So what is your 1 week prediction for the fidget spinner, no meme answeres

So what is your 1 week prediction for the fidget spinner, no meme answeres

1.99 $

it will probably go down another 33%, just like this week

It's going to stabilize over the next 1 or 2 days and then start another upward trend similar to what we had in December. After that we'll be in a crash situation again where it'll slowly recover and repeat the same pattern again.

1:50 before going to 1 the following week.

It will be pretty stable and fly up again if there is big news

>thinking it can go upward when whales still have 30 000 000 000 coins to dump on newfriends

when are there big news ?

why ?


About 5 dollars apiece.
Oh, and ripple at 0.2

no idea, maybe q4 report 19th this month?

Charts and history and this coin is nothing, not even a store of value.

i think itll bounce back to $3 quite soon, then staying there for a while. might just stay at $2, but i doubt itll fall lower than $1,5. shows that ((they)) can releas 2 Billion XRP to the market, don't get dumped boys..

ripple will eventually overtake bitcoin, and go over $20,000

top kek

What are you even saying. That website lists all escrow adresses that will not release any XRP before their timer ends. And January was the first month to have a escrow contract release the XRP to RippleLabs. Did the market dump? No.


Very stable next week, it's not until people realize why the uselessness of the token matters that it's going to seriously hurt. But that will take months.

What do you mean by that? That the token's uselessness is important?

>uselessness of the token
I love this meme. Using XRP on the Ripple network literally saves you time and money. But hey, keep thinking big institutes won't like to save 60% tx fees and thus trillions a year.


>It's not Bitcoin so it's useless


Too bad banks use rCurrent and not XRP.

Buying stock in ripple is a lot smarter than buying their useless tokens.

My man gets it.

Moneygram is explicitely using XRP and won't be the last to do so but whatever.

Well, they're using it in a proof of concept.

Maybe they'll end up using it to transfer money, maybe they're just doing it to increase their stock value by adding a blockchain.