Your favorite coin under 5M Mcap

Hey guys, Im currently looking for a coin with less than 5 Million MCap. Im already searching myself, but im interested in your favorite coin. Thanks!

Look into ATS

crowdholding. Working product, 2.4m cap. Part of google launchpad.

>Look into ATS
wow this is actually a good unique coin. they have a good vision ,thanks a lot

when will it be on an exchange?


HKN, bought in at $1 and it has hit $8.30

x$8.30 so far

Hat was under 5m when I found it but is hovering around 8m now. It's not to late to hop on this rocket.

hello pajeet and abu. working late?

Not too sure, i missed the ICO so i'm currently trying to get more info on the telegram.

Lost bad on this one. Jump ship or hold?




bro its on ath and already at 38m mcap
i was looking for coins with way less

Holy fuck, these pajeets are more pathetic with each passing day

Who is she and does she like her ass eaten

Why do you pajeets lust over average dolled up THOTS like these? Get some fucking taste

Xcxt... New devs have joined the project. Has some potential to take off.

SophiaTX is a hidden gem with legit partnerships. Accumulate before this hits EXX and thank me later

I'm balls deep in Sphtx this shit gonna be huuuuuuge

try leviarcoin XLC

solid team with lots of updates

Someone already posted but ATS coin, working beta right now only on one exchange right now, working deal with bittrex might not moon until may when real site launches but I don't mind admitting I have 50k ATS

BUZZ coin son - 10 toshis , next micro coin normie moon mission. Huge staking rewards