Already bought at 1000 dip

>buying at ATH

i seriously hope you niggas dont do this

Traded all my shitcoins in for ETH this morning. Best decision ever


mfw the dip was golden opportunity to increase my stack and yet somehow I fucked up so bad I'm 0,5 ETH down instead


when do I trade ETH back to altoins? and which ones?

I genuinely feel bad for you if you actually think ETH won't hit at least 5k by the end of the year.

now is when you sell idiot

>started out when eth was 200

Anyone who didn't buy the dip is a legit brainlet. There should be steady gains to 2k easily

we're all gonna make it bruh :)

Sure. You know a few retards were saying the same thing when it was 700 around Christmas.

not even a 4x while many coins existing and to come are going to go 10x and maybe 100x

besides I dont think it will ever go above 3k

but for what?

its going to 7k by april you fucking subhumans.

Who here has more than 10 ETH?

enjoy your shitcoin bleeding as eth flips bitcoin.

for whatever you trade it against

BTC, USD, whatever

Currently using my eth to buy more REQ

thanks for the money

Maybe, I was mainly just concerned if he actually thinks it's anywhere near ATH. Also got 15 of them and 10 of those were bought back at 250, plus ETH is now almost half of my portfolio. So, u know for my sanity I must shill ETH.

This faggot right here.

It's gonna be a good year.

Cool have fun going back to .10 while we're at 10k pajeet

Ethereum is the new ponzi. Gonna be an even bigger bull run than btc had because scaling solutions already exist money SKELL isjust making sure the implementation is done correctly. 10k by end of year actually doesn't sound so crazy now if the scaling and Pos rollout is flawless

If it makes you feel any better, your usage of commas where decimal points should be used means that you are a faggot who was never going to make it anyway.

I’ll buy when it goes below $880.

that's actually common in europe you retard

I really, really don't want to buy ETH at an all time high bros.

What do?

So you're never going to buy?

same here. sold all eth at 1400, bouncing up i hope it crashes down to at least 1100..

please learn how to chart, eth is not going below 1000. Just get in, it will be 7k soon

Bought at 550 nigger

Please don't I'm still mining and I want to get some more before it hits 10k

buy on the dip like a non retard buv, this will correct down a bit, how much is anyone guess. If you arent on this boat you are already to late at the current price.

>Assuming a rise in ETH isn't going to skyrocket all alt-coins across the board in similar proportion
BTC is the enemy, dummy. Not the other way around.

Good point. It's a lot more efficient to just say "European" as opposed to "faggot who won't make it".

Put in all $100 I had at $1217. Made a cool ~$10 so far. Now, what color lambo do I want...

buy xmr

Apart from a handful alt coins, all will bleed horrifically.


The only thing that could cause a rise in alts right now is ETH tanking

>Veeky Forums tells me to buy

Thanks just sold 100k

Bite the bullet and buy very soon user, it might take a slight dip to correct, but you'll never see it below 1k. If you can actually afford to buy a few and hold for a while you'll thank us later.

only poor traders think like this. once you have to manage over a quarter of a million or so, your acceptable risk levels start to change. you need to stop thinking in the "all in" mentality.

it's just history reapiting itself

which of these alts to sell for ETH?


IOTA. What a piece of shit

All of them


Buy ETH now!

Keep IOTA, it still has to moon.
BCH has some perspective.

>The model T will reign supreme forever

umm no sweaty

7k very soon.

Fuck it. Should I put my life savings on this shit? It doesn't look like it's going to stop. I've got £20k in the bank what do you think I can turn that into if all in on ETH?

trillion doll hairs

BTC = Model T
ETH = ????
LTC =????
Monero = ???

>dropping all your cash on imaginably internet money at an ATH bull run

please do it, i want to collect your pink wojacks.

prolly 50k, guaranteed money but no shot at a retirement moon

Put 10k and hold for 6 months at least.

how many have you collected so far? I've got about a terabytes worth.

eth is droppin its bomb!



You can - but you better prepared to step then duck away from all trading for the year.

You’re going to watch it go up for a couple days and feel like a king then down and you’ll want to panic sell.

But if you commit to holding it until 2019 - fucking so it.

Iron hands man.

pretty much this; This stuff has already made me a fortune in the past year and all I want to do is throw more money at it.

Gunna overtake BTC by end of year; just such a more usable coin.

Just as planned...

might have to buy a second external after the REQ correction finishes.

Is there any reason to believe that it will still be useable if it becomes the main coin, or will it pull a BTC and have a huge backlog with outrageous transaction fees?

LTC = bicycle


someone wishes they got out at 1400+

Buy more on the dip, 1300 is the new dip



From my understanding of the technology the network and coin itself are much better equipped to handle a high volume of transactions; For the past year I have exclusively used ETH as both my trading pair and as the means for moving my money around between exchanges. It has always been a secure, efficient, fast and low cost option for all these activities.

The game right now is accumulate as much ETH as possible

Only if you're swing trading dips. Otherwise hold. On btc's run i tried timing the dips and lost some leverage on the way. Crypto is tough to time. Just going to hold on this go around.

not that tought to time; theres enough volatility in the markets that I've found success simply by setting by and sell orders with a 10-15% spread. Just be reasonable with your expectations, patient with your moves and let the computer do most of the work.

there will be ETH/NEO dex's soon enough. that combined with stellar + fairX makes bitcoin rather useless for buying alts. No one uses bitcoin to buy anything anyway, it's pure speculation. ETH will flip BTC this year.

thanks OP.

Just bought .1 with the 133.33 I have

I hope I'm going to make it

>ETH will flip BTC this year.
wanna bet on it?

I sold my friend .18 ETH for 100 bucks to convince him to get into crypto 2 weeks ago. It's 220 now.

my wallet for yours, lets go

Time in the market beats timing the market.

eth slowly getting unusable like bitcoin because of transaction fees