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Plasma will push it high enough

people won't care about the dividend, hitting 1k easily


I just want to comment on how absurd it is that this coin barely gets mentioned here.

If anyone had any fucking clue what they were talking about this coin would be as popular as ETH was in late 2016 on here.

But this is just a shitcoin board instead.

I used to come here a lot more often. The fact that OMG hardly gets talked about is all the proof I need that there's nothing to gain from coming here anymore.

Fuck this board.

omg got put through the shitcoin skaterboy partnership mill from june-september and didn't do anything so everyone got over it

Nice reddit spacing, it's mentioned every 20 minutes shill. Die.

Im bag holding but have no idea what this token does

>muh skateboard

>Reddit spacing

>McDonalds of Thailand

its mooning boys!

meanwhile stellar has over 10b cap and gets shilled constantly
how is stellar better than omg in any way?

It's not. The market is just filled with retarded money.


It doesnt do anything atm.
If it succeeds at what it plans to do then upside potential is huge.
Dunno about the 1000+ though, thats pushing it imo.

Legit target

Veeky Forums doesn't deserve this coin

>he is not here back on august where jun "the apple skateboard" hasegawa shilled on twitter and hyping like how justin "the next jack ma" sun on twitter

I was here, and they learned their lesson.

Dont compare omg and tron.
Skateboard picture was around before omg started gaining traction. The apple meme was nothing more than something Veeky Forums latched onto and ran with as a joke until retards started believing it. Otherwise it was literally not talked about anywhere outside of Veeky Forums except maybe a few reddit posts idk

Holding OMG tokens since $6. Again, here's the report from Teeka Tiwari, Palm Beach Confidential



thats awesome

>ethereum based
What a crap


If plasma succeeds and use of OMG continues to rise, what's stopping this from hitting 5k to 10k?

Lord Vitalik gets it.

>what's stopping this from hitting 5k to 10k?

Market cap..

>another ethereum chain based token with nothing special about it

Yeah, current market cap. But thats surely able to change though right?

To get to even $2,500 it would have to get to 350 billion market cap which is 100 billion more valuable than bitcoin. How is that feasable?

The only way this can happen is if the entire crypto currency market becomes far more valuable which would give it more room to grow but that also raises more concerns about it all being a bubble

Best case scenario, $700

This was even predicted by Teeka

OMG is the kind of coin that doesnt need shilling, gets decent gains all the time , but never gets insanely pumped and dumped.

Lets have the last laugh and see this as one of the surviving coins after the bubble pops. im 40-50% on omg depending on the day

Thats only assuming bitcoins market cap stays the same and the entire crypto market wont grow in a similar fashion. I think 2018 is going to be one very wild ride to 3trillion+ overall, which would make that OMG price entirely possible.

Well yeah but the crypto market increasing from around $700 billion to $3 trillion+ in a year is not healthy growth at all and will end in disaster

Lower than ENG... LMAO

It went from under 200bn to just around 800bn in 2017, if it were to increase similarly in 2018, roughly 3trln would be realistic. Would you call 2017 unrealistic gains?

I need this to be what happens.

Plox plox plox!

Assuming the generally accepted number of $700-$800/OMG, lets talk about staking returns. Anyone do an analysis on that?


any TA fags here that can tell me what to expect today?

Nigger it was under 20 billion january last year

Even better then.