VeChain Prediction

Sunny is a smart guy and we have Jim Breyer onboard. These guys know what they are doing. Here's what I think is going to pan out until rebrand.

>small announcements once to twice a week, which will likely lift the price $2-3 dollars at a time

after all of this we are probably looking at $21 (considering small dips here and there)

>rebrand comes with a mother fucking bang, a big tamale is dropped (PBOC is officially announced)

BAM. $60 a few days after rebrand.

VEN-brahs, its crystal clear, we are going to make it.

"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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Are you looking at the price? We are dumping so hard Ill be going to the food kitchen tonight for food. The rebrand delay is going to kill this project.

you have no patience. you are not going to make it user. please pack your bags and leave the VEN train. we have no space for faggots like you.

Partnerships announced this January are going to skyrocket the price. Getting out now is idiotic, but by all means do so if you like.

The rebrand announcement was actually insane, let me highlight important parts:

> Through the combination of PwC and DNV GL utilizing VeChain as a core technology, they became a powerhouse of partnerships that will forever establish VeChain as the pinnacle of enterprise blockchain technology

>Our clientele continues to expand through the support of DNV GL and PwC. This influx of customers has required us to extensively work on something far more paramount in the same timeframe.

>This shift in events will not go in vain, this change allows us to showcase just how powerful VeChain Thor’s ecosystem is becoming during the rebranding process. This is done through continued conversations with existing customers coming off NDAs for appropriate release and implementation schedules, as well as working with additional government agencies on similar matters.

Over the next month leading up to the event in Feb, vechain will unleash something that has not been seen in the crypto world in terms of high level partnerships. People obviously are cashing in on the panic dumpers who expected a pump and dump around Jan 15, those who increased their stacks will be rewarded greatly, those who panic sold vechain and dont look back will be on suicide watch by the end of feb.

stop posting threads here
biz doesnt deserve ven anymore

Shills getting scared. I've seen 5 VEN threads in last hour that fizzle out quickly. Have fun going down while smart money got out at $6-7 and will buy bags again real cheap later.

lol ven is an irrelevant joke... WTC about to swallow up all it's market cap. ven is a fucking hypebeast exit scam like fucking tron

I would have sold half of my stack if the would have delayed something. So far they are on schedule.
Rebrand delay? Do you have any more infos about that? Wasn't the rebrand process supposed to be from mid jan to end of feb? I am a bit confused user, help me.

Literally every announcement about partnerships are NDAs this, and NDA's that. VeChain has been doing that every day. It's fucking shit.

i guess it’s a good thing that biz has no effect of the price.
the announcement in a few hours should help

announcement confirmed.

Sorry that the real world is a little bit more complex than the crypto world.


Constant shilling is killing Ven
Fucking Quit it !

Its just poor marketing and bad show of faith. That's business 101

see its faggot larp'ers like this that can help cause panic selling, they make up fake rumors and spread them only so that when they don't come true all the pump and dump chasers panic sell

Jan 15th

This is how stuff works in the real world. lmao
Not everything needs to happen in a day or two, unlike the crypto world might make you think.

>This post triggers the venCuck

No but they countered the Walton news very poorly. Tbh, if they don't release something big soon, Walton will leave them in the dust and very likely kill the project before mainnet even launches.

anyone who thinks this clearly didn't read the vechain announcement in full - not only this but vechain and walton can easily co-exist, one being sucessful does not negate the chances of the other finding equal or greater success

>is is done through continued conversations with existing customers coming off NDAs for appropriate release and implementation schedules, as well as working with additional government agencies on similar matters.
>as well as working with additional government agencies on similar matters.
>Additional Government agencies
That is the part that should make your dick hard.

No, Walton is part of one alliance.
Look up the EEA, that is like saying the worst shitcoin in there is now partnered with Microsoft, Eth, etc.

Reread the announcement. There are loads of good news in there.
Vechain will bring something that the crypto world has not yet seen. It is on another level.
Just wait a month, walton will plummet again, maybe it will reach the top 50, but vet will go top 5 in a year.


One is focused on B2B and one on B2C - i don't give a fuck about WTC right now, moonkids just jumped from VEN to WTC because of a 100B company partnership which doesn't excist and desu will never excist

Counter what? Vechain did a better ROI then WTC will ever give. Vechain announced every week 1-2 sick things. WTC was silent and now they were forced to bring something out with a BS and confusing wording.

But yeah WTC is killing VEN. FUCKing SLAUGHTER .... AHHHH

I hope we reach 10$ EOM.

Literally all you need to know is that VEN is rebranding to VET in a month. Remember when Antshares became NEO? If it's half of what that was then strap the fuck in you cucks.

>That's business 101

Meanwhile you probably bought Tron, faggot.

Yes it does. They literally do the same thing only VeChain is shittier. In all likelihood I wouldnt be surprised if Sunny announces that the project is dead by the end of next week.

I'm fucking pissed.

I sold Tron for a 5K profit, faggot

I am going to buy 500 more now, just for you. And to get over 40k.
Sadly I don't have the fiat for 10k to get the next node level.

What announcement?
Shit better be big because this thing is DUMPing hard as fuck right now and only street shitter tier chimps deny this

Well you are likely going to take a loss then mate. It's literally bleeding out slowly. It will likely be under 1 dollar by the end of sunday

I hope you are right. I would buy 20k more.

>Kill the project before mainnet launch

>project dead by the end of next week

>random TRX comment

>1 dollar by end of sunday

Fuck this user is a the next crypto guru.

strongly consider suicide

You're posts alone indicate that you're a massive deluded waltonfag.

You laugh now, you wont be when you're holding your bags and nothing is fucking happening. This project has literally been killed.

Oh no, I am so scared.
one delay kills the coin.

XVG delayed again and again, for a year, then they shot up a few 1000%.
Delays mean nothing. Only in the very short term.

you wish this was true for one of two reasons:

1) your a deluded walton fag
2) you want to afford a vechain node

take yer pick

I rode the Walton pump and fucking added to my VEN stack. After some sleep I've decided I'm selling my bags today. This project is fucking dead. The writing is on the wall.

No big names are in on it. Now its all hype and it got killed by a better competitor.

you are so deluded and angry you've lost your mind

same here lol
added 10k ven to my stack thanks to walton
so comfy

Take my advice user. I've made money in this. Get out now. It's fucking bad right now. This is market psychology and business 101

Any of you faggots remember GXY?

Sure you did.... larping faggot. You're too retarded to even buy any legit coins. Go back to your fake news plagued shitcoin waltonfag

smart whales are already buying everything up.
Poor weak handed faggots.

and ive made a SHIT Load more than you did on this, trust me, i've been invested in vechain since early, this would have to tank to sub $1 levels before I even flinched a little bit, this minor dip is weak hands being shook out

I don't care if you believe me or not user. I'm trying to help all you other deluded retards. Fucking sell this thing will be under 3.50 by the end of today and close to 0 come Monday morning. VeChain will literally have nothing to work with and have to kill the project.

Get ready user. That's where its heading.

>Doing this out of the good of your heart
Who the fuck are you kidding? Nobody helps anybody on /biz. You're just a larping waltonfag attempting shit tier FUD cuz you faggots just killed your coin with fake news partnerships. You fuckers just sealed your fate, Vechain taking over poorfag

I do. I fucking care about you guys man.

show us a screenshot of your wallet on your monitor with a timestamp

Here is a (you). Maybe you can afford more than a ramen for dinner tonight. Good work user.

Why would I do that? I have nothing to prove to you.

God, day trading is not for me.
Did one little trade with 5% of my ven, got like 10 extra. I am so bad at this. I changed my buy like 15 times.

I managed to grab 6K more Ven with the whole Walton situation.

Feels good.

Well done man.
I should have done that too. But I was so tired after working out yesterday. I just ate my food and went to sleep. I even read a post about huge walton news, did not give a fuck.
welp, after my modafinil today I won't sleep, so something might happen today

All the weak hands who can't be assed waiting 1 and half months are selling now, only to buy back at a higher price. VEN has many announcements under NDA now till the rebranding and you will be foolish to sell now.

I'm hoping COSS will pump on the short term so I can buy myself a masternode

I am waiting 2 weeks. And when there is no mind b(e)lowing announcement, then iwill sell my whole stack. As easy as that.


That's such a bullshit excuse. There is literally no reason to not release these announcements. It's absolute bullshit. Especially when they got ass fucked last night

>Selling his 200$ stack
>Thinking his biztard decisons actually make a difference price wise

Not really. The rebrand delay is making all the speculators dump it and hopping on some new hype train. You are just a salty speculator that jumped out of the train to late and are forced to hold or sell at a loss.

Literally no reason to not break a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. Nice... You are going places user.

More like 82k VENs.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

>Let's see if the mind belowing news is mind belowing or not.

>sold ven at 6.40
>bought wtc at 23
>sold wtc at 34
>bought ven at 5.50
>last night was gud

Fucking kids infesting this board. Doesnt even know what a NDA stands for. GTFO newfag

>Literally no reason to not break a legally binding non-disclosure agreement

unless your Walton and incompetent

The salt is real. You can see people have lost a bunch of money due to speculating and being tricked when the announcement would be and are upset now. Just sell salty fucks. It is not going up again for a few months.

Totally forgot about them breaking the bithumb NDA. Top kek

Oh no, what a sell of. You might even lower the price about 3%, for a whole 5 minutes. lmao


Why the fuck would any company agree to an NDA? It literally kills everything. You have to actually announce partnerships to grow. What do you know VeChain isn't because their CEO is just a glorified hype man. This is essentially TRON.

this is how real companies work. You fucking retard.

The state of /Biz

You srly think, i would be the only who would sell after there was nothing announced in jan?

How old are you. 16? Do you even know how the real world works? Do you know what legal obligations are? Real worls doesn't work like the crypto world, where you can literally lie about everything and still get away with it.

No, and I totally get you. I am up a lot too, and selling would be ok. But after reading stuff like this

You would be completely crazy to sell, especially after a dip. If you are a daytrader go ahead, but long term you will get rich with this coin.
82k will make you a multi millionair eoy. I am hundred percent sure.

For someone who allegedly holds 82k, you're actually pretty shit at following through with your investments. If you read the fucking announcement you would know that multiple NDAs are ending. Now what could that possibly mean? Think and connect the dots you fucking brainlet

It's fucking stupid to agree to one. Why would you literally handcuff yourself? If you announce a partnership you get a massive benefit. It's just plain dumb on the CEO's part. Show's incredibly poor leadership and judgement honestly.

Now at least I know that you are trolling.

I was objectively by all counts late to this project.

Everyone here who is crying they lost money are only in this project because they’re even more incompetent at finding projects than I am.

If you’re here squealing you’re losing money then you fucking deserve it for only buying VEN because biz shilled it.

All those who sell are so FUCKING STUPID. Every fucking single piece of evidence points towards this project is only beginning to earn money. 100b mcap 3-10 months, guaranteed.

No. I'm not. NDA's have no advantage. You have to be a literal retard to ever agree to one.

Pls dump your bags pajeets so I can buy it up for cheap.

You re either trolling or a woman.

Do you think this is fucking funny? Im not a pajeet VEN shitposter like the autistic guy in this thread. I put a good deal of money into this and im getting fucking JUST'ed right now. The fucking delay on ALL rebrand/ partnership announcement till feb 26th is going to kill us.

Not only are we going to have to baghold till feb 26th, but we are going to miss out on so many other moon mission because of the money tied up in this money pit. I feel fucking hopeless right now.

then sell you fucking pussy ass nigger

Correction, you don't feel hopeless. You ARE fucking hopeless. Take your money out and save yourself from homelessness fucking shitkid poorfag. I hope you lose everything and learn a lesson or two.

Only the ceremony had been postponed you moron. Partnerships will still be announced and rebrand will take place from mid january till the ceremony date. Dont even know why im explaining this to you as you clearly dont know how to hold for shit. Fucking moonfags expecting a coin to rise 100% every single day

Don't forget about the mind blowing news in jan and furthermore 2 exchange listings are ready to go too.

This is how i feel. fucking idiots must hate money.
Like i see this shit, and i still cannot believe my eyes. Am i dreaming?

idiots who didnt read the rebranding announcement today are the same ones who assumed WTC just got a partnership and then flopped and realsied it wasnt one.

This "delay".... they pusehd it back because they have generated way too much interest from the actual industry. Jims investment likely made it even bigger. they probably have too much to deal with atm, and might even be getting pressured into delaying it so investors can buy up more cheap VEN.

>explicitly say that they have too much positive response from the industry so have to delay
>pajeets dump it

>doesn't move his bag around daily


enjoy your bags

This is literally the most retarded thing I've ever read.

>guys are product is getting too popular and too much good news, lets delay our rebrand so people don't make money

Dont indulge this plebbit newfag

thank you
the price movements right now are obvious accumulation movements
if you think you can sell and get in lower do it but just know the risk
highly advisable to be in this in the future

Are a lot of you trolls or just very young?
Reading a lot of stupid comments.

Jim Breyers net worth is 4x Walton marketcap kek, ill stick with vechain

Any of you guys in with $MOD?

If I wasn't stimmed out and on mobile i would tell you why you are retarded. But I am almost at the gym.