Get in or stay poor fagits. 17 mill mcap. Shits a PERFECT highRisk portion for your portfolio...

Get in or stay poor fagits. 17 mill mcap. Shits a PERFECT highRisk portion for your portfolio. COO Mateusz is a Forbes 30 under 30 winner. Stop being a fagit.

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For VEN shills I’ll explain to you like you’re a child. High risk; high reward.

Nice. I guess ill keep the hodle hand strong.

Why isn't this considered insider trading?

One day it will be, user. Take advantage now while u can. Our biz brothers do the same for me.

Where to buy?

This is a good rundown.

DGC is primed for take-off my Veeky Forums lovers! This shitcoin's dev team is back after 2 years away and posted on twitter that it "the digitalcoin revival is underway"


>main volume on cryptopia
>island where lambo's are made
>island where millionaires are born

Let's take this coin to the moon!

etherdelta or hitbtc

So it's s good coin just because it will be on binance?
That's the big selling point?

Holy shit. 17m market cap, this is an easy 10x.

Let's create some Opus boys.

OP is a proven discord pump and dump group shiller. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM. DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM!



trust me he is a liar.

your life is emptiness

thank you and fu OP

Pajeet!!. Coins moon just before and after they hit major exchanges. And I’m top of that it’s a solid project.

this dude copy pastes this in most threads. To be fair, he could be right about this coin being a PnD

Wtf are u talking about user. I promise I won’t dump my bags on you. Jk. DYOR. Gaywad, it’s a solid project with verified team with verified LinkedIn’s that directly state opus as their top project atm. Stay poor

Because it's not considered stocks or legitimate financial instruments or currency. It's still the Wild West, but as the other user said, things will change pretty soon, I reckon. Maybe one year left, two at most. There will be increasing regulations, and with that, the gains will also dry up. Pros and cons, user. All the scam will be investigated and punished, but with the big players there will only be minimal gains to ensure only the big guys make acceptable profit by putting millions and billions on the fraction of a cent, which will never be enough for the waitress or cab driver putting in their hard-earned 500 bucks, they'll only get chump change out of it. Just like real stocks. If you hit it big, you get into something like Facebook with a 5x in the same amount of years, half a decade.



Take advantage of this opportunity guys. Research the project. It’s all real all of it.

I found that on telegram myself. Check the teams LinkedIn’s and other sm profiles. Ppl who FUD this haven’t done that and offer no salient information to neg this as a pnd

Lmao you’re doing the lords work user

>all these threads saying to buy cheap
>went in at ATH at 1400

17 mill mcap u unbelievable retard.

> quick rundown.

It just kills me that my gains will be half of what it would be if I bought at 700

lesson learnt not to buy at ATH at least

My apologeese, I thot ur green text was condescending ppl who buy now in general; not u.

If you’re a trader buying at ath’s is risky for coins with legitimate volume.

But trust me brethren, this*** is LOW.

I bot coss at .12 and it dipped to .06. Guess what? I’m winning. Just redistributing to new high risk/reward coins currently.

I bought in the ICO, and I won't sell until I get at least x10. One of my comfier holds.

Finally some memes. Love it!

> initiate beyonce.

I will create more. If you have any requests shoot!

More Opunoff's for shitposting.

Spotify model is unsustainable anyway. Might buy if it pumps a little.


anyone remember Musicoin?

I can't imagine this being that good, looks like a shitcoin worth maybe 10% in 5 years if it even sruvives

insider trading isn't illegal

5 years? This is crypto. You make 1000% gains and get out.

Quick rundown
>Rothchilds invested in OPT
>Under direction of the Bogs
>rumored to be next 1b Mcap coin
>will control the chinese through MK Ultra streaming song
>own dev offices all over the world
>Team is direct descendents of Jesus Christ
>will be the first streaming app on mars
>in the process of putting an intergalactic antennae on Pluto
>will host all artists by the year 2020"
>team has combined IQ of over 9000
>ancient indian scriptures tell tales of a songbird descending upon earth to bring humanity into a new era of enlightenment
>you likely have OPT bots right now in your brain
>every child will have the opus symbol implanted at birth
>team in regular communication with the archangels
>discovered the horn of Jericho
>team learned polish in 2 days
>have full access to atlantian supercomputers
>Nationstates in talks to back their reserves by OPT

Omfg dude.. no

What do Veeky Forums think of DGB digibyte?

>functioning product, more than could be said for about 85% of all other shitcoins
>market less than fucking bitbean
>crashening 25% as we speak

Really dumps my bags