I know this is a contradiction, but this will save you

I know this is a contradiction, but this will save you.

Do not listen to anyone on this shit board.

> People spend their spare time to shill / promote THEIR OWN bags.
> People spend their spare time shitting on OTHER BAGS as if it makes a difference
> You only see coins that are bound to die
> Shilling could cause you to buy shitcoins high, like Tron at 0.30 USD.

Everyone here posts for their own gain and doesn't give a fuck about you.

Do not listen to anyone, fucking normies.

Literally the only thing I would EVER recommend to even "shill" is ethereum, but notice how no one posts ethereum anymore because everyone wants to get rich quick rather than invest in actual growth and good fundamentals.

No other crypto resource on the internet is better than Veeky Forums for snagging low mcap moon missions right as they hit the market. SRS.

This is correct. Biz almost FUD me out of buying Verge is may 2017. 'Only' bought 1 million for 150 usd.. if i would have listened to myself instead of Veeky Forums i would have bought more. Fuck me.

If you do the opposite of what biz tells you, you will probably get rich.

this, but you need to be prepared to hodl for months, sometimes

I literally made 43k yesterday from 1 trade from listening to an user's shill. The real advice is to DYOR. 98% of posts are pajeet or equivalents, but every now and then someone will be shilling something they already are balls deep in and they found super early, and if you can find those posts and recognize them for what they are, DYOR and take quick action, you can make mad benjamins

Clear example - Verge was a prime example of a coin that received a global FUD/fake news campaign.

And look where they are now. They released everything and it's working. /biz was wrong.

XRP, same thing. Everyone called it a shitcoin that will never be used. MoneyGram announced this week. /biz wrong again.

Just do the opposite and get rich.

I agree, one should do everything opposite of Veeky Forums. Let's not fool ourselves, everyone is here to make money and when someone gains, another one loses.

with that in mind, do NOT accumulate

exactly, its fairly easy to see which anons are sincere and who is shilling to create a market for his dump.

Ignite Ratings. ICO on January 15th. Pic related. Shits gonna be huge


XLM - FUD everywhere
ICX - FUD from Korea and Veeky Forums

AKA buy those coins as they dip and you will make off like a bandit in a month or two

na you can trust me user

XLM FUD? I see shill posts 20x a day. Money snek etc.

This shit literally only goes up if Ripple does.

ICX is also shilled to death. I see no FUD anywhere.

In other words - do not buy either.

I thought Veeky Forums was only for meme's? Were we suppose to take anything here serious? I'm confused.

XLM when the price was 2,5-5 cents. FUD about the 5 billion drop et cetera.

Well i have bought XLM,BNB, VEN listening to /biz. Made good gains.

I made 600k/700k usd with initial deposit of 6000 usd. If i never would have read Veeky Forums i would have made more.

But i do think this crypto-party will be over in 2018, already cashing out a bit.

My last big investment is SwissBorg, after that i am out.

stop trying to make that shit coin relevant faggot. No one gives a fuck about verge

Lol calling Verge a shitcoin. Buy XVG in May for 150 usd per million. Sell XVG today and get 150k.


And if you sell XVG in 4-6 months it will be a lot more than what it is now.

I don't think it will be over, but rather getting 1000x from your investment from shitcoins will go away. Only coins with good fundamentals will survive. This is why if you can, convert everything into Ethereum. ESPECIALLY if you have 6 figures. Or NEO at least.

I believe a lot of coins will survive but indeed no more x1000 gains.

A lot of coins will die.

So that is why i will diversify again and take 70% out of crypto within the next 6 months.

My girlfriend and i got 2 houses we rent out, so we are going to pay the mortgages off and also buy the house we are renting ourselfes.

And if we have more, it will go into ETF's etc.

For now I am not holding ETH nor NEO. It is mostly BTC/XVG/XRP and SwissBorg (CHSB).

I'm not.. I don't hold it but I followed it. You can't deny a top 20 coin as irrelevant. But thank you for proving my point.

I was here when they called it shit at 1 sat. 1200x now.



fucking normies man

Liberate yourself by doing good research.

>OP upset he bought some meme coin and lost all his pocket money

Its almost like you should have done your own research you fucking retard. There is alot of quality stuff posted here but its mixed in with plenty of shitposting, trick is to work it out for yourself by verifying stuff with research and not just blindly following peoples advice

You're right.. but sometimes there are good shills. It only takes a bit of research when you notice something unmentioned pop up. Biz has landed me many moon missions

But coins in my portfolio are at worst +50%, at best +900% thanks to Veeky Forums. Learn to filter shitposts from valuable information.

What’s the opposite of investing in XRP?



>good fundamentals

what fucking fundamentals are you referring to
its all vaporware

Eth is a safe (but slow) bet, and I see people shilling it every day

Sorry you didn't get in at $30 and under Pajeet, but we're going to 5k by EOY.

wrong I made a fucking fortune on ETH over the past year

but you dont know what the term fundamentals means

tbf had i not listened to people on Veeky Forums i wouldve had half as much as i do now, but i agree that its generally a bad idea

It's true if want to buy biz coins do your own research and by the dip not the FOMO rocket

this is biz patrician activity