Anyone wanna post their ECA address? i want to play around with the wallet, send/receive coins...

anyone wanna post their ECA address? i want to play around with the wallet, send/receive coins. feel free to send it back or even the half amount.

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Feel free to send me some

Thanks, user!


how is the stacking working?
>expected time to earn reward is 201 days

That should go down much quicker than 201 days. It'll probably say around 150 tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure why it's like that, but it works out to a 50% reward annually.


This works, trust me

I hope ECA gets listed on a proper marketplace soon. Thank god I kept mine in the wallet instead of coinsmarkets

200k, not bad!

Thanks man, got in at 14 SATs

WBU, how much do you have?

i was playing around with the wallet and sending from one address to another on 11th Jan. I see a -14 in address 1 and +10 in address 2. where are the missing 4 ECA?
address 1
address 2

1.3m but only because I got in at 8 sats - would've been 3 sats if I'd gone with my gut. We're going to make it, I'm sure.

No idea, fctrs!

Dude, I wish I had those kinds of gains.

How's the staking for you?

Same amount of coins here brother. We should chill when we're rich

i asked in discord they said they are in a kind of change address

Because I'm keeping it in a desktop wallet, the staking should be pretty good! Unlike the online wallet which pays out every day, the desktop wallet pays out larger amounts but it takes longer - I'm still waiting on a reward, but it should be around 30,000 if my maths works out.

Online staking is a 30% reward, but desktop wallet staking is a 50% reward. Definitely go for the latter!

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

Sounds like a plan, user. I figure we'll both have around 2m ECA by January 2019 if the coin supply hasn't run out. And, on the off-chance that the coin supply lasts until January 2020, that's 3m (though, that's unlikely).

when i get this right you dont have to run the client to get the stacking gains,? just open it once in a while ?

I'm overseas currently and have to have my computer turned off.
Will I still receive proportional staking rewards after turning my wallet online and waiting for it to sync?

I've been holding since new year's, and the numbers on the day count bounce between 146 and 168 for the last 2 days now.

Kinda worries me, but I understand it's a dynamic thing

I'm a bit hazy on the details, but this looks like it has the relevant info.

Do I need to have my computer running and online 24/7?

No! While for a high number of online full nodes (staking wallets) are essential for the smooth operation of the network occasional downtimes do not affect your expected reward.You can only get reward whenever you finda block– but for the calculation of the reward only the time during coins have not been moved from the wallet address is relevant, and not the uptime of your wallet.

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thanks to Coinsmarkets its empty right now... my own fault. heres to hoping it comes back up.