Why the fuck is every coin on Kucoin down?

What the hell? Most of the top 100 coins are green, yet all the smaller MC coins on kucoin are red big time. Why is this? Also, good time to buy these dropping coins?

I have bounty, pearl, dbc and raiblocks. kill me :D

If you haven’t notice, peoople are cashing out.

People got their 10x and 20x portfolio.

Sell shitcoins for btc and ETH.

Why btc and ETH are green past few days.

Sell btc and ETH for fiat.

Market gonna crash next week.

Out of EVERY SINGLE coin on kucoin only SEVEN are green, of which only THREE are 15%+ up. I thought the bear run ended? I guess not for this shitty exchange.

Holding DBC, AIX, CAN, and POLL. Still 3x from initial investment I made 2 weeks ago, but this is still torture.

Heard there was a signal to exit Kucoin, guessing that's why people are selling kucoin-only coins for coins that can be transferred to other exchanges

What signal?? wtf is going on

Babby's first bear. Just hold blue chips and you'll be fine. Fuck that trash coins.

Holy fuck my PRL is crashing into the ground


This, fucking kill me

all are buying coss now.

Stop with the vague bs and provide a source faggot

Because 50% of kucoin listed coins are exclusive to kucoin
The only reason id use kucoin is if the main 3 coins are below market value

This. They see the writing on the wall.

have you used coss? that website looks like it was made by a 5th grader

Which exchange should i use?
People here were shilling Kuckoin and i fell

lol. nigga. dont u understand y they bleeding. they all shit coins to start with. pajeets groups shilled it to pump it. they all ready taken out profit at top. now u noobs baghold forever.

a new ui is coming out this weekend

I use binance for high volume trading and cryptopia for low volume, you can view how much volume an exchange has by clicking them on coinmarketcap

Kucoin is great, people here have the patience of a fucking 5 year old ffs.

newfags first pump and dump. who fucking stupid can you be buying into something that 5x in a week. Let me guess youll buy coss after it 10x

got Utrust (UTK) shit is down 25%.
i want to kms.

Kucoin's userbase consists of newfags
BTD is being pumped, so newfags drop their bags and FOMO into that like retards.
I sold my KCS for 145k and rebought it for 110 :^)