Fuck. Alts are going to get JUST'd by this thing again huh? I'm starting to see a little selloff

Fuck. Alts are going to get JUST'd by this thing again huh? I'm starting to see a little selloff

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Noob here, why will alts suffer?

God damn it, I was convinced Eth was dropping back to $1k. Why does this fuck with me every time?

Got in at $10-$20 per eth

Feeling comfy af m8

Ppl selling their alts to hodl the strong riser. Used to be BTC.

ETH is an alt

>le 32.5% dominance face

Top nep.

Unfortunately I've only just gotten into crypto but I can already see the value of ETH and I already plan to move anything I have from the larger coins like BTC into it to use on other smaller coins like Stellar and Ripple, while ETH stays as my large long term coin.
I'm happy I'm getting in now, because I have a feeling this thing is going to skyrocket since it has actual use and value beyond the crypto market.

Wow thanks for the insight

btc is the alt to ether now kid

Sage advice

It did, yesterday.

BTC will never be an alt since it was the first crypto currency created, everything created after BTC is an alt and will always be an alt. Alt coin just means any alternative crypto currency to bitcoin.

>ib4 corecuck grandpa hurr durr.

My profolio is 77% ALTs, which is mostly ETH.

Like I said, I'm new to the whole crypto market right now, I'm kicking myself in the ass since I started looking into it a little over a year ago, but I had zero savings I could use for it so I stopped (fuck me right)
but now that I have a bit of savings to play around with, I've been reading on here and other sites to just get a feel for what crypto has actual use beyond just the currency aspect of it and I feel like those are the things to get into, again this is my own thought process, but I just have a good feeling for ETH in the long term with short term gains coming from altcoins like Stellar and Ripple. Stellar is partnered with IBM and Ripple is partnered with Bank of America. We all know that the large banks here in the US will never fail in this day and age so seeing one of the largest of them partner with such a smaller crypto right now makes it kind of stand out. But yeah, all in all ETH seems like a great long term coin to get into and that's what I plan to do this year. I've only got a couple hundred in at the moment, but tha's definitely going to fucking change.

mfw I'm 0,5 ETH down since yesterday because I'm an idiot
feels like shit really
this shit is going to 5k this year

Also, with buying shit on coinbase, I looked into mining ETH and it's surprisingly easy as fuck to mine on my gpu. Only started last night and I already made $3 worth

That what happens when a bazillion alts are tied to eth.

Should have gone long 100x leverage

This 100%. You can't just go around changing the definition of words to your liking. Personally I use Google to perform most of my web searches but I still recognize that it's an alt search and will always be an alt. Alt search just means any alternative search engine to AltaVista.

>Only started last night and I already made $3 worth
and how much did you lose in terms of energy cost and wearing out your PC?

well according to cryptocompare, it was less than .30 used per day, so I'm looking alright

So you think we should sell now because its gonna drop back like thursday and buy back or just hold what we have and buy more when it drops?

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