Is it a Pajeet coin or worth holding?


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its going to 100-120 mc easily.

just do the math

NO as someone who makes a living selling royality free music I can tell you that ALL music platforms work, but its the MUSICIANs that fail the system. Audiorecordings can be copied for free which devalues the product to zero. It is thus the MUSICIANS responsibilty to not compete with the platform protecting thier product with watermarks. Here is the think Musicians are stupid and work against themselves. They will give the same music the platform is working hard to protect away for free on other platforms such as YOUTUBE. or FB. All platforms FAIL becuase the MUSICIANS are not BUSINESS SAVY and are selling a product that has ZERO VALUE since it can be reproduced with simple technology for NOTHING.

AudioCoin is one of those under the radar projects that at first glance, you may miss the value of the project.

The team has been around since 2015 which is a lifetime in the Cryptouniverse. The purpose of the AudioCoin is for new ways of buying, transacting and consuming music content. You might ask, how is this any different from some of the other music coin projects out there? I'm glad you asked.

AudioCoin is moving away from its current Blockchain platform and integrating with the Blockpool Blockchain. If you didn't know, Blockpool has a slew projects under their belt of which actually offer real-world consumption and transaction based interactions. Aurovine is one of those projects where it took on a stagnant music industry that was prone to the giants of Apple, Spotify and Pandora. Using Aurovine as a conduit for Artists to publish their music as well as gift Artists and users with AudioCoins for consuming their content. In a way, this was a Daytrotter like system with actual rewards in place for rewarding you for the music you love.

So why is the move to Blockpool such a big deal? It's a big deal because Blockpool is based on none other than drum roll please --- ARK.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you know ARK is one of the most robust platforms in the Blockchain community. Not only does it scale beautifully but it is adding continually adding features that make their platform as robust as possible. From their blog:

BLOCKPOOL have been focusing resources on ‘Delegated Proof of Stake’ and ‘Smart Contracts’ Which as we all know, has huge potential for growth as AudioCoin will move to a DPoS system for rewards and have a very bright future ahead of itself.


the dev is orchastrating a pump and dump

Musiccoin is probably a better coin and its on bittrex and it only has around double the value of adc and 60% of the supply.

Again there is money to be made in a product that can instantly and flawlessly be reproduced (audio recordings) especially when those producing the product are so eager to give away the product for free to anyone that will give them the time of day. Do business with musicians and lose your money EVERYTIME. No music platform has suceeded becuase the musician always fucks up his end of the deal (by granting exclusive rights to distribute to one platform only) Also Bjork is old as fuck and its a joe tht these people couldnt find some hip young indy band or EDM guy to shill thier shit. They are out of touch and so are you if you buy this P and D shit.

Trying hard to hodl this. Not sure if this is actually a shitcoin or not.

Partnership with yamaha rumored
This shit will moon so hard in the coming weeks

Again audio music costs nothing to produce. Costs nothing to copy. Costs nothing to distribute. All your money is going into the developers pockets. Make my money selling music through a licencing company. I can name 20 music platforms that all failed.

nothing that MUSICOIN coudn't do better


its a trash coin

Look at itunes, spotify, bandcamp etc
Now think of the potential this has
They already have a deal with a big company, their rebranding is coming, all this in the next week

Keep up the fud guys, I hope it drops to 3 cents again so I can buy some more

If they actually signed Yamaha this will blow up

Bandcamp does not belong on the list of "good" platforms.

Its a good sales pitch to someone with no experience in the industry, Its basically what all coins are doing now that we entered a .com bubble. Just take an idea for a website and say but on blockchain.

There wasn't any money to be made on the internet from these platforms. Look at soundcloud. At least pick something that worked before like a dating app or something.

If you are going to play the shitcoin scam game, pick a better scam.

are you new? no one cares about the product we're asking about the hype within 2 months

that was terrible

They’re already looking at other exchanges. For now, you can only buy it on cryptopia, bleutrade and yobit. Imagine how the mooning will be when it hits Kucoin, bittrex or binance.

Not new at all. Pick something that isnt geared toward 90s oldfags that think there are riches in being a musician. Anyone under 30 doesn't subscribe to rockstar meme. They come from an era where producing music costs nothing thanks to technology. They also come from the paradigm of "the artist" and music is only a small part of the bigger "brand" I know much more than you and I will shit all ovr this coin and FUD it as long as you spam this board.

Bandcamp is an example of people willing to spend money on music, that's what I meant

Rebrand, big partnership, soon on bittrex... yeah def a scam shitcoin :D

Anyway I'm not gonna shill it, dyor


AudioCoin is also considering talking with music festivals so people might be able to buy tickets with those coins in the future.

you still don't get it do you?

Ya I get it. You are bunch of little faggots with chump change on a discord group pooling your resources together to equate to one grown adult non beta man.

You guys are misunderstanding the point of this coin. It is a sidechain to Blockpool, which designs custom-made blockchains for private industry. ADC is their flagship project right now. In 2015, they initially wanted it to be a music distribution platform like soundcloud, but with tokens. They've since sold that project (aurovine) to India. They are now in the process of rebranding ADC as part of Blockpool. Essentially, they are offering blockchain solutions to the music industry to keep track of payments, copyrights, licensing, or whatever other components can be taken from this ossified industry and made more efficient via DLT. Dev team is all followed by OG Bitcoin developers. Fucking buy it. It's at least a good hold until they announce their partnership, which has been confirmed on their Discord.

> being this retarded
Just for curiosity sake, what is your "big" money in?

Im here to see what the trend for retards is, not to help you, but ETH sure has been looking good eh? Have fun with your baby coins fellas. Come back with something good and maybe Ill participate in the next p and d. I cant sell your stupid music coin. Even normies know its a money loser. They heard of TIDAL dumb fuck, and they saw how it failed.


This is getting a lot of interest from Japanese on Twitter.

Gonna blow in a few weeks, so safe hold in my opinion.

That Bjork deal is also going to get normies on board

easy x10

Nobody under 35 knows what a Bjork is. Bjork is using crypto to appear hip. They couldnt even get a shitty indy band like imagine dragons or whatever it is normies listen to. Hey I heard there next big star is going to be Boy Geroge. This gonna be huge.

> babycoin
> pnd
Priceless, stay mad pajeet

Yeah probably that Yamaha deal is true after all

>still crying
there's still time to buy user you don't have to be salty

I think everyone who’s into music knows who Bjork is, you fuck.

30 years old and grew up on her shit music because my mother used to listen to her..

Biz is retarded sometimes. You have to look passed the musicians jumping in and look at the partnerships coming with the actual companies making equipment for them that are getting onboard with ADC. Not only them but festival organisers as well, they could sell tickets through it with proof of ownership through the blockchain to prevent fraud.

You need to look at the bigger picture here of what ADC is doing and not focus on selling songs/albums

Get in or die poor

You are out of touch dumb cunt, Niggers didnt even know who paul mc cartney was when he performed with kanye at the faggot awards. You are out of touch with the music scene. How old are you? Are you white? You want the type of people who bought tron to be on board for shit coins. AKA dumb niggers. Even they know not to buy this coin. YOu played yourself.


Veeky Forums only cares about 70 different privacy-oriented coins that nobody uses

ADC is a proven thing with a working product at least, making deal while you keep shilling your shitcoins






If someone think that Audio Coin is shitcoin, I will laugh on him soon. It will be mooning to 5000 in just few days.
Any one up for challange?

Of course mainstream faggots wouldn’t know who they are. I’m talking about people who are INTO music, people who put effort into developing their music taste.

Besides, we’ve got Bjork. What does OPUS have? Fucking no name garageband trash. Now get out, Pajeet.





It's a solid whitepaper, wtf user

poo in the loo detected

Hey dummie, I work in the idustry. The only way to create value is scarcisty. Who is releasing music exclusively on this app? Oh no one that people who have money to spend heard of ok. Anyways stupid fuck heard of Radiohead? Any band that made it can bypass this sort of shit and sell music directly through a website. Why do you need BLOCKCHAIN technology. It doesnt solve the PROBLEM. The problem are the musicians themselves.

>10 posts by this ID

pajeet spreading FUD for $0.01 per post

Fuck off poorfag, half of these posts are from you, you're too stupid

ADC is already covered in media and went x10 since 1st January

I just hate you discord faggots. You turned this place into reddit. You should fuck off. Anything to fuck with your schemes. Im more than happy to squash the news you re trying to sell other anons.

it's really not...

>literally ATH while we're speaking

congrats on this, seriously.

That Bjork deal already happened, and was a scam! She didn't advertise ADC on her webshop. This is a pajeetcoin.


She also gave away everyone ever $4 for free

fuck off FUDer