I don't usually FOMO. Right now I'm shaking.

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) just hit coinmarketcap today. As the name suggests, it is a high powered enterprise protocol that can process millions of transactions per second. You heard that right.


It's only on bibox, a chinese exchange. You can translate it to english on a tab on the top right. Don't wait. This one is going to go to the fucking moon...

...or I'll eat my own dick.

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Veeky Forums won't give a shit anyway, they hate free money

del this bro.

Okay faggots, storytime.

>Be me
>First shill of HPB comes through on Veeky Forums
>HPB checks the fuck out and in 20 minutes I bought 5 ETH worth @3.5 USD
>Shit goes flat for a abit, swinging betwween 3.9 and 5.5 USD
>Think I can day trade this shit
>Sell at 5.4
>Wait for the wave to correct
>Wave doesn't correct
>$6.54 USD
>"haha the wave hadn't crested yet, oops"
>$8 USD
>"Oh god no"

I can't even look at HPB threads without getting mad. I haven't checkd the CMC listing because it's just too painful.

this is a pump and dump shitcoin. move along folks doesnt even have a twitter. everyone should get into tron instead its cheaper

>I haven't checkd the CMC listing because it's just too painful.
You're welcome.

what makes you say its PnD?

I mean... it has 4x already - surely someone would dump it by now.

I'm literally the guy who listed them on coinmarketcap. Been on this shit since sub 1 dollar. Only regret is that I only bought 12k because I didn't really believe in it.

Tfw two of their team members thanked me for listing them. :) Tfw it will still make me a millionaire because it's going to 1b market cap.

>Chip-level acceleration engine
>The world's first platform to provide hardware acceleration

What do they mean by this?

also whitepaper

I FOMO'd in this better pay off.

>read about this when it's @3.5USD
>Transfer coins to bibox
>Never Det them credited to my account


What was the ico price of this?

same happened to me. joined their telegram and filled out a form to get it sped up. it work

English whitepaper is outdated. Translated wp coming soon.

ok, op posts a good sales pitch, he's got my interest. and then the thread fills up with that same shill shit i hear in every thread. the stupid one liners, look at these morons
probably not even shills, just really stupid people that started talking like shills

Made a new account on bibox. How long do BTC transactions take?

How is Veeky Forums falling for a reddit scam coin. How the mighty has fallen.

Pretty damn expensive for an unproven coin

Just got 10. Let's see what will happen in the coming week.

You mean like the top 20 coins ADA, EOS, TRX etc etc?

Bought 2k worth. Let's take this baby to the moon!

Looks like it's at the start of the moon.

Itll be 50$ by end of the month.

>HPB is partnering with Unionpay (bigger than Visa and MasterCard combined

What does this mean?

Bought some at $7, my second ETH deposit still hasn't shown up in Bibox, been over 24 hours and the price keeps climbing

go into telegram and talk to admin

Its $13 right now on the shittiest ching chong exchange I've seen.

They are cobfirmed to be added to KuCoin later this month. Now imagine the gains.

Got this off their Twitter

Also some chink news articles if anyone wants to translate them



>shittiest ching chong exchange I've seen.

It's certainly better than Cryptopia (the only other exchange I've used so far)

So far I just had problems setting up the authenticator and withdraw password although got that working fine now.

UI with the deposit history on the same page is nice to have.

It's literally a budget Binance rip off, and yet it had many problems such as deposits not showing up, having you to contact admins.And that fucking 10 hour downtime, we could've been at $20 already if not for that.

All this shit will be gone when it hits Kucoin. Y'all better not wait too long or you'll be too late to jump on!

Oh, you're probably right. I don't know anything about the exchange other than my initial impressions. At least the BTC I deposited in the last hour got verified in 15 mins.

If you deposit from smart contract address your funds are basically gone

Lot of people dont seem to know you can contact the admins in telegram, I see people complaining about 25 hour+ wait times on their deposits kek

>When you send your eth to bibox when HPB was 5 dollars and by the time you got it the next day it almost tripled in value

Get it here referral.iost.io/?code=krNwpbOr

Sent some funds when it was $5. Never seen them yet and I even put in a ticket. Is it too late to buy this shit?

If you sent them through a smart contract your funds are gone amigo

But no, it isnt too late