Bitcoin could reach $19k, and XLM can too

>bitcoin is at it's ATH, it will never go above $5
>selling my bitcoin bags, it will never reach $10
>lol it's a bubble, get a job

>xlm is at it's ATH, it will never go above $5
>selling my xlm bags, it will never reach $10
>lol it's a bubble, get a job

Bitcoin could do it, and XLM will too.
The price becomes what people want to pay for it.
Google "supply and demand" and you'll learn.

>muh marketcap
fuck you, you are a shitposting nocoiner that will hang yourself in the closet because you didn't put everything you had in XLM.

I'll see you guys at $100/xlm.

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good meme

So a quarter of all fiat currency world wide is going to dump into this shitcoin? I think not faggot

supply and demand retard.

user 1 has 100 lumens.
user 2 has 0 lumens.
user 2 wants to buy lumens.
user 2: hey mister may i purchase some lumens?
user 1: ok how much do you wanna pay
user 2: $10 ok?
user 1: no i want $100
user 2: okay.

the price of lumens is now at $100.

the people are the ones deciding the price of the coin.

This board is a fucking tardbus...
Circulating supply is 17B
x $100 per coin
= 1.7T mcap...

fell for the b8

what are you even talking about

Calcs for if this coin went to $100 like OP suggests

anyone that disagrees with OP is retarded. XLM will be around $30 EOY and probably $100 EOY 2019. screen cap this

Entirely feasible. XLM and IBM are going to literally punch the fuck out of the markets, let alone the world.

Here's hoping it does because I just moved it all over to it

Even though OP is retarded why do you dumb shits think marketcap = the money that's in a coin? That's not how it works you mongoloids



Please educate us then, if mcap doesn't equal money in a coin then what is it? Love this shit.

What people mean when they say "market cap" is """""market cap""""", aka not the amount of fiat poured into the coin, but instead just supply * price. That's why """""market cap""""" is inaccurate as fuck. A real market cap would be accurate, but also almost impossible to deduce.

xlm going back up when?

Market Capitalization is one way to rank the relative size of a cryptocurrency. It's calculated by multiplying the Price by the Circulating Supply.

Market Cap = Price X Circulating Supply.

Get fucked

Again, does not determine the value of le coin

Memes aside, how high could this coin actually go? $5 at the end of this year? More?

That's the very definition of marketcap dickhead. Granted, for crypto pairs it will change, but that is just secondary indicators.

>Two traders
>A has $1000 B has 1 BTC
>BTC = $1000
>Fucktardcoin/BTC= 0.5
>A buys $500 of Bitcoins from B
>Buys 1shit coin from ICO at SHITCOIN/BTC = $500
>A holdings = 1 Shit coin ($500)
>B holdings = 0.5 BTC ($500)
>Totalmarket = $1,000


Now transfer it out of the exchange and don't touch it until 2019 minimum

You're literally retarded if you think that marketcap doesn't matter

You're confusing value with price dickhead. Fuck I shouldn't be on here drunk cause I am an angry drunk.

For an entire year? I don't honestly need the money now, but how exactly is it going to moon by that point?


Wait for fairX release to see significant gains

Literally no one knows. Could be $5, could be $1,000. My bet is somewhere in the middle, depending upon adjustments to circulating supply.

Well so long as I don't hit anymore hard financial burdens, I guess I could let it sit.

Room temperature IQ faggot, let me guess, you were one of the “hurr durr ripple could never reach a dollar cause it would be a six gorillion dollar marketcap.” Biz thinks that mcap is the be all end all of forecasting price, but fails to realize that not every coin is in circulation at all times. It’s an important metric to consider, but it is absolutely not a 100% reliable determinant of price. Please go try to educate yourself on marketcap vs liquidity and if you can’t manage to comprehend that then fucking neck yourself

Market cap as displayed on CMC != Money spent on coin. For example, there are 3 bitcoins and two traders A, and B. Trader A starts holding all 3 bitcoins. Trader A sells 1 bitcoin to B for 1 dollar. CMC reports marketcap as 3x1= 3 dollars. (So far only 1 dollar has changed hands.) Trader A then sells the second bitcoin to B for 1 dollar. CMC reports marketcap as 3x1 = 3 dollars. Finally trader A sells the last bitcoin for 10000 dollars to B. CMC reports marketcap as 3x10000=30000; however, only 10,000+1+1=10,002 dollars have changed hands.

What the fuck? Are you retarded?

This non trustless shitcoin may rise in price for irrational reasons but then so may every single other coin ...

Continuing... So for xlm to hit 1.7 trillion or whatever amount, does not mean that 1.7 trillion dollars have changed hands. Another example: if there are 1.7 trillion lumens and I sell one on bittrex for 1$, then the price is 1$ meaning that the market cap is 1.7 trillion dollars (as computed by CMC).

lol these threads dont make sense based on what OP is saying

stop embarrassing Stellar, let these normies fucking FOMO they wont even learn or even have the ADHD to read your thread.

You know what, I'm genuinely sorry for you guys. Have at it and buy all of this that you can. Honestly, best of luck.

You assume that the general marketcap is a fixed value that can only be distributed among cryptos. The fiat-crypto-exchange like FairX will blow this thing wide open.

Thanks, good luck to you, too.

God I can't wait to be smug as fuck in a couple of months when people can't deny the ultra moon anymore.

I can't stop talking about crypto at work, but probably will as soon as XLM moons. Nocoiner brainlets get so jealous that I feel a bit unsafe in their presence.

Irrational reasons:
>huge partnerships
>solves a huge problem that affects a huge % of world's population
>fast as fuck
>cheap as fuck
>smart contracts allowing ICOs to build on top of it
>creator is literally a God
>might be the backbone of the next Coinbase 2.0
>fixed inflation
>holders get interest right into their wallets every week
Should I go on?

It already started to moon. Brainlets can't see it cause too short attention span.

XLM will be the #1 coin.
It will become the next bitcoin.
It's anonymous, fast, next to free fees etc etc.
fuck you all, i will be laughing at you when we hit $100

thats great but there are plenty of other coins that never got over $1

XLM is a shitty project, and clearly nobody is willing to hold onto them. i sold them with a good return, i hope you will one day too.

>XLM is a shitty project

everything about XLM feels like it's marketed by the people from DGB. Do you remember these claims?

>biggest cryptocurrency!
>fastest cryptocurrency!
>bank partnerships!
>1 million awards!
>it's for gamers!
>it's for apps!
>it's for purchases!
>it's for AI!
>it's for messaging!

until you get good returns on XLM don't talk to me or my son again.

4x here. I don't see your problem here. If you don't trust what the shills here tell you, as you shouldn't, you can verify their claims yourself. In the case of XLM they're true.

the creator of stellar doesn't look like a fat downie

Except these aren't empty claims, and also anybody who bought in only a couple of weeks ago has had huge returns.

They are true for thousands of coins. Anybody can shill any coin, but the soyboy in the OP is comparing a sub $1 coin with bitcoin.

Me too, kinda. I bought XLM at 17.8c so am between 3x and 4x. Can't really complain, wasn't in the red more than one week after buying, been positive since then. I didn't expect to get into the green in 2017 so that was a nice surprise there. This year will be great. Hodling VIBE and XLM for at least a year for a nice payday for doing essentially nothing.

>doesn't account for circulating supply
>being this much of a simpleton

I'll never sell my xlm bags.....or ripple. Those are the true hodl coins of 2018 everything else is moon missions

I'll never sell FunFair either I plan on doubling down 14's

What does the price of the standard unit matter?

Yes I think the best approach here is to not fret over its momentary price much, aka use the meme hold method. Barring a market-wide sudden crash it can only go up (several x), and even with a crash we'll never go under our buy-in price.

Haven't heard of vibe though

Vibehub hit binance two days ago and had a huge spike. It's a virtual marketplace for services (live concerts, lessons, you name it (but no porn, unfortunately)). The user needs some kind of VR headset to view the content, like a private concert. There are talks about integrating a dating app, which probably will be used by prostitutes to give lapdances with a no-touching-rule enforced by blockchain. The whitepaper is an easy read, with luck I may have landed a good one here.

>Pajeet make 100 billion coins
>Pajeet sell 1 coin to his brother Suresh for $5
>WOW! Pajeet now have $500 billion market cap!
Only $5 of fiat required

Thanks for the rundown