Who’s on this DBC moon mission

Who’s on this DBC moon mission

i only have 500 ;_;

Have like 750 but i'm on

DBC is for fucking faggots. There's so many better options.

We are going to the moon strap yourself in.

Your face when you leave your seatbelt off and get left on earth.


Doesn’t matter faggot we are all gunna make it

This shit better return to at least 3000 soon. everything below is suicide level

No seriously. I lost everything to this coin. I was promised lambos and I have nothing.

Thar be whales in these here waters

They will be sashimi soon.

Lieutenant lambo checking in.

Moon time little nigga

Show us your hold faces faggots

Been 100% in for three days now.

I lost so much money in the past few days that I completely stopped caring if my portfolio went to zero so I figured just go all in on something and see what happens

I put thousands into this and it was literally irrecoverable. Please be careful.

If you don't believe you'll never make it.

Typical hype coin. Look at how XVG did and then look at DBC.

So glad I made almost x5 gains on this before I got out.

Shut up street shitter. Not our fault you bought ATH and sold ATL

Riches await

DBC and LINK masterrace

This shilling group needs to stop

2.5k DBC. We're not done yet sweet summer children. I managed to increase my stack on the way down somewhat but I still wished I sold earlier. Got in at $0.15 though so not too worried.

Who is the guy of this picture? I see memes featuring him everywhere but i dont know who he is

No but seriously. Call me a shitter all you like. I recovered on other coins. DBC is a joke. Please watch out.

>when clay hands sell

Holding for this rocket ride

Always hodl they’re trying to pump ufr at the moment

Kill yourself normie

I hold nothing of this but I would recommend not even checking the price for a week, don't give yourself the temptation to sell.

I completely agree.


>Selling dbc

The trick is to not buy high, sell low.

If you fuck up and happen to buy high, just don't sell low and wait for it to reach new ATH. It's not rocket science, damn

Thousands gone. That was my fucking mortgage. As much shit as I am copping I just want people to be careful. There are better coin options.

u fool why would u post yamcha, DBC is not tryna get yamchaed


>Not waiting for the x10

When you get in on that dbc dip and it keeps dipping

The weakest FUD i've ever seen. I'm not even sure what I'm looking at

I have no dogs in this fight. I just want to help Veeky Forums. DBC equals lost money.

Krillen is the strongest human, goku is an alien and tien has three eyes

>There's so many better options.

Tell me some sensei

Definitely not selling. This was my last ditch effort to turn my portfolio into something decent. I'm planning on holding until I at least 2X on what i put in, and if that never happens and I lose it all, I'm prepared for that too

This is going to moon but the question is when. I already got tired of all this people raging that bought in ATH, now they blame everyone because they are stupid. In less than 1 month this will be stable at 1,20$ but all these retarded buyers and the weak-handed faggots are making this go slower. Seriously, if you really hate this project, sell in loss and gtfo on your 294x moon missions and go cry with mommy.

No dogs in the fight, blames DBC for losing his mortgage money.

respect bruh!

New logo guys

pls pump. why dump

Anybody who fell for the "just hodl" meme on this pnd shillcoin deserves to stay poor.


Who’s going Brooklyn standard?

Made me chuckle

This is all fistnigger's fault. I'd wager 90% of the people in this thread were either persuaded into buying DBC by his thread or were shilled into buying it by someone who was persuaded by his thread.

Where is that faggot?

Seriously though, the fact that this coin has so much whale activity going on means that it will moon eventually. 100% certain. The real question is whether it'll happen this month.

It has to happen this week or never.

Ask for a jack iced tea

Big whales are already in, I second that. Poorfags dont think of that, they just mind their 3847x invest lolololol
Kill yourselves

You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

Things will get better fren, good luck.