What the fuck is going on /biz?

Is DBC the ultimate shitcoin? Worse than Tron?

Same for REQ

I don't care, hodling with iron hands. Never selling at a loss.


>Is DBC the ultimate shitcoin?

NEO's brainchild, pun intended. They're at a conference with them right now. This isn't your average garbage that will fade into obscurity after a pump. I am holding, and so should you.

It's not a loss as long as you don't sell, and this one will not stay red very long. I honestly think the one getting in now are lucky.

Should I Have listened to the whale?

DBC is actually the best coin on the market atm, get your bags while they are pretty much free. This coin is gonna blow your minds trust me.

same desu, tfw bought in at 0.40

This. If you're not in already, get in while you can. No better time. Plus market is looking bullish again after Russian and South Korean news.

The whales are not your friends, they feed on small fry

just chill. wait a bit. this will hit 90 cents very soon

They have several conferences this month alone


Did you see todays presentation just now? It was really bad, couldnt understand anything they were saying

The coin itself is good. Great, actually.

The exchange it's on? Shifty af. Everything is in the red for reasons unknown.

Currently being broadcasted via livestream at the neo conference only brainlets sell now.

I bought at 50c. It was the first coin I bought purely based on shilling. I guess I learned a valuable lesson.

It's a legitimate project tackling big, complex AI problems. Better than can be said about most shitcoins with a far higher market cap. Just hodl

Same $0.50 buy in here, newfag that thought I had done enough research. I'm not denying this coin can moon, It's just extremely disappointing right now. Great team, whitepaper, it just seems to have all the green lights of a coin that should make it. I'm expecting a very slow growth because people are gonna wanna sell where they bought in after being shaken by these mega dips. I'm still gonna hold until the end times to not lose profit

Whales are accumulating at these prices, taking advantage of the lack of real news. Incredible upside here, just grin and bear it

Fake news. Market value of DBC is free falling. The free fall is not being accumulated by whales, it's just plain old decreasing demand.

That being said I think it will go back up again. Altcoins are in red because Ethereum is rocketing. Waiting for the old flipperoo.

it literally doesnt work. at least the neural network training part. fundamentally flawed.


how are whales accumulating if market cap has been dropping at an increasing rate for last few days ?
If anything it seems to me like they are dropping their bags or literally more than half of DBC holders had their take profit set to 60 cents...


It's okay bois. After the NEO conference, everyone be buying up these cheap tokens with their NEO holdings.

>Please FUD me
Why would you make another one of these threads?

All coins are shitcoins. All coins are PnDs. All markets are manipulated by whales. The tech talk is used to confuse you into FOMO to get your money.

Have you seen the whale manipulation on the order books? They use at most up to a million dollars worth of sell walls. The market cap dropped over a hundred million dollars. Whales simply don't have that much assets to buy all these cheap dbc. If they did, they wouldn't even be bothering with dbc. Mark my words, this is small time whales betting big on dbc so they can reach billionaire status later.

so does that mean the whales are going to pump it after accumulating?

It won't come out the other side of a crypto crash because their product requires an internet that is several orders of magnitude faster than it currently is. But the concept looks cool to normies who think general AI is coming so I'd buy it in this hysterical market.




It’s going lower.

Shout out to whoever told me to buy in at .61 and set my sell order for a dollar to be executed on the day of huobi. I put in 4,600 and and at -3000

Hold brew

There is no point in selling now... if it scams out you will just lose 1000 from here.

even if it's a good coin, it will need a huuuuuuuge ass time to recover from this downfall. everyone who lost big money on this will shit on it big time. it's the same thing that happened with digibyte, this will need at least 3-4 months to recover, it could even be the next ethereum (which it's definitely not) but it doesn't matter. too many people got burned big time.


this coin is falling faster from its ATH than TRX did
let that sink in


Prob gonna dump my bags. Got in at $0.13 but its not worth it lmao. What a shitcoin

Dump it fast, preferably set a sell order at 181 ETH. I need a good entry point

Yawn. Still not selling

unrealized loss

Still have my 10k I bought at .08, and 15k Req I bought at .12
Not selling either. Too many stories of people missing out on serious moon missions from not hodling. Never selling


Schrodinger's loss

Posted this so many times. Bnty, prl, did exactly the same thing. Moon, dump hard for whale accumulation, big ass moon. EXACTLY THE SAME. Whilst a trading competition was happening. It’s allllll good pajeets.

How long was the accumulation phase for the other two coins?

It's dead Anons...

Together with REQ

Don't lump REQ in with this steaming dog turd

I keep thinking we have found a bottom but it keeps dropping. Got in at $0.15 but damn this hurts. Have 0.1 BTC laying around, what would be a good entry point? Right before this gayass Huobi contest ends?

>Trading contest
>This kills the coin

BNTY and PRL did do the same thing.. and they haven’t recovered yet.

The Kucoin curse, everything rose too fast on there they just ended up getting dumped

I'm in pretty deep with the loser trifecta (REQ, QSP, LINK), so I guess I should go ahead and dump $1K into DBC too.

Only money I've "made" in the last week has been with ECC. When I get really depressed, I go on that shit exchange and marvel at my 240,000k shares...

i have increased my stack of this shitcoin with 60% by selling high and buying low

do i permanently abandon this piece of shit or keep shorting it?

I started doing this as well. This shit is unreal. You can make money in a downtrend. What the fuck.

How the fuck do you sell high? This shit is never high



So I can speak to you all finally.

isnt it easier to use something requiring no registration or download, king shillmaster

DBC is a vaporware for a fucking mickey mouse toy and REQ is a fake venmo wannabe/invoice platform that businesses will never use because they are too dumb to use something like that

enjoy your bags user

Ahh I just used discord cause I knew what it was and others had one up last night. Whats another thing? Work is calling me in within 30 mins so Might have to go soon bah

>trying to find the bottom
>there's no bottom

>investing in 2016's buzzword
I know this is obvious FUD, but I have no financial ties behind it. I'm just a wagecuck programmer who really hates my managers pushing "AI" just because it's popular

I can't let go

I feel bad for all the deep brain retards who got left bagholding. I bought in at .05 and sold at .53. You all FOMO'd and got dumped on hard by whales. lmao

Seriously when do I buy back in? How low is this going?


HOLD this will moon again this week, dont be fools

This is surreal

Have you watched the market? Pure whale manipulation. Giant Sell wall keeps going lwoer and lower, disappears the moment its challenged, reappears .1 cent lower. Rinse and repeat.

If whales are putting this much effort into obliterating it, you should be getting excited, not scared. Its going to moon HARD soon.

Just sold my bags, bought in at 0.14, fuck this coin for now..

Glad the not pnd DBC holders are here. Finally its only us, those who resist. Trully unite, this will fly under NEO's wings. HOLD

you tards fell for the shilling and bought an absolute shitcoin, just fucking come to terms with it and sell already

Just doubled down on the dip.

Idiot of the year award goes toooooo. YOU! Congrats!

>things pink wojaks do

>Just doubled down on the dip.

Considering this, but not sure if my balls are quite that enormous. I'm already all-in.

>It's not a loss as long as you don't sell
>deep brainlets are this deluded

I'm so fucking close to selling.

You must be the tard who posts every other day about how he sold at a loss and then the coin pumped again.

Time in market > Timing the market

DBC will absolutely go back up again. It's got way too many big names behind it and it's only been in the market for TWO WEEKS.

15k dbc reporting for duty. Pry this out of my cold dead hands, whales.

Holy shit how can something even tank this much

Whales, my friend

so it can bleed for an enternity

Just remind yourself of the antshares saga last year. The thing that invented pink wojaks when it sank to 4$. Look at it now.

.. r-right?

These are the posts that keep convincing me not to sell

Got in at 14c and I know you faggots wouldn't try this hard to keep random user from losing money

You're in every fucking thread telling us to sell

Which means you want to buy at the bottom

You're never getting my bags paki

>Same for REQ

I'll fap to the thought of you ADHD newfags necking yourselves when REQ takes off.

More like its on discount. Winter clearaway

Don't do it. You'll massively regret it in a week or two.

>this reddit spacing
you're right, you should HODL :) I was only trying to FUD so I can ALL IN lower, you got me :)

It can be a month before whales decide it's finally the time. Following the whales isn't a bad idea, but you got to be realistic.

I will never sell this. HODL and it will go up, it's too good not to. Congrats to those getting in at a discount right now.

I'm rich enough I can afford to lose the money I put in its principle at this point I'm not selling shit.

Never been on reddit but I've been here since 2007 when you were playing that penguin mmo game all you little faggots came from

.18 cents here.

Just sold because it was getting way too close to my sats. Knowing this, recovery starts now boys.

I am really close to selling and I don’t understand the iron hands comments. The coin seems like it is bleeding out and interest is gone, or it is a scam coin.

Why sell at a loss though when you can just hold for a month and make at least 2 times? Why wouldnt you do that? What would you do instead, chase the shill of the day and pray you get lucky?

This isnt some random shitcoin. This is some of the best minds in the world with backing from some of the biggest companies in the world.

The fact a confirmed partnership with a toy manufacturer and Disney license didn't do shit for this coin is astounding.

That's because all of Veeky Forums already knows about DBC. We need to shill to normies. COME ON BRAIN GANG.

Its been 2 weeks. They have a plan on their white paper mapping out the next 6 months. They have some of the brightest minds in the world on the project, with backing with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Its been 2 weeks, and If you watch the charts you would see whales putting in giant sell walls then pulling them the second they get challeneged, then putting it down another cent, and all the lemmings follow.

Selling would be the worst thing you could do. Whales wouldn't work this hard to manipulate it if they weren't very excited about the potential gains.