How fucked am I?

How fucked am I?

Not that fucked if you sell grandpa

>He's still holding bitcoin
user, I...



find an ICO and dump all that bitcoin in boom 20x u win

Why would you still hold btc

Op do you mind sending some bitcoins to my wallet? Sharing is caring as people mostly say.

take 75% of your REQ and put it into RLC. They're partners since way back and RLC has far better growth potential i the next 6 months. Dont worry about tipping me.

0 fun

pretty fucked

My man. Youre gonna make it

First time I agree on 100% of someone’s Portfolio.
Wish I had more time to buy gvt... missed that one

Will give some free coin to whoever can actually critique my portfolio and tell me how can I become a millionaire by end of this year. Have no problem holding (am holding bitcoin 1 year now and it paid off).



somebody redpill me on genesis vision, I just check out there website, looks pretty legit. How big can this thing get? How many people do you think this platform will serve in the future?

Probably bigger than NEO, this is a long term hold position, we'll probably get to 1000$ EOY.

BTW, so nobody wants some free money? Like wtf is wrong with you today Veeky Forums

Literally just hold and wait, I think you'll be fine. I would suggest consolidating more to get more from swings, maybe get rid of chainlink to put more into VeChain or REQ or vice versa. I have a 200k portfolio and I am way more consolidated than you. The thing is while I am hurt more when everything goes down my ETH/NEO holdings help keep my portfolio from massive drops so I keep most of the value. I only lost about 5k in the last day but in the last week I gained 30k. It's riskier but faster to the 1 million goal if that's what you want. Up to you, really. I am not sure how much longer this good market will last so I am trying harder to take advantage of it by doing things that way.

Now gimme dat sweet ETH boi


And as for millionaire I would actually put more into DBC during its dip I also hold some DBC myself and I won't sell, it has a lot of promise I think. That would probably be your best bet right now if you actually believe in the AI tech.

>holding a dinosuar in 2k17
i literally just 5x my btc balance in the last few weeks holding 10-15 random shitcoin
at this point we cant help you , i ope u bought at 20k

Do not hold DBC, they're a meme coin based on"AI". Anyone with any computer science/engineering knowledge knows how laughable even the most advanced AIs are in reality. People think of Hollywood AI when they think of that term and don't realize we can't even get cars to drive themselves yet

ETC / ZEC / STRAT, two of these will 3x at least
if u can sleep at night buy: MUE, XEL, SYS
if you dont have family buy: COSS, DOT, RAIN, ALIS, LINX , KNC too

yeah and i forget the good part, btc or eth will also make 2-3 x in the following few months so you would 10X this for the summer in u dont fuck it up

these are actually legitimate suggestions and i don't hold any of them

Should I get rid of some of the bitcoin, or should I keep it?

you should get rid of btc in december, at this point id keep half or third of your btc and also a big amount of ethereum, an upcoming btc rally could fuck all the alts in the ass

Yikes all these bad advice, good luck op.
Listen these are the only coins you will need:

Sell old man bitcoin for ETH if you know what's good for you

u high bro?

Put $100 in each and wait 1 year, become insanely rich and wealthy

Those 2950 links will save your portfolio.

Hope so. Bought this because of that insider