Where are all the FUN chads now?

Riiiiiiight here!

Is it over?

How can something be over, if it has not even started yet?

We here bro just waiting for funchad to wake up. he got really fucked up last night and banged out a bunch of aboriginal chicks down at the quad.


Right here lad

pretty much this,

70k Funbro here

When will it begin? Im ready

see you in one month

sold mine for the upcomming TRX bullrun.

...but I will go back with some amount after I got some extra money

I actually fell for this shitcoin and bought 90k

This thing is never gonna move, isn' tit

Well, if currently by the looks of it, your hands seem to be made of ramen, so yeah, probably never gonna move for you. I'd say 14'more days and we'll see some serious movement.

No it's just gonna go down more sell now user.

god fucking damnit.

I didnt come here to jerk my dick

just sell low bro, the true Veeky Forums way.

Waiting for buy in for anticipation of feb 8th news,

Should see a 2bil market cap easy so 80cent maybe.

Easiest money every made, to be honest.. No crazy fluctuations, no chasing pumps and other shit. I bought in at 500, 650, 720 and some at 900Sat.

this, comfiest hold of Q1 and possibly Q2

i'm thinking about buying 1 k more off them

waiting for jan 30th to drop in more fun, I should be able to get 5k more fun if bit coin price and fun stays more or less the same.

fun gals are always welcome!

Where's the license?