I got martin shreli's prison address and i'm thinking of writing him a letter

i got martin shreli's prison address and i'm thinking of writing him a letter.

thought it would be cool to include some questions from Veeky Forums within reason.

anything Veeky Forums would like to ask martin? if i include the questions, i'll post his replies

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Ask which first lady he thought was the hottest

Ask him if he's trading cryptos and holding FUN. There's faggot always posting about FUN from his jail cell

When the fuck is he getting out?

What does he think of stinky linkies

Do you regret memeing yourself into prison?

Ask him if he feels wronged by the process and if he plans to take revenge.
Also ask him if he needs anything, I'm about to go to buy some chicken.

Ask him if he plays music while he works in prison

Ask him how much a blowjob cost in prison? and whether he think the system is keeping the price artificially high by not allowing prostitutes from outside the prison to enter the market.

Dear Mr. Shkreli,
You are an inspiration to me. I've heard about how you cured that kind of muscular dystrophy all in your own, and although you are very rich, you live modestly and spend your time making YouTube videos to educate people. I learned a lot about Microsoft Excel and accounting from your investing videos. They are very slow and dumbed down, which is annoying, but it really shows that you want everyone to understand and that you don't bask in your superiority. It deeply hurts and saddens me to see the media's coordinated character assassination of you. I have no problem with the journalists lying. Their job is to control the sheeple with lies after all, but you are the kindest and smartest person I know and there is no point to smearing you, it is just PURE EVIL. I never hated the Jews. I would always defend them and say that the evil Jew thing was just a stupid conspiracy theory like Pizzagate, but then I witnessed the newspaper Jews working together, doing their worst, trying to destroy you out of pure spite. I'm not a total anti-semite now, I know there are a lot of useful and smart Jews who don't lie all the time, but this whole thing left a very bad taste in my mouth. I think the Hebrew people should simply be banned from working in the media or getting journlolism degrees.
I will support you till the bitter end,

Let me know if you send this one, otherwise I will send it myself. Cmon man, I got trips. Do it.

Send him the current top 10 coins from coinmarketcap with market cap and unit price

He probably can't see this in prison and would want to know

I second this. He might enjoy it.

Unironically send him the white papers of some of the most promising projects, I think the autistic would genuinely like that as a gift.

mainstream media did a character assasination on the poor guy then when i look into it he's giving these pills away for free to anyone without insurance and not a single person who needed the coins didnt get them. furthermore no insurance rates were increased because its such a rare pill anyways. and his drug company put way more money into research then other drug companies and he was developing a better pill with the profit, one to treat the same conditions but with less side effects, something no other drug company was looking into.

dude likes being the bad guy and trolling everyone but he's got a heart of gold and also he was making good profit whats wrong with that

dude, you're like 12 years old and that autistic mess is just gonna make the poor guy cringe so hard he implodes

see, this is what happens when you're not an estabblishment insider but you end up the ceo of a pharamaceutical corp. an example had to be made.

KIKES enjoy lying about good people. To be clear though, he's not in jail for the price hikes, he's in jail for tripling investors' money at a hedge fund. He wouldn't have even been charged with anything if it weren't for the smear campaign drawing attention to him. Federal prosecutors serve ZOG and ZOG gave the signal to ruin this man, so the Feds complied

ask him why he screwed over LVT jenkins

You're literally saying the exact same things as me though, lol.

I had no idea who this guy was until a few minutes ago. He actually seems like a really cool guy, unlike what the media's portrayal of him was.

OP here.

i don't know about heart of gold but otherwise you got it all on the money. he was fucking over insurance companies, not patients.

he's imprisoned for some (from what i understand) unrelated fraud

Yeah, same for me. When I first heard about him through the (((media))) I thought he was a scumbag, but later I managed to get to know him better and now I really like this guy.

Here's his last periscope video.

Ask him how he manages to have such a punchable face

The people that testified against him made good returns on their investments..But he basically embellished his numbers to attract investors to his hedge fund.

he'd probably like that question, i get the feeling he enjoys hate mail

a letter? lol boy wtf just sent him some shoegaze album

Ask him what this dick tastes like

Is he in normal scary prison or white collar?

Ask him how many TRON he's holding

he called crypto "a waste of time" but he holds some BTC. Watch his videos on youtube.