Chainlinks pains solved

Hi guys,

What CONCRETE pains can solve Link for the Financial Sector ?

I'm speaking for pro (i'm sure some are) not pajeets not in the sector

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it allows the use of smart contracts for things other than trading shit tokens. soo imagine any contract financial sector people use, and now transform it into a smart contract. this saves money by eliminating middle men, increasing efficiency, etc.

Poverty in my case

brainstorm time, eg of concrete case?


i know this but then what ? they can banks etc can just expose API outside of their DMZ.

where link expose their transfer speed?

imo their are not focus on 1 pain, which is dangerous for a startup, cause it's one imo

how can it be exponentially faster it's at a fixed rate of tps, fee and degree of security

that's like saying 16 is exponentially higher than 4

where are the tps mentionned? + security aspect too. but let's focus on main use in real world ok smartcontracts but...?

Mobius is a literal pajeetcoin. It has no zeppelin_os partnership. Its a coattail riding dead in the water loser project.

Nobody wants your bags.

this. part of why LINK is going to be so successful is that it is laser focused on one problem, unlike all the so-called "competitors", who are trying to do a million things at once.

Ya, whenever I see people try to pass off Augur as a competitor I just baka.

Non-devs will just never really understand this game.

wtf is this zeppelin os never heard of it before.

DYOR. The partnership means Chainlink will become ubiquitously used tech by late 2018/early 2019. Any other partnerships are a cherry on top, but the use of Chainlink in zeppelin_os secures LINK as a top 10 coin by EOY.

try google, genius

Guys I'm legit starting to freak out a little.

I have 75% of my holdings in LINK, and most of that I bought with ETH.

ETH is currently mooning, and LINK is bleeding all over the place.

Tell me it's gonna be OK. 55k stinky linky here.

dump you links for eth then faggot. nobody here is going to coddle you

"Hey all I've finished elementary school"

Sooo it only has one utility? While other competitors have multiple utilities?

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someboy'd jealous i pointed it out before him

If government bans crypto it will let you make fiat payments on decentralized exchanges.

>tfw i invested in the shit that will steal my job


competitors have no utility they are focused on too many to develop a working one

that's an argument, interresting one

so what does it mean for the financial sector, why would they use it than the actual one they have with all the logics / automation etc

You invested in a solid technology with nice fundamentals behind it. Only this kind of crypto will survive the incoming crash. Also despite ETH can still grow, LINK has more grow margin

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Just found this on the google.
This was four months ago. Has anything changed since then to prove this article wrong?

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This. The fact that Sergey is speaking alongside the CEO of Docusign at SXSW in March says a lot about where this is heading. Docusign is used for an enormous number of real estate contracts at the moment, so being able to tie those signatures into a blockchain through Chainlink alone is going to make LINK explode in value.

Now imagine every other kind of legal contract you can imagine being tied to blockchains through Chainlink.

Imagine every B2B, B2C and P2P dApp that's released in 2019 using Chainlink as part of zeppelin_os.

Imagine Facebook enters crypto and uses Chainlink to interact with their own chain (Director of Engineering at FB is a Chainlink advisor).

Imagine all real world data that would find use and application on the blockchain being funneled onto the blockchain through Chainlinke, and all blockchain data that would be useful to the real world funneling out of the blockchain through Chainlink.

Chainllink is the new internet. You have no idea where this is headed and where it will reach.

please guys focus on the topic

Okay, i ordered lambo already

How can we focus on a topic that makes no sense in broken english. I don't even know what you're asking.

If you're asking what LINK solves in the financial sector the answer is simple. Everything.

"Everyting" is quite vague, can you dive deeper or will you face breathing limits?


except you also need link tokens on top of eth if I get this right

yep it's dumb

nope I don't hold this shitcoin

> Communication
They certainly could do better, but I would rather they spend more time working instead of having to make easily digestible updates for their investors on complicated technical topics.

> Ironically, for a company that has a working product designed to make better smart contracts, the deposit address wasn’t using smart contracts
Not surprised they didn't use a smart contract for the ICO and it's easy to say how to make things better after they've happened, if this a serious a problem for him he should not have invested because it was never advertised as one.

> Using Fiat as a hard cap
This happens a lot, but I understand being upset by it and the solution. STK had a similar problem so what they did was cancel the sale and give more tokens.

I'm going to have dinner, will continue later.