Alts have been going down because there's no new money coming into exchanges due to exchange registrations being shut...

Alts have been going down because there's no new money coming into exchanges due to exchange registrations being shut down. Whales are dumping their alts to get bluechips (ETH, BTC, NEO, maybe OMG). They've been doing that for a few days.

We are seeing now most probably the bottom of the alt market, don't sell your alts. What happens next is bluechips get turned into alts which causes alts to moon again and bluechip value to plummet. Hold for christs sake and don't fill up the bags of the whales, moon missions are right around the corner. Learn from this episode, and the next time your coin goes 2x or 3x SELL IMMEDIATELY and put some of that money away into bluechips. Have 35-60% of your portfolio in stable gainers and gamble the rest, depending on the amount of risk you want to take.

Makes sense.
How much longer till all this registry bullshit goes away and we can all get money again?

I dislike that good advice like this gets no attention, but if I post a wojack saying "WILL MOON?" its worth replying to.


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when the exchanges step up their systems engineering, most of these people are amateurs but I think they'll keep improving their services because there is too much money in it not to

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Thank you for the good advice, what would you recommend I do in this situation. I have 2.5k worth of XRP I bought at 20 cents. Should I put it into OMG or VEN, (because VEN is prettty low right now)

This is good advice.

Take note mongos.

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Quality advice, thanks for posting.

I have literally two coins. Are you saying I should wait for these to go 3x then put the lot into ETH and BTC?

Wait till they reach a LITTLE above ATH. And the big coins (eth bitcoin OMG) reach a new low then sell and put into them. Wait till big coins reach new ATH put into alts when they are low

XRP is not the worst coin to hold by all means. I'd probably buy ICX and put a grand into a promising ICO (look up CoinMetro or carVertical for instance).

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I believe both ENG and XLM will see gains in the near future but nothing like what they've seen already (obviously). If you invest in either of them, XLM in particular, be prepared to be in it for the mid-long term. Just like ICX. I'd recommend the same to you as above, put a slice of your cake into a promising ICO and ride the rest.

except in the meantime people have actually taken the time to read whitepapers, explore github, look up the teams, educate themselves about premined/shared among devteam coin amounts, etc.
So, even if there are some moon missions around the corner, don't expect TRON or LINK to be one of them lol

can you go into more detail about what to research? this is pretty solid advie

you will never make it by camping in top coins

rarely happens at the same time

>people have actually taken the time to read whitepapers

all of this points to one thing, decentralized exchanges are incredibly valuable, and the only decentralized exchanges with any volume are all on ethereum, and 85% of all tokens are on ethereum, and new tokens must launch on ethereum or they're going to have serious liquidity issues, especially once plasma launches and off-chain contract calls get released.

ethereum is really where all of the growth is going to be for most of the new tokens launching in 2018 i'd bet.

So when's the best time to buy more eth?

too late if you didn't buy last year

what do you mean by bluechips? stocks?

I thought of getting XRP, IOTA, XVG, and ADA. Do you think that's a good start? I only have $1000 to burn.

XRP had its run. Rest of them are vaporwaves. I recommend XLM, DRGN and ENG for long term holding.

if it ever retests 1000. maybe. everything is bubbly right now. if i didn't already have a large position in ethereum i'd probably wait out for an announcement of a delay in POS, or something similar.

XRP is honestly reasonable, but only for way under a dollar, not at these prices, hell no. iota, same thing, vastly overpriced, ten thousand times up over it's ICO price i believe as of today. cardano looks interesting but will probably never find any use-cases. too little too late.

and just don't ever think about verge ever again.

forgot to mention NAV, it's under the radar now

Thank you! I'll do a bit of more research.

ENG and DRGN certainly seem interesting.

Right, checking it now. Thanks again!