What do you regards think about assblaster? He made 2 threads on here yesterday, saying various things again...

What do you regards think about assblaster? He made 2 threads on here yesterday, saying various things again, some of which sound legit. But could he just be larping? & If so why?

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He’s a sexy Chad with a BWC

Heres his comments in the first thread

I can see her nipple.

Second these

>What do you regards think about assblaster?
Ultimately i don't care, if he is actually having a great life or just larping doesn't make any real difference to me at the end of the day, you should ask yourself instead how to improve your own life

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Someone on the thread last night exposed him of reusing a picture of an expensive restaurant receipt and editing BIZ over it.

Dunno if the shit he says is true but he faked an image and tried to portray it as real which lowers his credibility imo

I am very interested in what assblaster has to say, what did he say? I missed the threads

Yea that bill was obviously faked. Do people really believe him?

He also said he stored his monero in trezor, & when I said trezor doesn't support monero he replied

>Good catch, I basically contracted several steps into one line to get the point across. Currently my monero is mostly in a mymonero account I am waiting for hardware wallet availability and just left it as trezor to get the point across that when it’s possible everyone should be buying a small amount of monero and storing it safely.

Dont know what to think. What would be the point of him saying everything he has ?

Fuck you idiots making me bump


his getting outed and deleting shit means he pretty much is who he said he was. Whether or not link is true is anyone's guess though; but it seems like he would definitely be in a position to know.

When was he outed & what did he delete?

His bags must be heavy AF.

overnight, check the archive. He deleted his picture from linkedin and twitter.

And a proud father.

Kek that's funny. You would have thought he be more careful

I'm looking in the archive but I'd you have it bookmarked can you link the thread where he was outed?

What a clean kitchen! Inspiring!

>yfw when it's not actually him and this guy doesn't understand why a bunch of neckbeards are calling him assblaster

here's one of them warosu.org/biz/thread/S6372133#p6372329

source of these ass dimples?

Yes I found the thread if anyone's curious