chinese gem

> chinese gem
> partnered with microsoft, ibm and huawei
> 30M marketcap
> burgers can't get it right now

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What coin?

Espers on Yobit?

Op is an idiot


>try to shill a coin.
>forgets the name.
Try again dumb fuck

waltonchain you MORANS



Everyone this day seems to be partnered with bm and microsoft

Btw my dad works at both places

It has a higher market cap

it is INTChain

But what does "partnership" even entail?

Ding ding, we have a winner.

At first I thought it would be Matrix ai network first.

shhh, im still accumulating

Where the fuck I can buy this? If you don't answer I will keep bumping this thread and make new threads. For now, I sage.

coinegg, okex

Thanks, user. Want me to use your referral on okex?

microsoft china engineers working with them

huawei and ibm are just business partners with them.

both those sites look like chinese spyware

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@


Welcome to the Wild West

>Installs Windows on IBM PC
Partnership confirmed

alphanet going live soon

Business partner can mean a lot. From "just" a token of tolerance to actually business deals.

I can't even use the English-version of their site and there's not a lot of information of them in Google. Fuck

unfortunately there isn't a referral program for okex. if you still want to sing up using a referral, use my coinegg one.

sign up*, both okex and coinegg have INT listed

telegram says that the partnership is real and they can't disclose more information. DYOR.

They use Windows on their computers. Partnership with Microsoft confirmed.

And what is the current price and where to buy? Their website is in china and english does not work for me.


Is there a wallet for this or do you need to store it in those shady exchanges ffs?

Why cant i find this on coin market cap?

Because it's a scamcoin, don't bother.

Also this

Cuz its not on popular exchanges yet.

There is a guy on twitter with 500 Linkedln who said he likes it. It is going to moon. 100x EOM.

Link to twitter

I feel like this is kinda blindspot to me.
Like I'm buying shitcoins off the Chinese version of Yobit

Idc i bought 100 of them just incase, i just need to know the fucking wallet i dont wanna keep them on these shady exhcanges

It's ERC-20 token faggot. Store it in MEW or something. Stop bumping this thread.

ctrl + f "ERC20"

Wtf is wrong with you nigger? First you say u buy it now u say its scam now u cant even bump this thread? areu fucking mentally sick or smthing?

Also i dont trust MEW it was hacked few days agol

Stfu retard, you got your answer. It's an ERC20 token. Now stop shilling this scam coin. I'm also using sage.

What's on the roadmap for this coin? Any upcoming listings on a real exchange or big news?

Got any proof this is scam coin? Im asking seriously now.

Proof? proof nigga proof, if u are so honest this is scam post the fucking proof. fuckin fudder son of cunt bitch

This is a C H I N E S E - G E M
Buy now
Regret LATER

STOP! scammer time

Proof and ill start to FUD this coin otherwise i will shill this shit out into moon.


Huawei sucks monkey balls. I'm never buying this shitcoin.

Read between the line fucking retard.

Post proof this is scam coin or i'll shill this forever

fucker fudder

Kid Veeky Forums LARPs acting like they got a hundred thousand dollars to throw at coins and they need to accumulate them all so they FUD shit. just buy it.
Ain't like your $200 is that much money

Thanks. Just bought a 100K