EOS Special announcement started!

EOS Special announcement started!

Stream link:

Strap in boys!

IQ will have no ICO, instead it will be airdropped to all EOS holders!


finally I didn't lose money on pnd shitshow, sold near the top, looking to rebuy when it dumps hard now

Why is he speaking anime language? Where are the subs

holy fuck I didn't set my order low enough

Wow listen to this guy lying out of his ass.

Nothing but marketing speak and lies about their capabilities.

looks like that's it?

Fucking hell wish I had more money

I have chills all over my back. It's literally like Ethereum a year ago.

>all you had to do was buy EOS for the months it was at 50 cents
>instead you researched fundamentals
>you investigated their ICO model and witnessed the ETH recycling
>you looked up block.one and saw them for the shady frausters they are
>market doesn't give a fuck
>turbomongs from steem.it who don't even understand the concept of a blockchain holding because muh dan larimer got 40x on their money already
>eos will pump further up
>you still won't buy because you know it's going to come crashing down at some point, but you don't know where the top is
>thirdworlders will still hold because that's all they do
>many of them will get burned, but some will sell right at the peak and walk away with 100x profit
>you know these idiots will squander their money and go back to poverty within years
>it doesn't help any
>you have to wake up every day knowing literal retards are riding these markets better than you
>you will always have to wake up to literal retards performing better than you
there is no escape from this hell

lol, are you fucking retarded? EOS is literally vaporware. The EOS blockchain isn't even in alpha yet.

absolutely nothing. what a waste of time

EOS have billions of dollars and could only came up with a disappointing short presentation?

nice dump for the conference.
i put down a grave for some poor soul to jump into, down at 95k sat

EOS is one of the biggest scams in the entire crypto space, and Dan Larimer is one of the biggest fraudsters.


super comfy with my $1.62 EOS stack

I really hope you don't hold a single EOS token because you don't deserve it.

this shit is phony buy cardano and ether on the news

I was going to buy@50 cents but I waited and I was to late. Everyday I watch eosscan in hopes of getting a cheaper entry price but eth donations get exponentially exponential in the last hour

>exponentially exponential
I feel you bro. Bought my first EOS at 1.05$ for fucking 30 bucks

I wish eosscan.io didn't exist

wtf just happened to EOS/BTC on binance?

we could try to ddos it when it starts nearing the end of a period

I fucking don't. I hold ADA which is actually a project doing what EOS claims to be doing and has the advantage that isn't a fucking scam.

You know what? I hold both.

Bought some EOS at 7$ weeks ago. I will wait one or two months to buy again. Hopefully the waters will calm a little or there will be some correction.
EOS = Next Microsoft in the MSDOS to Windows transition.

Price dumped on news after a pump on hype
Which happened on every exchange
Or are you seeing something different

One of them is an ERC20 token backed by nothing but Dan Larimer's hot air and literally a legal contract stating your tokens don't gurantee you jack shit if and when EOS releases.

The other is part of the most advaced blockchain project on earth with many of the most brilliant minds in CS and cryptography contributing.

Glad to hear that you're hedging your bets, user.

It's an ERC20 token for a fucking reason. After you get them you register them to get an address on the EOS blockchain, the EOS coins will then be distributed. The project only uses ERC20 because it's the easiest standard to use for a token sale. I love brainlets saying "it should be the ethereum killer but why is it an ethereum token?"

no i just realized it was everywhere, i saw some people talking about it in a discord when it first dropped but I wasn't sure what happened

>After you get them you register them to get an address on the EOS blockchain, the EOS coins will then be distributed.

The EOS blockchain doesn't even fucking exist in any operable form, dipshit. You bought literally nothing that does literally nothing. You're holding a prayer. Literally keeping blind faith that eventually your dumb ETH tokens will become something more than worthless ETH tokens.

I know that and I can live with that. After all we're all holding internet money that could have disruptive potential for society or be worthless in a metter of time. For me it's a no brainer dropping a few bucks on a project which could be revolutionizing in the long run. I hope you've never bought into any ICO that doesn't have a confirmed real world use case either. Many icos promise to change the world but they are "literally nothing and do nothing" like you said it.