VeChain PSA: Shanghai Whispers VOL. IV

This pajeet had his photo taken at some crops from the northern valley, loading up a fat one. He didn't even bother pulling down his pants to take his pajeet shit, the little chocolate bun. When he saw what happened to his pants, he decided to ran away before the real pajeets found out. He burned traces of his mistake, and quickly made a story up so people were distracted. Real pajeets always find out though...

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attention whore

Lmao didn’t know the Coca Cola chink was racist

fuck off retard idiots like you made reddit invade this place


Oh it is the real one.
Do i sell and rebuy 3% cheaper or are the news so soon that I have to hold?

chinese hate indians and vise versa

Thanks. Just bought 100k Pajeet coins

Indians are dirty and stupid. Chinks run the world.

just bought another 100k thx

Yeah and people are speculating on r*ddit that he actually works for the team. Guess they never saw his Veeky Forums threads before kek.

I think it's too dangerous to dump now especially after CCD's tweet.

we love you CCK

KEK this is what VEN shills are holding on to with 20% losses. Oh boy new level of delusion.

Reddit idiots

Gooda job pajeet
Keepa dooin itt

I think you are right.
Normally a thread from him means news in the next 12 or so hours if I remember right.








What's a good dip price to buy at? Thinking of buying 10 ETH worth since VEN is hella down in Wei. I could buy back 30% more coins. But I'm worried it'll keep bleeding if ETH continues pumping.

It really was quit funny.
Bad wording to make it seem more than it is. Once they realised it wtc dropped all the way back, and it lost credibility.
lmoa, plus a broken NDA.
Can they look any more desperate?

Now is a great time.
Tommorow might be 5% better. But may be worse.
And in a month you will 5x because of ven.
You will never sell the top or buy the bottom. WIthin a few % is great.

Love u man

Really? You just spent ANOTHER 500k?

Guys wait,
Stop going after the WALT pajeets.
That’s racysmh.
They’re not pooping on the street so they can have time to gently advise people 24h a day to dump VEN because it has only 40 employees and no wallet, and other coins are growing 947917739827% a day. VEN is growing 1 dollar/ 2 days, that’s ridiculous.

So this is it. Respect indian peeple okei? They’re only trying to helpa youa.

Like this guy for example^

Treaty him wella

I'm just gonna hold, honestly

holy shit dude? how much crack do you smoke in the morning before firing up them twitter fingers?

Vechain delayed there rebrand and WTC released a huge partnership. You guys are getting ass fucked in the market currently and no amount of "riddles" and hot air is gonna save you man.

how much is wtc up? From 23 to 27?
lmao, already down 33% from the top.

lmao, and how much is Vechain down in the last 3 days? 10% every day x 3 with no bottom line support. Shit is FREE FALLING!!!!!!!!!!

And that is ok after going up 10x in not even a month.
I went from 60k dollars to 280k, and now 210k. And I bought in around christmass.
End of feb that will be one million.

>he doesn't know the CCK

he's the Oracle bro, he's never wrong

Too bad you didn't sell at 280k and get free 70k$ worth of other coins


who gives a fuck how much YOU made in the last month pajeet. If your crypto is free falling and getting dominated by competitors you wont find new investors and your share wont go up again.

Sunny Lu the fucking turtle moving at 5mph while Wabi and Walton are moving at 100mph.


Lol dude. Wabi is run by a teenager ceo. Idk bout walton

Coca cola kid is god.

Walton cucking vechain so hard

>I base my investments off of some Anonymous crack head on twitter that speaks in riddles.

thats some smart new age tactics user

does not matter a single bit in the long run. I am not the guy that will be crying about selling eth at 40 for a 4x when it is 400 a month later.

walton is already down where it was before the announcement, wabi is a complete shitcoin.

This is tiring, why do I even answer to you fucking pajeets?

LOL Walton posts fake news about China Mobile and it barely increases by 25% since yesterday. Once this VeChain news comes out WTC will plummet fucking hard

What I said is true though. Greed kept him from realizing his gains. He thought it would pump nonstop, which never happens.

>walton is already down where it was before the announcement

You are a massive retard and dont ever post on this board again. I hope in time you understand how much of a retard you are and come to the conclusion that suicide is the only option.

Walton was hovering around $14 yesterday now its at $27 that is not the SAME price you complete mongoloid

>fake news

Look at the depth chart. 36K satoshis is the fucking floor. Once this news breaks that whale is gonna remove his sell wall and VEN will increase to $8 in two days. Screenshot this

$500k huh mr moneybags

*insider crackhead

23 before the news
But if you were right it would be even more hilarious, it was 14 like 4 months ago.
And you talk about ven being slow.
My sides just left orbit. This is gold.

When the news came out the price was around $25
The run from 14 to 25 was people anticipating the news

I did. If you're right I'll be happy because my wife is all in on this shitcoin even though I tried to get her in BNB. I expect it to bleed for a few more days.

coca cola king


I've never seen so much coping in my life.

"This is all part of Sunny's masterplan to make us rich"

"They are going to be releasing a ton of NDAs between now and Feburary." No. Just fucking no. This is the same kind of baseless bullshit as "Rebrand on January 15th" which you retards kept circulating.

"Whales are accumulating"

"Just a natural correction" If it was natural or healthy then you would have predicted it and sold the top. But now you're holding bags and instead prefer to deny the gravity of your situation.

"Look at all these weak hands." Weak hands = people who realize the opportunity cost of holding a dead coin. They are smart money you are dumb money.

Then you have the fact that all these bullshit posts pop up on the front page, talking about how this is a blessing in disguise and all that. Absolute fucking nonsense. You people are delusional and will be poor soon enough.

Temper your expectations to zero because that's all that can reasonably expected for the next two months. A rebrand is literally just a rebrand. The blockchain isn't coming online until June. ICX is still bleeding just two weeks away from their mainnet. What do you think will happen to this shitcoin?

The only real hope you bagholders have is to join the telegram and beg for Sunny to throw you a bone.

new copy pasta

see ya later faggot (ill be on mars) thanks for the wall of text no one will read!

You must be new here bro

Any useless shitcoin can raise at any given point. This market is fueled by greed and greed is the most abundant resource in the world

Psssst Coca Cola kid..

Please give us a sign?

> Thorfags

Strap in boys..... that type of deserate you mean? Kek

Who said anything about a rebrand? What's coming up on the 15th or 16th is definitely not a rebrand

A CCK post means there is news coming soon

Hold on to your butts

Bet 15th gets missed

My butt is ready

It's already been announced the official rebrand is Feb 26th. I'm guessing they will do whatever is in their power to hype themselves up leading up to that

Cigarette authenticity bitches

yo, this shit getting hot

I think there may be a cigarette deal, or something along those lines
On twitter he posted a photo of Edward Bernays, who was known for propaganda and basically advertising cigarettes to women as a feminist product.
And on the wiki for China Tobacco it says

>Trends in cigarette buying have not been lost of China either. In recent years several varieties of cigarettes targeted at women have been released (breaking a longstanding taboo).

Plus, CCK continues mentioning smoke stacks etc

idk bros

is that good or bad senpai?? do i dump or what

How could a partnership with a Chinese tobacco company be bad, are you literally retarded ?

Can you use a toilet?

a partnership with Chinese Tobacco would be huge. It's the worlds largest tobacco manufacturer, and accounts for 30% of the worlds tobacco consumption

No idea how Vechain would get involved tho lel

or this

fuck boys, happening

QR code on the box, knockoff cigs are a big problem apparently.

Is Walton chain the pajeet?

The hare and the tortoise... perhaps ?

ayy you got it

kek this loser stole my post. I hold 40k VEN. Just FUD for kicks

Spreading FUD about ven nonstop is the best part about holding a node. Do we live in the best timeline or what.

stop bullying reddit, you know they cant handle it

>portfolio is 100% vechain
>down $50k in a few days
>still fudding vechain pretending to be a waltoncuck
why am I doing this


This. Have these idiots not fucking heard this story before?

It's painfully obvious that VEN(T) needs to build a strong base which means slow, and steady. Stability will only attract more prominent investors for now and get them onboard as close to Earth as possible; not on the Moon or Mars.

are you me?

I'm pretty sure this is an everything is fine post and it doesn't mean there will be news tomorrow.

I think this was entirely in response to the rebranding event delay.

The great mountain, entity and obelisk is Bitcoin.

I kind of like that Ethereum is 1\10th of Bitcoins
value in dollars.

The bronze would have market value between
Ethereums $138 434 685 433 and Ripples
$77 300 472 957

He only posts on Veeky Forums when there is a partnership. Everything else is twitter. It's a partnership with state owned company China Tobacco. Counterfeit cigarettes are a big problem in china - they produce 400B of them a year. QR codes on the packaging to verify authenticity.

Is this going to pump any time soon?

you think user? is we about to moon nigga?

Watch and learn

Dyor, waltcucks are dumping because they know there's no partnership.

Theyre the largest tobacco company in the world, 150bil in yearly revenue and 2.5 trillion cigarettes sold

I supremely doubt there will be new today. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt we get anything until tomorrow.

Of course we're mooning. Half of the threads on4 chan right now are FUD.

Don't be stupid niggas, put your money into VEN right now.

Holyshit i thought i was the only one. Are you me?


I think it might be time lads.

It's looking like news tomorrow.


some one seems to know something already

same this cant be fucking happening to an elite trader like myself i hope mlady doesnt leave me when she finds out

awww yeah. Usually these pushes come with his tweets. Last two days were an exception. Huge walls around the time of the tweet, now a sudden price surge? Maybe they're dropping news Sunday morning China time?

Serves you right, lmao.
You don't daytrade good coins when they are in their infancy.

She will leave you for someone that still has his ven

When do announcements usually come?
At what time I mean. Can we expect it today or tommorow?

Everytime there's a push they sure are quick to set up new walls. Someone is really hell bent on keeping the price low. I don't know shit but this can't be anything but good for holders. When the whales decide to let this thing take off it's going to be crazy.

sooooo heavy