This is actually a solid hold for 2018

UFR aims to provide users a way to generate revenue by providing decentralized P2P filesharing. You can see it as the uTorrent or Limewire blockchain. Filehosts/seeders will get paid for their hosting services. This means that high quality seeders can provide files (think of games, movies, software) for a little bit of revenue. Every seeder will want to chip in on this, and users will want to get max-speed downloads for a small fee. There is no competitor in this sphere and URF is the first coin to propose this paradigm.

- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- Not a fork of any other blockchain

Q1 2018—Alpha release
Q2 2018—Beta release
Q3 2018—Full Desktop version release
Q4 2018—Open-source community contributions, potential for Android/iOS application feasibility

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Currently balls deep into UFR.
>below 50M market cap
>tons of news ahead
>working and independent technology
>hasn't hit binance yet
Get in while you can and don't miss another take off. It'll hit Binance and moon. Then it'll hit other exchanges and moon again.

1 shillpoint has been credited to your account.

looking forward to actually getting paid for seeding...

Trash. Get yourself a trust node from PFR. Only 10k coins needed ~$2900. Thank me later

Thank you user for those Informations and dates... i still cant understand people who are talkin about pnd and shillgroup... THIS coin has a value, a solid roadmap and big news in the future thats why its rising not because of a pnd group or something else... buy in or regret it!

lol this shitcoin is tanking like a motherfucker. enjoy shitting in your street.

so many coins are down from all time highs, this thing experienced 200% growth in the past week, correction was necessary. Shut the fuck up

>ShillbotBOT - Today at 14:35
>Your bump has already been registered.


> so many coins down

90% in the greens

only token that is down is useless UFR shit

As an old pirate this is the market that I would like see improved. The amount of work one has to do in order to get into a good private tracker is copious, and I love seeing UFR challenge this.

I've seen the team be very in touch on the UFR subreddit, so I've got my faith that they can pull it off.

Faggots you can see it for yourself. The only thing bad about this project is that it's being shilled. Now is it a bad thing to get so much free marketing? Damn brainlets.

Patiently waiting for the moon

kys pajeet

I have both.

All in on UFR, it's the uTorrent blockchain.

This thing got a 4x in a couple of days, it can't always go up.

>paying for torrents

>pay symboic couple of cents to someone to seed some rare book/music album that you can't find anywhere, can't even buy it
Sound good for me

Kick rocks fagget upfire shilling = ATH

all of you faggots are sucking a guys dick in a discord and you're not even realising that you're the only ones putting money in that shitcoin while that guy is dumping it LUL

UFR is going up to 10$ at least. Can't wait for alpha.

How long will it take to $10?

UFR is going up to 10$ at least. Can't wait for alpha

How long will it take to $10?

Everyone here knows that your dumb shill discord group voted on this dumb fucking tech and now you're forced to pump it everywhere.

Should of chose something that doesn't suck so much dick and balls. You will all stay poor. Half of you will probably lose money as the other half actually exits at the right time.

How do you know the people running that shit will actually let you know when they're pulling out? They could be skimming profit the whole time.

For real, what could go wrong when trying to monetize a $0 pirating market hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

can't wait for that 100M market cap

if anyone wanted to buy UFR, now's the best time there is since it's at the dip

It's gonna go up to $10 and more, especially when other people start buying in once UFR hits other exchanges. You can stay in as long as you want. It started when it was ~$0.30. 7x in two weeks? In what world is that anything other than fucking grand?

The idea is to further spread the awareness of this great product so that when a lot of other people want to buy in, it's easy to cash out without lowering the price.

Upfiring is the deal. There's still time for you to get in.

Yes I'd like an order of saag paneer

UFR is defenitely going at least up to 10$. After exchanges and release it will boost even hihger. This project is gonna make me rich.


2 days sir



This is definitely gonna take off soon. I've taken advantage of the correction to finish accumulating enough UFR, even though I bought my initial stash pretty early on. Time to just sit back, relax, and wait. :)

>tfw too lazy to make an account on etherdelta or cryptopia, sell my stacks to ETH and transfer it over from Binance

Hey Pajeets. Get 50% returns on all trading fees from your buddies FOR LIFE
And then also get free 500$ for simply signing up to this upcoming new exchange.

Nice try but people have been paying for seeders since the beginning of torrents.

2/10 go back to shill school

N#1 coin UPFeruru!

Have very strong coin UPF san! make up more money sleeping!

probably once it hits a major exchange and they release some news in the next 2 months. Take a look at their roadmap.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

Upfiring is finally going to create the inscentive to seed content. Every time I go to a torrent it doesn’t have enough seeders to download. Plus the download speeds will be awesome.

I'm all in on UFR and DBC. DBC has been fucking me lately so until that corrects I need UFR to moon already