55K USD to invest in 1/2 Coins MAX SHILL ME

Okay I got 55K USD to invest into crypto and I wanna all in on 1 or 2 coins max shill me your favourite moon coin missions and why!!

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Overlook VEN at your own peril.

Ven has the best partnerships in China

Icx has the best partnerships in Korea

Cardano will most likely flip btc and eth within 2 years

Lol at shitcoin ven with the worlds slowest growth and small rises followed by giant dips

Perfect coin for bagholders

What's a realistic price prediction for VEN? Next month after rebrand and EOY

Cardano is literally nothing more that just a whitepaper.

>b-but muh 50+ Phd team.

buy XRP if you want to ride the safe route.

8-12$ this month

12-18$ next month

Should i put my 500$ in it or look for a new shitcoin that disnt moonned yet?

>shitcoin ven with the worlds slowest growth and small rises followed by giant dips

Indians being Indians...

You still won't have a node with 55k, and the market cap is already near it's max, so you might as well throw all that 55k away if you're going to buy VEN

lol at this shitcoin. wtc just fucking mooned while this shircoin stagnants

you’re an idiot waltiecuck.

>shitcoin ven with the worlds slowest growth and small rises followed by giant dips

Dec 14- 0,55
Jan 12- 6,49
>slowest growth
The absolute state of pajeet

I don't own whatever the fuck "waltie" is or VEN, which is why I'm making money and you're not

If you want life-changing gains:

step 1. buy this
step 2. don't look at your portfolio until NEO announces the release of their network
step 3. ????
step 4. enjoy the rest of your life

godspeed user

when is the network release?

I put 60k in vechain around chistmass, not I am at 230k, after the dip, yesterday 280.
Vechain is the way. It will make me a millionair.

Hero iam Pajeet bootercallih
Sell ven sell ven
Crashing crashing
Buy walt , gooda gains

Dec,14 till now, 11x growth on VEN
>slowest growth


>It goes up a dollar every few days

What coin is that user? The grey box

A dollar for Bitcoin is ridiculous, a dollar for a coin that has a 1 dollar value, means 100%, you stupid bastard

That's VeChains logo after rebranding friend.

I guess soon, since Palm Beach Confidential raised buy up to $45. They mentioned the network performing last tests before decentralization and implementing GAS fees

you do realize how much ven has gone up in the past weeks right you braindead newfag retard? go back to whereever you came from

thats a terrible moment to jump into ven, price is tanking, best to stay away from it

Not the right moment for VEN. Try LINK. Whales have been accumulating it for the last couple of days.

Sell when red, buy when green. the classic Veeky Forums way

That grey box is NEOGAS (GAS), you can find it on Binance

My God
How do we get rid of Indians?
Fck, I do love india but Indians on biz are pretty much like cancer


Fucking and? Are you retarded pajeet? Oh boy, see how much Verge has gone up in the past weeks? Oh shit maybe I should go all in on Verge then! Fucking retard, stay poor.

New PBC comes out the 18th right?


Yeah, every third thursday. However, I don't think he will be covering GAS anymore, it was featured as PBC pick of the month in an article few months ago.

On reddit there was a post, if he said the truth I am 99% sure it is vechain.
But he did not post source, and it was taken down later I think.
But ven makes a lot of sense.

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

wat a fag stop being a pussy 2 coins? invest in at least 5. Monero, Eth and 3 other shitty shitcoins moonit and cash it ding ding $$

37k sats and plummeting. 30k soon :(

Buy a ForceCoin masternode. I was shilled this yesterday and bought a masternode. Very good potential. Here's the pasta from yesterday that I saw - starting below

Let me shill you on the next 10-25x moon mission Veeky Forums - ForceNet

>The next decentralized internet protocol
>3 tier network structure, supporting both supernodes and netnodes
>netnodes are priced at 50 forcecoins, so new money will never be priced out when supernodes become too expensive
>will allow people to run their own websites and network services on infinitely scalable cloud nodes and get paid for it
>will support IPFS, file sharing and video streaming (lmao upfiring)
>decentralized TOR-like protocol
>community run
>no premine
>low supply, low inflation, low max supply
>whitepaper coming soon
>new exchanges coming soon
>protocol alpha released Q1 2018
>recently released a mobile wallet, more wallets coming soon
>twitter hype is picking up
>sub 10m marketcap
>ALL other competitors in the space have an average of 300-400m market cap (Subtratrum, SONM, skycoin), even Shift is at 110m


Get in while literally nobody knows about it. Don't miss this one too Veeky Forums

I am scared now. SELL EVERYTHING, we are in the RED.

If you are a no coiner you should sign up to kicoin before it’s too late, they will freeze up the new registrations again soon, lockingout new users. I’d also recommend using the invitation bonus 7KvuRx when signing up.

sure buy the dip, ven fags are saying this since 6,5 HAHAHA, see where this will get you, see you at 4 usd

You mean since 24h after we have broken ATH? Don't hold a coin too long, 24h is pretty long term hodl there.

TRX and LINK. With 50k investing in TRX and LINK before it moons would probbly make you set for life.

If it does, and you buy all the way down to 4 usd, you will make it this year.

Bitcoin you dumbass. Alts season is over

BTC still at 14k. I am waiting user. I am waiting. Bitcoin has to go to 100k+ to outperform the alt gains.

Don't you wanna save those profits

The reason VEN is dropping is the official rebranding will be Feb 26th and people expected it to be Jan 14, so I expect the price to drop to 30k sats and then reach new ATH as more announcements are made as they are under NDA up until the rebranding and after that who knows what will happen.

1) Mind belowing announcement in jan
2) 2 B exchange listings are ready, one is bithump - with the new korean situation, they will be listed sooner than expected (maybe this month)
3)VeChain is always randomly announcing partnerships, don't get caught off guard.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/


Both under $1 right now. No-brainer.