Buy any crypto

>buy any crypto
>price immediately goes does after buying
Why does this keep happening...

Dude...just sell if it goes down. Always hodl if it goes up though since you're supposed to let your fastest horse keep running.

It's because you have JavaScript enabled. This allows the exchanges to determine the time you purchase and then tank the price on your display.

because you're as predictable as an electric current in a circuit board

Bots. They undersell on purpose to fuck with you and make retards panic sell too

Cause you make your decision based on emotion and impulse. You buy when looking at the chart arouses you, which is exactly at the top of the run.


No... I buy based on the order book and undercut the "big" seller (ie >100 ETH) by a cent...

because you keep buying the top

kek, you forgot to lock your price in with a ledger or trezor

you wanna see that blockfolio green know what im saying homie

Don't FOMO on coins.

I don't FOMO, I just buy a fixed amount of fiat value ETH every 8 hours...

Its all bots vs you, they notice a non bot purchased and lower the price. Since most panic sell the bots then raise the price and pay the fees/profit with your loss.

Kek user. My portfolio has already grown 6x buy hodling tether

How often does this happen and are there links/strategies to beat bots?

thats the secret, literally everything newbs say about crypto on Veeky Forums or reddit I do the exact opposite and its the greatest strategy Ive ever adopted

Stop blindly buying shit shilled here and actually look at charts

why don't you do what you're doing now, but instead short instead

instant money

>Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

The order book moves, the big walls you see are not real. They are used by whales to play people like you.

Because you personally bought it

Market demons