Lamden project leader is a tard

This guy's a complete moron and i'm not sure if he's not a scammer as well. If he is indeed scamming then he's smarter than initially suggested.

>bashes mudslimes publicly on telegram on a channel with 7k ppl. if you're not 14 you know why it's bad for the coin
>meme project lead meme degree meme university
inb4 lul degree in 2018. I doubt this guy stood and learned foundations of computing and cryptography and all that fuzz by himself, while also doing a UI/UX university
>meme picture posted everywhere with how much better the coin is WITHOUT A WORKING PRODUCT
>btw here's this erc20 coin and we're reserving 30%

meanwhile pajeet sold his sister to buy 20 coins last night and is awaiting his lambo

>are they Indian?
>hell no lol
Fucking based. Now you've made me interested in getting some.
If you knew a bit about coding, you'd know how cancerous pajeet code is

i know how bad indian coders are. everyone does dum dum. and it's fine for you and me to say that, nobody gives a shit about what we say, but a guy in charge of a project can't go around saying that

>BA Human Computer Interaction Ohio state uni

he's one of us and that's good

this is the first coin run by fucking chads and not some alcoholic russians, stinky pajeets, chinks/japs on suicide watch or retarded sjw woman ceo's

There is nothing wrong with that picture. If anything it should reassure people. Remote Indian programmers are infamous for writing shit code. Out sourcing coding to India is a corporate cancer that's thankfully being acknowledged. It has nothing to do with racism. I have Canadian-Indian friends and they're great people.

This man, I like this man.
Buying now.

I've been telling you fuckers.

This was legitimately their business plan:

>Build fake roadmap with some generic concepts and zero evidence of how we'll get there
>Hold an ICO, raise millions
>Hire pajeet devs to maybe come up with some kind of actual product?
>Exit scam

Scamden bizzies are easily the most deluded on this board. If you're up, sell now.

I had a successful university professor who openly shit talked companies that outsourced their programming to India.

if by one of us you mean a guy with little to no technical background that doesn't have the slightest clue how to act in front of a community than yeah I think you're right.
don't get me wrong, i'd be equally dissapointed with a sjw response but imagine a fairly big company's CEO saying something like that publicly, how do you think it would reflect in the price?

did he open a company as well and went on publicly and said that? if not you're a moron

>people failing to understand how a comment like that can reflect in the price and just happy that the guy reinforces their beliefs

Why so much effort into spreading FUD? Can a smart person not have a sense of humor?

You're doing God's work user.
Lamden is a complete shit coin. Hella scammy.
Just watch their YouTube videos and look at how much they shill lamden with no facts or products or partnerships or anything. Most of the time they just outright lie

This lol . I was gonna put money into lamden cause people here were saying easy 5x. decided to look them up on youtube , the only video two greasy nerds shit talking about other ico's , talking about how lamden will be much better lol just rubbed the wrong way .

OMG I love this coin now

>mostly lie
(time)links, and explanations, please.

Wtf i hate stu now

Truth. The telegram is just pure circle jerk cancer too. All it is is people saying how much TAU will moon with no evidence. Also I've tried asking specific technical questions and the devs just ignore me and don't respond. And the weird thing is no one cares. It's like a cult

>did he open a company as well and went on publicly and said that? if not you're a moron
He sold at least 3 companies which he started up from the ground. These companies are still running today. I don't know what companies he's running today but he's always been a very active man. He's a tenured professor and mostly uses his classes as a means to find talented students to recruit.

I hold no lamden, but it's also pretty clear OP's FUD comes only from butthurt.

>but a guy in charge of a project can't go around saying that

Political correctness needs to fucking die already. I'm literally going to drop 2 more ETH into Lamden later this afternoon

This, lamden helped me go from 300 poorfag to rock and rolling 10k

>are they Indian?
>hell no lol

Just look at this shit, people were asking how they would compete with WanChain and this is their response. I mean they don't even give reasons, why they're better and when pressed for more detail they will just ignore you.

1 day in the telegram was enough for me to sell this shit asap. I don't trust these morons one second not to fuck off and abandon the project as soon as they can afford a lambo

>Bachelor of ARTS human computer interaction
pick one moron
was researching this shitcoin, if you like the project so much why not try and combat some of the stuff i've said? you can't stay more than 5 mins on that telegram without seeing the meme picture and then there's this jackass playing pretend community leader
175M market cap. I could easily 10x-20x if it's such a good project right? coin's still erc20 and not on any normie exchanges hahaha
circlejerk crew is here, no arguments just MOON XD LAMBO

The coin and team are trash, but it made me x10.

holyshit. I am going all in on this. I like his attitude. we all know 99% pajeets are bad at programming. esp they not fit for startups. may be they good at call centre , support jobs not for startup programming. I love lamden now, his attitude is similar to Vitalik.

Bought 10k because that man has balls.
pajeet programmers are almost as bad as pajeet shills

This is my read on it as well. Fomoed in during the ico but didn't know anything about it so I threw a negligible amount in. After looking into I cashed out my x10 gains as fast as I could.

lel the telegram just banned me

How? it only went x12 at max

You deserved it.

for telling the truth?

if you guys wanna see a real deal pajeet ico/project go check nucleous website. that will be the hughest scam in the ico history. website smells curry literally....