Ok faggots, I recently finished working for 6 months straight while living with my parents and I have 3000USD...

Ok faggots, I recently finished working for 6 months straight while living with my parents and I have 3000USD, more or less, saved up. Is ETH a good choice for long-term hodl gains?

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Yes just keep buying ETH or NEO right now. Shitcoiners are getting BTFO currently.

Yes, it is the age of Ethereum.


ETH will have a sell off when it reaches $1500 just wait a few days for that to happen and then buy

Yes, but you won't see the growth that alt-coins have at this point. Park 2,000 in eth the next time it dips under 1000euros. Use the last 1000 to buy ether and play on with the alts. Always sell back to ether...

I'd recommend.

ADA up to .90
XLM up to .70
XRP up to 1.90
IOTA up to 3.80
CND up to .16
and if you're feeling brave...TRX up to .13

Because buy on the green and sell on the red...all the fucking time. Idiot.

mincoin is better

I mean trusting strangers on the internet is the stupidest thing in the world, but I've quietly lurked on some threads here for a while and ya'll shilled 3 coins that mooned and which I would have invested into if I had had the money.
Still, can you give some specific reasons as to why ETH is good?
Just thinking that it will keep rising seems kinda naive from my part.

DYOR but the recs on Veeky Forums is a good starting point.

Also, forgot to mention BAT. Shit is legit...

If you want to be living on the streets then buy ethereum. ethereum is my favorite coin but it won’t get you great gains. Seems like in your situation, you need a life changing amount of money. You need to risk it.

Go all in with ETH and take 1k out to play about on Binance with. Look for good quality cheap shit, like QSP and put a couple of hundred on them. Don't day trade. And be patient.

>why is ETH good

Are you fucking serious? Look it up for yourself, DYOR.

The guy should find one coin that has a lot of volume and swing trade to build his stack. He needs to watch it and learn it's behavior and buy the dip and sell the high. Rinse and repeat.

>3000 saved in 6 months

Jesus what kind of fuckin pleb job do you have. In Aus you can make 1k a week with no qualifications working labor jobs. Could literally save 3k in a fortnight if you hustled hard enough

minimum wage in the US is $7.50... OP is probably only making that much or a little more

lol this. I saved 30k after a year living with the folks

Short term this is bad advice, but if you plan on just freezing your buy into an offline wallet for a year I agree with this.

We're all fighting our own battles, user. You don't know if he's helping out with med bills for his family. Or if he's helping his parents pay bills.

Fuck off.


Yes and you'll beat most of Veeky Forums by a long margin.

ETH is good because:
>active development on scaling solutions (vitalik recently commented that the current specifications in testing could enable thousands of transactions per second if implemented right now)
>broad corporate support and interest (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)
>processes most transactions (more than all other blockchains combined)
>is the platform on which distributed applications will be built (basis of Web 3.0)
>moving to Proof of Stake soon = sell pressure down, buy pressure up (increase in price
>moving to Proof of Stake soon = stake your ETH for "dividends", stable longterm income stream
>first mover advantage in DAPP/smart contract field

> (OP)
listen to him op
why would you buy ath? don't.
just wait a couple of weeks at most.

First off, don’t listen to these assholes on biz. they are awful. Yes ETH is breaking resistance and will make a run to 2k. Once you hit 2k a coin, sell some and diversify into some low market cap alts, do research and choose wisely. Don’t grab anything that’s charts are peaking to all time highs. Find coins that have peaked and are correcting and leveling out. Ride, rinse, repeat.

This makes me want to throw up knowing normies are eatign this shit up. cnbc will cause the bubble pop. fucking retards will buy whatever they shill them

in a couple of weeks eth will be stable at 1500, perhaps 2000 USD. its not going to go lower than 1200 and waiting for it to dip that low you might miss the ride up.

You're responding to entitled fuckwad teenagers that are posting from laptops that daddy bought them for their precious birthdays. They have no fucking clue how men that support themselves live

>t. bootleg palm biz report

Thanks for all the help, boys. I'll buy 2k worth of ETH and keep that frozen somewhere, and put the other 1k if I find something interesting (Electroneum, maybe?)

I'm subscribed to PBC. They have good calls on there. Stellar has never been a buy alert for them. I've also been holding ADA since .30 and way before their recent buy alert.

put 2k into ETH and be sure to lock the price in when you freeze it into your hardware ledger with firmware 3.0

I'd recommend putting 50% of the remaining cash into ICX (mainnet soon) and 50% into KYS coin

this, make sure it's in cold storage so the price doesn't get unlocked - that happened to me and i lost all my ETH in the 10 cent flash crash

KYS is generally advisable as well


>I've also been holding ADA since .30 and way before their recent buy alert.
Bought in at 0.64 yesterday after some user keeps shilling ADA kek. Price predictions? Palm beach report has been pretty profitable on their XLM call months ago. I'm sure they are not targeting just a x2 for ADA.

>KYS coin

I can't find this on cmc can you tell me about it? where can I get some KYS?

KYS is the name post-rebrand, before it was called ANH.


because your minimum wage is really high...

Look at this roach living off his parents boasting, the fucking nerve. I hate entitled cunts like you in this country

like bitcoin ethereum is a safe enough bet for a bear market, but i honestly don't see you turning that 3k into more than 30k in the mid term.

there are better opportunities out there, but unfortunately crypto is mainstream enough at this point that finding anything "cheap" is difficult, unless you want to be chasing pumps for a long while

More like our minimum wage is really low, comparatively speaking.

>$3k save up with no financial responsibility

What was your job? Licking toilets?

I think buying BTC on a dip would be better, its down relative to eth which is way up lately, meaning its gonna crash soon when the whales take profits.

Fucking 11/10 comment.

LOL!!! I get this. Anyone else? This is so funny

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/
I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

Please, why is daytrade a bad thing?


It's only a bad thing if you want to keep your money.

20% of the traffic on the ETH network is cryptokitties. ETH has no more ability to defend itself from feral cats than a derelict victorian mansion.

Got it! Thanks.

>work for 6 months
>have $3000
So this... is the power... of wagecucking

Honestly the answer is that our feeble minds are weak and impulsive and fearful and it just demonstrably never works out any more than gambling does.

>tfw missed the dip for eth

In fact I agree. I had already realized that by doing day trade I got more loss than profit, and the little profit was always used to cover the losses ... I also realized the worst way that options are betting and gambling ... All my attempts to learn or understand the market have brought me more losses than profits on a real account. In demo accounts I can make a profit and capitalize on my funds, which has to do with the psychological and the fear of operating with real money. It's been a month or so that I started to get interested and read about cryptocoins, and the first impression I had was that I can finally participate in something open to everyone. That is not restricted to giant whales and banks ...

Those are pretty strong calls except the suggestion to hold Justin’s bags for him.

buy ETH and put it in Magnalis
30 cents each, 10 million supply, going to moon in June.
Turn your $3k into $30k user

Sounds like I'll take a look at it in May then.


yeh same here user. again.

Put half in ETH, put other half in a smaller coin like FIN, QTUM or BAT.