Where will you be when atomic swaps kick in?

Where will you be when atomic swaps kick in?

Up to my balls in wealth.

Wen doe?

Ur balls stinky

it's happening right now.
>mfw i was there at the beginning of it!

And sweaty, everyone loves them this time of year.

Feels good to be tied to big papa

I'll be watching it go back to 300 and then back down to 230 again, like always.

After the next breakout above 300, you’ll never get in at 230 again.

$30 eoy lol

Not as long as it’s being used. It uses 95% market cap daily.

>mcp: 13.6 billion
>24hvol: 733 mil
yeah 95% lol

yep - imagine a 6 lane highway completely congested. the only way to get off the highway is to pay a massive fee, and if you do pay it, it's a shit dirt road.

finally a few new, fast, cheap lanes open up. beautifully paved, uncongested, and virtually free to access.

Where those cars going?

Deep in ECA

Isn’t this the coin where the main dev sold at ATH and fucked over all other holders because he knew the coin is shit?

yep all 500 of em which then we're donated to the Litecoin foundation to further the coin' s progress

up your FUD game bro

>see pic

He still is dev LTC, if he thought it was shit why would he move most of it to the Litecoin Foundation?

Exactly and nobody that is HODL has been fucked over.

>be multi multi multi crypto millionaire
>tax man comes
>be middle class

I doubt the latest millionaires from the crypto bull run are Middle class at the moment. Regardless of taxes paid.

Sum 1 tell me when moon plz

Ltc moves slow af though. Don't know why anyone would be in it except for cheap transfer fees

It’s getting a soft fork update 28 Jan, it will be fast and cheaper.