Thanks for buying me these heels user...

>Thanks for buying me these heels user, zero point zero five two zero two six bitcoins is a lot for a pair of heels! You can kiss my feet now if you want!

Yes mistress

t-thank you

Just say sats you dumb bitch


Good work user. Bitches love loubs and get jelly as fuck at other bit he’s wearing them, making them want to try to steal you away from your woman. Chad move to open it up with other sloots who think they can finagle a pair if they swallow your cum.

>0.05206 btc
isn't that like 10 bucks in the near future this story takes place

my mans

sorry, I'm a beta even if I become rich, I just want to kiss women's feet and I think heels make them look really pretty...

The slight tan is perfecto

Fucking start lifting. In no time you will have bitches kissing your feet. Feels good man.

t. ex-cuck

I tried that before but I still like being submissive to women. I want to be kicked in the balls and brought to ejaculation with their heels.
The whole point of wanting to make it with crypto is to spoil women...


Are you a richbro?
Might dump some of hard earned OC for some crypto. Do you want to?


should I continue?

yes mistress

Holy shit you are pathetic.

I like those pics but I'm not rich...
Women are the motivation for me to get rich, I want to spoil a girl with heels but I don't want her to like me just for money...

never seen butts this flat before

Women are so fucking stupid. Who the fuck would wear shoes like this. There's no practicality to them.

footfags who are into heels are also dumb as fuck. heels cause ugly toes and blisters. you like kissing dem ugly toes and blisters?

absolutely, irremediably, irrefutably, disgustingly, woefully, atrociously, earnest and sincerely


I think heels make feet look really kissable.
I wouldn't want girls to wear them out if it's uncomfortable for them.

They look intimidating when they're standing over your genitals...

I understand It's hard. I'm trying to convert my gf to casual fandom but it is hard to not destroy the relation and sound like a crazy man.
Anyway, I'm open for offers for these fucking OC I made in my lifetime.
Note: It's not begging, it's trade!

ETH, BTC, BCH, BNB, BAT preferred

their practical use is to walk on my dick brah

What do you mean by OC..? You took those pictures? Wouldn't it be hurtful to your girlfriend if you were actively seeking other girl's feets..?

Yep, but in my past, and still a little bit now again, since she was not into foot worship until recently

I think high heels makes womens legs look stupid. The position just looks unnatural.

The one expensive 'pointless' thing I would buy my woman desu.

Why are women so insecure about their height that they have to buy heels?

Heels are unbelievably sexy user. Granted there are shoes that look great that are not heels as well.

There's a reason they wear them user, and it's not because they enjoy being in pain all day.

Wow this made me pretty mad. If this is bait you did pretty well user

Agreed. Why do subcucks have to ruin everything. Admittedly it was pretty easy here.

for some HQ dump...

its not for their height dipshit. Walking on their toes make their ass stick out. Its for the pronounced posterior. Thats what men like

I'm sorry, I'm just really submissive to women.
I like them being mean and especially love heeljob and cock trampling videos. I'm not sure if I'd enjoy them if it happened to me though.

I only really like heels because of how pretty they make feet look, I don't want them to wear them for too long if it makes them uncomfortable...

You are not a man. You disgust me so badly that I now feel bad for liking feet/heels. I mean fuck, you can like them and not want to be under them.

i get this. Just look at them though. They are wearing spikes on there feet to look good.

I'm sorry, I just think heels look really pretty and the stiletto make them look threatening...

I don't want girls to wear them if it hurts their feet but they look really pretty.

>I just think heels look really pretty and the stiletto make them look threatening...
It's not made of steel... It would break on you.

I mean it'll be painful if they stepped on my genitals... I like heeljob and trampling videos a lot but if it happened to me I hope it'll be done gently with a girl I like that likes me back...


Ok. So I guess everybody Is lapping here, since you do not appreciate the quality of real life candid OC compare to staged pics taken from tumblr.



from actual testimonies with women rather than neet fantasies, women tend to like heels for the extra leg length
if you let women design their own body, most of them would end up looking like taylor swift ib proportions

高跟鞋恋物癖-OP, 你好.

>buying something for a woman

Guys what does OC mean?

Well yeah, they look stupid when they’re on your pillow wiafu, dumbass. But on a real woman they look sexy as fuck

Original Content you newfag.


want my balls stepped by them (balls as in penis, not testicles)