

Enables filesharing through the blockchain and rewards its users for seeding.
Filesharing, both legal and illegal, will never die but has problems if it is centralized because of restrictions/government so UFR will have a definite place (and still lots of room to grow).


>knock-off Siacoin


If you won't DLT.


still, it has great exposure and if UFR reaches only 1/10 of siacoins mk it will still go up 1000%


HST - currently in a massive dip, even if it recovers to last week's levels I'd double my money

Partnership with UN who are doing their first buy this month, working with India and Belgium, speaking at govpay Asia conference this month with SAP and Microsoft and more partnerships coming soon

Also paid for a spot on binance so listed any day

8% burn rate on used tokens and genuine value as they need to be bought to vote

Obvious shill is obvious


Substratum, you will have 50-200k by 2019.




a fake thread here every five minutes doesn't constitute great exposure

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

Terrible. Buttcorn is being found out for what it is and will soon go down in price.

ETH is a good pick, however I think it will do most of its growing in the next few months.

This coin will probably go up over the course of a year, but it might be better for short term gains.

Holy shit is this people just purposefully giving bad investing advice? Lol if true, probably have fucked a lot of normies with that one.

VERY GOOD choice, I think its one of the most solid projects and the team is top notch. Not sure why people aren't pumping this now.

Personally, if I had to choose one coin to go all in with til next year, I'd probably choose ENG, ETH, CHAINLINK or OPUS.

I already covered ETH and ENG, but LINK has the potential to really go up if the devs can get a working version of their product up. That would be insane if they could do that in a year. The price would probably go to at least $25. That is a low end estimate.

Now the other coin I might choose is OPUS. I like the OPUS coin for a number of reasons:

1. Tries to solve a problem
2. Many musicians agree that spotify/itunes isn't a good solution for selling music
3. Has a decent looking team
4. Has a product ALL normies can relate to. Normie money in the market will continue to grow.
5. Great website
6. They seem to not be in a hurry to list it on an exchange. They seem to want to make a better product before they release it on a mainstream exchange. This makes be think they are actually planning on doing this thing.
7. EXTREMELY low market cap. If this thing got to 3 billion, you would 100x your money.

Another vote for UFR - P2P filesharing using blockchain. Do we have to say more.

BTC is basically a gamble for ETF approval.
Either institutional money will step in at the last minute to wear its corpse like a suit or it won't.

Easy, XRB because it's not going to pump for a while. It will stay low just in time to pump a year from now.

you can already buy long Bitcoin futures with less margin than a Bitcoin is worth on IB

there is literally no need to buy into an ETF

Lamden Tau


If their exchange takes off then there could be some juicy profit in FYP.

>Accountless exchange like Shapeshift but miles faster
>50% profit share
>20m market cap

This due to being on a dip now, undervalued as hell and with w bright future

UFR is a great long term pick with good things coming this year. Big gains are expected at each release as more people start using the platform

Q1 2018—Alpha release
Q2 2018—Beta release
Q3 2018—Full Desktop version release
Q4 2018—Open-source community contributions, potential for Android/iOS application feasibility


>Big gains are expected at each release as more people start using the platform
what a revolutionary idea

All in on either XLM or ENG


Why would I invest in substratum when all they have is a client side demo that anyone could slap together in a week when I could invest in skycoin who has been working on decentralizing the internet since bitcoins conception?

Calling it now, scamcoin. Skycoin's github history proves it's not some vaporware project it's been worked on intently these last 6ish years and is just now at a phase were the beta for skywire will be coming out. There is no fucking way this coin could conceivably solve such a huge problem in such a small window of time.

Enjoy losing your money.