It just keeps on finding new lows, is there still any point at all in holding CAN?

It just keeps on finding new lows, is there still any point at all in holding CAN?

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How low CanYa go?

At a certain point it just becomes comical. Like how the fuck is there actually no floor

floor is 0

I don't know I wouldn't be surprised if people start paying to get rid of their bags.

Don't worry MATES, it will rise SOON
The CANYAROO will hop on to the MOON

I'm holding forever I don't give a fuck

no other way around it matey. I went all out in this coin and it has truly tested my hodling capabilities. I am new to crypto trading (around two weeks). I really hope this shit pays off with at least x10.

I went in at 5USD lol, bought like 650 of these hopping cocksuckers. I'm gonna hold out for at least 2 weeks before jumping to conclusions

it probably won't. it doesn't have a product worth x10 from its current price.

user, joking aside, but losses should be factored into a trade plan. It's up to you if you want to hold. A future point of sell would be expected profit over a period of time, and should there be a significant loss, say 40% (some go for 52%) then that is signal to sell. That is one of the judgements I make beforehand.

>CanYa is going to hit $1 billion market cap

ayy lmao


>25-30MM circulating coins

>2.5 price

>63-75MM marketcap at current price

>working app and 40k+ customers is not worth 600mil

The absolute STATE of FUD.

Daily reminder that half of this board will kill themselves when devs confirm the market cap on Monday, and people realize whales have been fudding nonstop.

why would the whales waste their time on CanYA and not some other coin though? Nothing really special about it.

>Why would the whales waste their time on BNTY, when there are a myriad of other coi- OH SHIT IT WENT FROM 13 to 85 CENTS OH FUCK PROFIT PROFIT.

No coin is "special". Profit is taken where profit is taken.


>60% of coins handed out for free to "strategic investors"
>over inflated price dumps the second it gets listed
>somehow worth hundreds of millions

The coin is just a gimmick you larping retard.
I don't give a fuck how much CanYa is worth, the coin itself serves no purpose and pretty soon it isn't going to be worth a cent.

There have been some massive whales in the sell and buy orders. We're talking $100k buy orders.

There are whales here because there is a profit to be made. They don't care if it's Dogecoin or Bitcoin or fucking Canya, if they can double, triple, or quadruple their money easily, they'll take it.

I hope you’re right user. These bags got dark matter in em

Thinking the same - still holding though (bought at 4$). Almost no point in selling now.. Seriously thinking about buying moar at the bottom. But where is it?

>coin is a gimmick

Is that not true for damn near every coin out there

Gotta see it and go with them. I trust the whales!

A lot of the shitcoins yeah but not for the top ones.

Remember you're investing in the speculation that the coin/token could have use in the future. This coin has no use now and will never have any use so there is nothing to invest in.

On release CanYa already had a market cap that would've put it in the top 200 coins for literally no reason which is why it's been crashing ever since.

Anybody who thinks this is going to be worth anywhere near $5 again is completely fucking deluded.

Come with me, child, and I will make for us a fortune of ambergris and ivory.

I'll see you in hell, my friend.

There's currently a sell order for 75ETH.

If a whale actually wanted to cash out, they wouldn't list all of their coins at once and at the price they listed it at.

This is clear market manipulation of a lowcap coin. These whales aren't buying so they can lose money.

how do you see these sell orders? I am on KuCoin and the highest I can see is 0.00295 ETH

Just w8, m8.

Maybe turn off buy orders and just look @ sell?

Depends on the size of your screen.

why do they do this to us small fish? What is their end game?

make u sell

To make weak hands sell, accumulate for cheap, then remove the wall to let things moon and sell on the way up for mass profit.

They literally use their wealth to manipulate the market and make more money. This is why panic selling is never good when there is clear whale manipulation.

whales are filth, m8
don't be manipulated

A drink to the health of those with strong hands.

And a drink in honor of those who panic sold.

>pic related
Circulating supply is about 34M (I think, there's also 26% in private sales that may be a part of this too) making the MC to be about 85M+

Whales are def manipulating this coin. HODL

>Says 40k customers as if thats a lot

that is dirty as fuck. My fists are made of diamond and I will HODL till this shit goes intergalactic. A pity for those with weak hearts though.

Cheers mate

In crypto I would say that's pretty great... Compare it to half the other shitcoins in the top 200 with 0 active users and no product

Well it worked I guess. I sold at 0.0025 thinking that was low. See you at $1

Losses are so big that there's no point to sell. Also, I never sell at loss and so far this never failed. Even fucking -90% FUEL bags were eventually sold at +150%

> He sold
> Proceed as planned

Where is the rest of the coins?

see pic

This is all in the whitepaper (which is a great whitepaper btw). If any of you have really weak hands I'd recommend you just read it and calm all your worries.

DYOR isn't a meme fags, it's how you win. I love how much this board hates on normies and yet I bet 95% of you are normie minded and can't tell an actual coin from a shit coin. EZ picking for whales

So is there 34M coins in circulation or more? What will be listed on CMC?

how to buy more if it drops to 0 USD ?

I thought there was a coin burn and it's not 34 million circulating supply?

There was.

Probably more like 60M supply, but the circulating supply is only 1.2M on KuCoin. I'd expect those private sale coins to get sold in bulk when they open to new exchanges in PE deals.
Whatever the case, the 100M Coin supply, while accurate by total supply on the white paper, is not accurate for what is in the market. It's basically Max Supply vs Circulating Supply, which will get revised.

So what's going to be listed on CMC when it's listed in two days?

Circulating supply or max supply?

Should be both, like:

That looks like 60% or are the private sale ones not in circulation?

For my best guess. There's no reason those couldn't be dumped on the market at any time besides their "HODL Club"

These whales think they can make me sell when I holding dgb since june 7 last year

Based on what others are posting here most likely not all private sales coins are in circulation + there was a coin burn. All in all you're probably looking at a MC somewhere between 60M - 160M I'd say. I'm thinking 85M but that's just my estimate

look at every coin on kucoin. PEARL has gone down 80 cents and isn't even a shitcoin

this shot back up to .0026+ ETH late night / early morning.