Does anyone else here not put any real money into crypto, but uses blockfolio as a simulator?

Does anyone else here not put any real money into crypto, but uses blockfolio as a simulator?

It means I won't be sperging out when the bubble bursts like you guys will.

Pic unrelated.

So you can hate yourself for not putting in anything when you breach some landmark sum like 10k or 100k in your "simulation"?
Idiot, its a free money bubble , just cash out your initial investment as soon as you can and its free money from there

Soooo you're basically wasting your time. Carry on.

>Does anyone else here not put any real money into crypto, but uses blockfolio as a simulator?
Why even bother?

I'm using the simulator in coinzaa while I wait to get verified on exchanges. I went with 80% on DBC and CAN, so I think the trading thing isn't for me and I'm just going to be an ETH hodler.

That's the most retarded thing I've read all year.

Great way to end up killing yourself when you realize that you started out with a fake 100$s and 100x'd that

>things no coiners do...

My bank account has about $.50 in it.

Even if I bought crypto, I wouldn't have enough to exchange it before the next bubble bursts.

How do you know you won't have time before the next bubble? It could be years from now.

>Pic unrelated

>implying that isnt the face of most if not all brainlet nocoiners

Could also be two days from now.

>wow haha, i'm glad this 50% crash didn't affect me. i mean my portfolio was up 4000% for the year, but i'm glad i didn't lose 50% of that!

So you don't know. You could also die two days from now. Doesn't mean you should stop living.
Besides there are clear indicators for bubbles. At this point in time most normies don't even know about cryptocoins or have only heard about BTC.
There might be a few corrections but there is still a long way to go until a real bubble pops. There might be a purge of useless coins, though.
Also this. A crash doesn't mean you lose 100%. If you notice it soon enough you can still get away with most of your assets.

Dun be hateratin

I'm 17 and can't legally purchase crypto anyway.

>playing Crypto Simulator 2018

Wow dude have you got all the achievements yet??

U sound like a cunt

Don't fall for it. No portfolio in here is real it's just pajeets and larpers.

Lol. I'm 16 and have been doing it for 6 months. 10x returns so far. I know it's not much compared to others, but I got into this without knowing anything finance-related.

Arent teenagers supposed to be more prone to taking risks?
FFS when I was 17 I was happy to do hours of stupid surveys to get 5$ max , here you have an opportunity to make thousands if not more just by buying and waiting a couple of weeks

Theres no age restrictions u fukn idiot

No...but sometimes I like to pretend put that I bought 1 or 100 of this shitcoin and then see what the percentage of that transaction is the next day or two.

There are to using your bank account/credit card to buy anything, at least in my country

Just join some airdrops, Bounty campaigns or mine some shit with your computer. It's not that hard to get started ffs

>mine some shit with your computer

intel i5 with no GPU

then buy from a friend in crypto? find a crypto atm?

My god user. I used my students loans, payed them all back and am playing with the profit now.

You are making excuses

Most sites require 18+

>implying any of my friends have crypto
>implying there are any bitcoin atms in my country

Start wagecucking until you have enough to invest.

>implying i'm in college and eligible for student loans

>implying i have the time to wagecuck or am old enough


You have the time and you're old enough to wagecuck, you faggot. The only thing coming from you are excuses. Stay poor.

Holy shit do you even read what you are writing?
Please stay out or you'll be one of the ones posting pink wojaks every day

I'm South African started when I was in 12th grade basically with about $200 and tripled it with bitcoin, now I've made 3x returns with etherums its so fun, here you being a pussy and riding the safety train baka.

pussy ass faggy boy

ICOs? Signup for Actioncoin, underage faggot.

See this is why youre poor, faggot. No entrepreneurial spirit.

> Invest in crypto
> make gains
> cash out initial investment at comfy point
> still have a shit ton of coins
> virtually haven't put any of my money into it
> continue to play like OP but my coins are real

Fucking retards the only proper response here is
underage b& and MODS
Don't think I forgot about you