Portfolio thread

Portfolio thread



why can I not import my csv to this piece of shit app, why do I have to manual insert number on the worst peripheral device to type on known to man the touch screen

>13k in a shitcoin literally called PND



kek indeed. Mined 4 years ago and waiting for the right timing to dump it.

Can someone help me with the shitcoins

I have $2500 coming in that I want to put into FairPay, SmartCash, and Etherium. Etherium is going to be my major position. I want to put in $15,000 by the end of the year. Lambo or bust brothers.

Roast me Veeky Forums

Cashing out half a million

I used to have 570 Neo, which I cashed out at $5 a pop. Never drop your bags user. Have strong hands. It's going to $1000.

NEO is on my hold list. With 500K out, I'll have



Poorfag reporting it

That's a strong portfolio going into 2019. Hold and you're set. You're going to put any of your cash back in to play around with smaller alt coins?

Dont follow Veeky Forums shills. Just a tip. APPC is shit.

Initial investment of 300. Am I way too spread out?

Considering getting rid of TRX and REQ. Thoughts?

This user is right Bagholders are trying to drop their ICO bags. Hold etherium, it's going to moon this year. I'm poor too bro, but if you pull all the money you have you can make it. I'm working 2 jobs right now and borrowing money from family. Everything goes in crypto.

Omw to lambo

When's the last time voise was $.16?

That coss. I envy you.

>Initial investment of 300
>Balances hidden

Thanks boyos. Yeah Im regretting that appc a bit but i bought quite a big dip so I am hoping to get some quick gains and reinvest in something else.

Not sure where to move next. It is really shills shilling shills here.

umm with that amount of COSS you're gonna head for more than a lambo sir

Never, and it's holding steady, will be on a top 5 exchange next weekend, new CEO as well, looking at about 30-50 cents post top 5 release

all hail the king ETH

I hope so senpai!

Yeah I don't know why I did that

There is a authentication/notary ico I might invest in, but I just liquidated my altcoins, no plans to get back in at this time.

10 000 000 by the eoy from just one coin. Damn.

All hail the king indeed


I hope so im also holding about 2.5k coss, can def see a kcs esque run

Step aside shitcoiners. This is the real millionaires recipe

all shit coins

Also I’m the only one who posted in btc.
Enjoy losing money faggots.

and I'm asleep

Hey look guys, it's a coinbase user!

Feeling comfy desu

> - 6%
> comfy

Tried to make a thread but i'll join this one

Don't mind the OPT, disregard it (unless you've got something good to say) gonna off load that fucking cunt first chance I get... Won't make it? Rate it f a m