Imagine this

Imagine this.

Get into this coin at 18c because it's pumping for not a lot of reason
In 1 week, huge FUD campaign (completely disproven by the CEO point by point), adds a 200 million userbase site, hints at a partnership with space company, and gives a final release date for the english version of the game.

You are at the end of this one week, and he just announced another 100m userbase application has just made a partnership with them.

Do you guy guys really have no concept of time, this shit is going to be huge. All you have to do is wait less than a fucking month for the mainnet lmao.

I actually want to try to make my bag bigger but am to chicken to actually try it.

I'm in on the ETH pair so I'm getting just'd even harder than other people but still have full faith. Went all in with about 40 ETH at 9000. Fully expect it to recover and be in the green by Monday, probably double by the end of the week.

Is the main net really that close to being released? I didn't think they had anything done for it, they are still hiring developers and haven't even started as far as I was aware.

Too much FUD.
I had to sell today at a loss because it’ll never go back to where I bought it at (.22) I had to get some money back.
I kept telling myself it was going to go back up but honestly I dont think it ever will.
Admit it, it’s done.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Justin tweets on fire off the shoulder of twitter.
I watched reddit plebs glitter in the dark near the Ethereum FOMO.
All those gains will be lost in time, like Tron in coinmarketcap.
Time to die.

Love seeing posts like this. The more I see the closer we are to the reversal. I hope this was sarcasm or you'll be wojacking in a couple days.


> never go back @ 0.22

dude are you serious? ...damn you are a retard why didn't you just hodl and wait till the whales put down their sellwalls?

Imagine this

You are a complete shill hype pumper
You announce a bunch of hype over and over to suck in normies
Whales naturally follow normies because they are easy to fleece
Whales see the pump in progress so they load up
You hype and pump with a bunch of Chinese knock off companies that mean little to nothing for the actual project
Normies buy into the hype and FOMO in pumping the price to 2k sats.
Whales recognize the top and start dumping
You cannot understand why it is dumping
You continue to hype and drive the price down even more with your empty shit hype

Do you not realize this is dead for now?


Bought $500 tron at 0.02

wish I could have bought more at the time, or even now but don't really have anywhere to diverge the money from right now

Got in at 50 sats, don't even care what happens..

Fuck off retard, whales are back in accumulation phase already to start over again. This coin is too good and has too much going for it to stay down in the long term.

You really think an alt not even in the top 10 at the moment is doing a billion in volume daily on the back of normies? It's not a matter of if this is going to see its ATH again it's a matter of when, and odds are it won't be too much longer.

When it hit 400 sats it dropped back down to 200 and traded there for about 10 days before hitting 2k. After hitting 2k we've been trading between 700-1100 for a week now. I'll let you do the math.


I am in the same boat as you, still waiting for the moon so I can move money around


Please point out these whales.... Oh you can't because they aren't fucking there

> space company The picture that spurred that rumour was from ~September and related to Justin renting out an office from the guy involved with the space company who happens to be a well-known investor

Watch the ETH pair for 20 seconds. Yeah the guys buying 500k Tron at a time every minute are normies with the money from waiting tables at Dennys.

Look at the volume on binance.

As he said, do you think normies trade that much of volume?

How stupid are you guys? This shit is mever going up, will die im a few weeks. Sell this shit and cut your losses. All clever people alreadyade profit off it and will never invest a fucking cent here.

>This fucking guy actually fell for it
>It's been less than a fucking week since .22

There sure isn't. If whales were still around there would be massive buy walls, but there are none to speak of

it is doing a massive cup and handle. we are close to the bottom around 650 sats until we slowly climb and then explode in the next 10 days

dude you are retarded. you don't udnerstand the obvious whale manipulaton that is going on with trx. ...after they put down the sellwalls it will skyrocket.

> dumbfuck

Imagine this: buy tron at .002 sell it at .20 make 20 grand and not waste any mental energy speculating on if it was a scam. feels great

Please, look at the binance orderbook for 50 seconds. Whales have like 3-4 bots at a time trading millions with each other daily.

Just stop talking dude, have you been in crypto for more than a week?

>he fell for the fud
user, I...

just bought 2.5k right now at 716 sats and i feel pretty cozy in it