Let's all take the time for a moment of silence for all those who find a way to actually lose money in crypto

Let's all take the time for a moment of silence for all those who find a way to actually lose money in crypto.
*breathes in*

you shouldn't laugh at others misfortunes


I'm not, for I am still breathing in.
It's actually impressive that people manage to do this.

Anyone who lost money in the 2017 market may honestly be retarded
That's Brendan Fraser. He has nothing to do with crypto

Wrong. He is the face of crypto.

I am officially down 50 dollars right now. I was up like 50% but then I fomo'd and fun has a dropped like a rock.

was up close to 200% a week ago now im up only 100%
getting JUSTed by the kucoin bubble

That's a good picture

damn he went full cowboy, just to hide his thinning hair.

Investing in memecoins with literal pennies will do this.

Never fomo
Never panic sell
Never sell
Never daytrade

Always hold
Always plan to keep the same portfolio for years
Always inject fiat to buy



I think it's hilarious. People throwing their money at shit they don't research, expecting to get rich is some funny shit. Tron bagholders on Twitter are pure comedy.

who lost 6 million

>Never sell
If you're investing in a pyramid scheme you better be ready to sell at the right time.

Lol, you’re a dumbass if you sell anything

damn op why do you have to be so harsh. ive been doing this for about just under 2 weeks, made some good trades made some bad trades. im learning but ended up just slightly ahead of where i started. had i just bough ETH and let it sit there i'd be up 2x now hahah

I dare you to say that to my face

This sounds like the typical start of everyone's crypto journey. At least you're still in the green.
It's the newcoiners who go all in with their life savings on a coin with a cool logo just because someone on biz told them it's the next Ethereum.
That's literally the only way to lose money in this game, and it's absolutely glorious to witness.

I sold the peak of DRGN

Saved me over 1 week or two or waiting for it to go past that

The Jews


Never forget muh six Gorrillion goyim

>the delegates, dahnald....