DBC has failed me. Time to off myself.

Warned u all hat when the volume goes down so do all the shitcoins that went 300% in a week


DBC volume is still high
its getting justed anyways

The volume on the entire exchange dropped from 400mill to 220mill. Most people joined kucoin for the quick pump and dumps and now left with their money to join binance and invest in stronger stable coins.

I remember a week ago when the volume was 120mill and within days shot past 200, that's why you literally had ALL the coins goes up 20% a day. Now money's getting pulled

Binance opened up registrations.

All the dumb money was pumping this shit because they couldn't get into any decent exchanges. Now that everyone can make Binance accounts again they are dropping their bags and moving to Binance.

The only thing I now is I am sick of seeing whale manipulation.

It's fucking stupid. Coins go sideways until a big sell order appears.


anybody with half a brain realized dbc was a pnd chinese scamcoin. Literally 0 usecase.

>left with their money to join binance
Makes sense.

What a faggot, really. I love how naysayers jump out of the bushes they were hiding when a coin starts tanking.

The project is fine for long term holders.

I made 4x with it. Got out before Huobi listing because of the risk.

The only wrong answer here

Have faith

Maybe cause big daddy is bout to POMP

>binance is not the new normie exchange
unless you are a chink insider, good luck flipping profits from that shithole

>looking at eth pairs when eth pumps 10%
ofc everything is going to be red, you dummy

Chinks panic sellinng everything lol
>Pickup PRL while you can

>Being this deep in low-cap shitcoins in a bear market


We're all moving to COSS. Didn't you get the memo?