Hey, guys it' Shill Boi Baggins here! Yes, the same Shill Boi that shilled you Payfair at $.02!
If you still aren't aware the hype behind Payfair is building quickly. The devs just let us know that it is most likely 10k tokens for a trust node and people are realizing how much passive money they can make from a trust node.

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so i did a rough estimate and assuming the same volume as localbitcoins, Holding 25k tokens would earn you $1,200 montlhy.

It is still pretty cheap to acquire a trust node, but soon it wont be.

In february the platform first rendition of the platform goes live and the month after trust nodes begin taking in their fees.

Fuck I gotta get to 10k before it moons. Need more cash to come in

i'd buy some but that shitbox ED wont load order book
fucking cunt

In the end payfair aims to be THE marketplace to sell any crypto. It's was just confirmed that it will work similar to Kucoin and you will earn 1% of whatever coin was traded.
By holding a trust node you will begin accumulating coins you didn't even know were moon bound.

if it isnt loading at all try using a vpn, worked for me.
Don't tell people, it let's us buy while others cant.

I just vomited in my mouth

Is all this real? I own 12k you're really telling me I'll be making $600+ a month and making moon missions by sitting on my ass?

Yeah dude, it's like auto investing in every possible moon mission before they moon. Amazing.

Too bad I'm too poor to get 10k :'(

>etherdelta exchange

No thx

etherdelta rrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee

Yes it's true. a few months from now it will be hard to own a trust node because it will cost $20,000+

I really liked that kucoin helped you diversify by paying you in all kinds of coins, but apparently they pay shit and the amount they pay gets smaller as time goes on.

Such a big percentage of Payfair goes back to the token holders and that will help it grow.

>mfw 20k
>mfw actually going to be rich

Mission to Pluto confirmed by February at the latest.

Wish I could buy more shill boi. But ED orderbooks will not load for me and havn't for the past hour...

Anyone want to sell me some on IDEX? got about 2-3 eth to drop.

Try using a VPN. I used betternet. sometimes i need it, sometimes i dont.

How many tokens to hold for a trust node?


How many coins to hold for a trust node? Has it been verified?

join the telegram. google search "payfair telegram"

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

Dude you’ve been shilling this non stop in every post. I already know it’s a fuckin shitcoin going nowhere because of how desperate you are. You’re probably a grunt for the devs you piece of shit

Always do the opposite of what /biz says

He's stuck with bags he cant unload because of the low volume of EGAS. Desperate for anyone to pick them up.


When will EtherDelta load? Sent myself some ETH to buy this shitcoin, but it's not loading for 30 mins already.

yea, Ethereum is pretty ongested. Try a VPN, if that doesn't work you'll have to wait for a less busy time.

When is a less busy time?

Shill boi if this project delivers I will literally buy you two strippers.

Can you please stop posting so I can accumulate?

i only have 500 of them, would buy more but Etherdelta is such a fucking cancer i don't even want to see this site again

How will the exchange with fiat work?

we dont exactly know yet. there will be an update white paper and website before the end of the month

so is this like getting in on coss or kucoin on the ground floor or is it a total fucking scam

Is this confirmed? I’m in the telegram and I can’t find this. If you’re spreading this without it being true then you’re just going to hurt the project right now

>all this fomo when the whitepaper has no technical content

No one's going to hold your hand to buy it motherfucker
DYOR or fuck off

I've lost .05 in fucking gas trying to buy this piece of shit.

EtherDelta needs to die.

The 250$ thing was when the coin was 0.02-0.03 like 2 weeks ago. It has been confirmed that it's 10k tokens now.

i'll hold you to that.
Make a post here or on the telegram when you make $100K and i'll reply with the code word bazinga so you know it's me.

yea, i took it straight from the telegram, just look.
it's pretty recent.

where to you guy get that nuber from (10k)?

ok, so it's a scam then. thanks

What exchange had payfair that also is accepting registration?

>trying to buy from shitcoin central aka etherdogshit
>order book is broken
>chat is literally 100% pajeets

who is this coin even for

read this post. it's from the telegram, which you should join.

I won't. I'll autistically screech at you because you keep shilling this, which gives me less time to accumulate. This why I never got in on ARK

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

100% my experience

for people that are going to want to cash out safely and without governing bodies in their business. aka everybody.

>just etherdelta things

Listen I want to buy your shitcoin but I literally can't. Yes I'm mad, and no I'll never not be mad.

Is there any special hardware required to become a trust node or can I just run it off my normal PC?

There will be more info very soon, but from my understanding you wont need anything special. a normal pc should be fine. but join the telegram and keep up to date with new info

Thanks shillboi I might drop my BAT for this

Yo fuck this niggerass exchange for real

Probably a bot


the absolute state of ED

So frustrating. Need moar pfr!

Keep trying guys, it will be worth the headache.

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

ahahaha you guys are going to dump that shit into these pajeeets