What went wrong?

Nothing. It's going down to 3 cents where it belongs. Literally a Pajeet shitcoin.

Hodl Hodl Hodl


Looking at the depth chart whales are accumulating low shaking weak hands in preparation for next weeks update.

If you're selling be prepared to FMO next week

no news is bad news

1/100th of Links mcap would suffice

This is a cycle that happens over and over and over with Request.
I don't know why everyone's thrown out the damn patterns.

I guess someone bought ATH


>wales akkoomelaten

what coin/token is this pajeet ?

They partnered with LINK.

Same shitty pattern than CAN

normies dont understand charts and patterns

>I-its just in freefall back to .05

Going to moon soon. It’s obvious. Time to buy the dip.

All I'm sad about is that I din't wait a few days with buying.

already mooned
will moon again when their service starts getting used

How is it obvious?
I think it might moon next friday

it'll go up a bit before the news then drop after the news
happens all the time with this

You didnt buy the dip, that went wrong.


bought in at 7 cents. /comfy/ is an understatement