Come clean

Anybody holding bags over $.20?

Bought in at .006 so im beginning To be slightly worried but no loss atm

bought 10k at .30

0.002 here. still okay but will sell if it hits 8 cents

bought 150k @ 25


holding 50k since .12

I was comfy, now I'm getting JUST'd.

4 cents here.

will just wait

Me. Not too much, so is not like I'm concerned or represents a big hit. I'm just mad at myself for FOMOing to such piece of crap. I hope it crashes to serve me a lesson.

bought @ 0,04. Sold @ 0.20 after his shitty livestream

Tron is a good coin with a strong future. It skyrocketed. A correction was expected. Anyone smart holding this coin knows that they are going to miss out on some big gain as this coin finds it way. It has been up and down since it hit 250 sats. Real Tronies know this coins potential and like any devoted loving husband, we hold our wives hand as she finds her way to blossoming into the woman she is meant to be. Even if that means seeing her getting pumped and dumped by guys that only want her for her money.

15k at 925 sats. that will be a box I close and look for it in a year again

hot damn, anons. What does it feel like? How much do you hate Justin Sun?

Bought at .09 and sold at .20 when I saw that stupid fuck do a live stream

Such shitcoin

half at 0.04$ half at more than 0.2$

I made some big moneys out of this scamcoin. Based Justin.

3 cents 25k. Cashed out 15k at .2. I'm willing to "risk" 10k now

Bought like 100 bucks worth of 11 cents so it's really a drop in the hat

Bought in at 18 cents, but stupidly didn't put a sell order before I went to work. Got home, found out it had pumped and I'd missed it, but it was still sitting around 22 cents and I was way up. Then 5 minutes later that flash crash happened and I was justed ever since.

Same, bought in at .003.
Im riding this one all the way senpai.
Fuck the FUD.

20K @ .005
Looking forward to that bitch reaching 50 cent and I'm outta this train.

400k at 17 sats. Holding for year, fuck the haters.